Point Of No Return

We have already passed one point of no return. Whether we can survive the second point remains to be seen. The White Race has already passed two points of no return. Whether we will “Arrive Alive” on the distant shore depends on how fast we get our act together. Creativity is the total and only answer. A few decades ago when propeller driven airplanes were still the mode of commercial nights, the wind factor was a critical consideration, especially on a long flight across water. A prop-driven commercial passenger plane had to take into serious consideration both the speed and direction of the wind, since a strong head wind could seriously strain its fuel supply. Sometimes these winds were inaccurately predicted, or changed for the worse during night. On some rare occasions, this wind factor was so serious that the pilot decided that he could not reach his destination and had better turn back before it was too late. To be sure, this presented an unenviable predicament to be in, to say the least.

But what if by the time he realized his danger he was now so far along that in any case, win or lose, it was now less risky to complete the flight than turn back ? At a certain point in his route there is reached such a point, and that situation is called “a point of no return”. In other words, there is no turning back, but at whatever risks, it is imperative to go ahead, although he may or may not reach that destination. There is in the life of nations, and in the life span of races, also such a point of no return. Since we of The Church Of Creativity are solely concerned about the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, let us take a calm, deliberate look at our journey along the road of survival, whether we should turn back, whether we should go ahead, and if we are going to “arrive alive” at our destination. We are going to look at not only one, but two points of no return, the first of which we have already passed.

When we take a cold hard look at our situation, we find it alarming indeed. Not only are we buffeted by strong head winds, but strangely enough, our pilot is not aware of it, or doesn’t care, and he and the rest of the crew flying the ship are asleep at the switch. All indicators are that we will not reach our destination (survival) but will crash in deep water long before we reach dry land. The White Race has been a biological entity for at least a hundred thousand years, probably longer. It has embarked on the course called civilization no longer than ten thousand years. Two thousand years ago during the era of the ancient Creeks and Romans the White Race was well on its way to a grand and glorious future. But around the second and third century C. E. a strange malaise infected the White Race. A Jewish fungus on the brain intruded upon its thinking. Instead of expanding and advancing, suddenly it began on a long and genocidal road to self-destruction. It embraced such suicidal ideas as “love your enemies”, “sell all thou hast and give it to the scum”, “judge not”, “turn the other cheek”, “resist not evil” and other similar insanities. An alien creed dominated their thinking and their daily lives. Jewish Christianity had triumphed and a thousand years of the Dark Ages set in.

In today’s modern age of atomic power, computers and travel in outer space, surely such idiotic ideas have long been relegated to the scrap heap of history ? No, they have not, as far as the White Race is concerned. In fact, the White Race is stupidly more enmeshed and engrossed in the Jewish induced program of loving and subsidizing its enemies than it ever was in all its history. The White Race is stupidly “selling all it hast” and turning it over to the dark races. In fact, the White Race is insanely racing along in a headlong rush to self-destruction following the script of the suicidal “Sermon on the Mount”. It is doing so with a fury as never before in its checkered history. It is acting even more insane than in the Dark Ages, as far as its own survival, its own self-interests are concerned. Even as recently as 1920 the White Race was only outnumbered by a ratio of 2 to 1 by all the dark races on this earth. Its position of supremacy was unchallenged by the dark races as such, its only threats to survival (which were considerable) came from its own fratricidal warfare carried on amongst its own members. Today the White Race is fleeing and apologizing before an unprecedented population explosion, an expansion in which the White Race is not participating. On the contrary, the White Race is rapidly shrinking, meanwhile feeding, subsidizing, aiding and abetting its mud colored enemies as if to say “Pardon me for living” ! It is a clear example of the superior fleeing before the inferior, the stronger running before the weaker. Have you ever seen a lion being chased by a zebra ? No, you have not. No lion is that dumb.

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How did this insane situation come about ? That is a long story, and how the Jew through Christianity, communism and other forms of mind manipulation has maneuvered the White Race into this ridiculous situation is another story, one which we have chronicled in great detail in both Nature`s Eternal Religion (https://creativityalliance.com/eBook-BenKlassen-Nature%27sEternalReligion.pdf) and The White Man`s Bible (https://creativityalliance.com/eBook-BenKlassen-Nature%27sEternalReligion.pdf). I said earlier that we were going to examine two points of no return for the White Race. In this dissertation we want to spell out the ominous conclusion that the White Race has already passed the first point of no return in its journey for survival. Like the fate of the prop driven plane, the pilot, (if the White Race has one), is completely unaware of the predicament, and the crew in charge of the ship is asleep at the switch. We, the White Race, have now reached a crucial point in our history. We are now no longer in the position we were in 1920, nor in our glorious period of “empire building” of the 19th century. We are now a retreating, pathetic pack of disoriented misfits, completely unaware of our destiny, our history or the unique, superlative qualities with which Nature originally endowed us.

Because of its stupidity, disorientation and ignorance of racial values, the White Race, unlike it was in the 1920’s, is no longer in a position that it can extricate itself from the coming upheaval and confrontation of a vastly superior mass of dark races. That is the first “point of no return” we have now passed. There is now no turning back. No matter what we do (if we do anything at all) we cannot now avoid a bloody, vicious war against the superior numbers of the dark races, all of which hate us with a passion. The coming upheaval for survival will be bloody, long and devastating. I repeat — we cannot avoid it. We have pursued this suicidal policy for too long. Try as we might, we will now have to pay the piper, we will have to pay the price. It is the position of The Church Of Creativity that the sooner such confrontation occurs the better, for we are rapidly approaching a second point of no return.

That second point is the situation where the White Race will no longer be in a position to win and survive such a confrontation. Such a situation is rapidly approaching. Each day, each week, each month that goes by, the dark peoples of the world are rapidly expanding at an explosive rate. The population of China alone has now passed the billion mark, and is increasing at the rate of 13 million a year. This does not include the Chinese populations in Indonesia, India, South Africa, San Francisco and all other parts of the world. The hybrids of South America are multiplying at a frightening rate, and immediately to the south of us the Mexicans have the highest birth rate of any racial group in the world. Much of that explosion is spilling over into our borders and rapidly changing the racial complexion of the United States itself. More or less this process is going on all over the world, with the dark races exploding, the White Race shrinking.

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