Changing The Future – Who Killed John Kennedy – Part 2

We now come to the heart of the story. Who might these conspirators be ? We have clearly established that there was a widespread conspiracy, planned long before its execution on November 22, 1963. More importantly, the evidence further strongly indicates that there was a vast cover-up, and it, too, was meticulously planned long before the Warren Commission was set up to whitewash the real conspirators and blame the “lone nut,” Oswald, as the culprit of the foul deed. That Oswald was a naive patsy, and a small cog in the operation, of that there is no doubt, but he was neither the main instigator of the huge plot, nor is it likely that he even so much as fired a shot. Then who did ? Moreover, who was powerful enough to successfully carry out a pervasive cover-up that spread not only throughout the nerve centers of power in this country but even to the press and power centers of foreign countries as well ?

There are any number of individuals or groups who would have had motives to kill Kennedy, and perhaps would also have had the means to do so. After all, any man, no matter how well protected, is vulnerable to the assassin’s bullet (President Reagan was shot at and hit, as also was Pope John Paul II and a number of other highly protected individuals). From time to time, a considerable number have been mentioned as possible suspects of killing Kennedy, people and parties who had both the means and the motive :

• Fidel Castro, because there was information out that the U.S. was going to liquidate him.
• The anti-Castro groups, because Kennedy betrayed them at the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
• The Kremlin and the KGB because of the missile crisis and other frictions, had both motive and the means.
• The list that has been brought up at one time or another is almost endless. For one reason or another the following have also been mentioned : the CIA, the FBI, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, H.L. Hunt,
E. Howard Hunt, Howard Hughes, Aristotle Onassis, David Rockefeller, and even Jacqueline Kennedy.

Each one of these, it has been argued, could have conceivably had some motive to see him dead. There is one major test, however, that none of these could possibly meet, and that is the all-pervasive power in the press, in the political field, in the judicial field (and several other major areas) to plan and stage a successful cover-up, something the conspirators have succeeded in doing for years. Who could possibly have the power to do this ? Who could stop the presses of Life magazine in mid-run and change pictures ? Who could yank the Supreme Court Justice out of his routine and put him at the head of a whitewash committee ? Who could command the whole newsmedia to consistently support a blatant and transparent lie claiming that there was no conspiracy ? Who could tell the Mannlicher-Carcano Corporation and its employees, even in Italy, to keep their mouths shut ? Who could possibly murder at least 29 other people who knew too much and get away with it ? The Spotlight, in a series of articles it compiled over a period of years and put together in a book called J.F.K. the Mystery Unraveled, asks similar questions, but then at the very end it gets cold feet and cops out by leaving the question unanswered, and thereby does not quite unravel the mystery. DeWest Hooker, who is credited with being the first to enlighten George Lincoln Rockwell about the evil ways of the Jew (see dedication of G.L.R.’s book, This Time the World) was also an early cohort of Willis Carto in their Nazi days, told me (Ben Klassen) that Carto had told him that The Spotlight can use such terms as “dual loyalists,” “Zionists,” “Israelis,” but had been forbidden to use the word “Jew” in reference to any culpability in any endeavor whatsoever. Who would have the power to tell Willis Carto and The Spotlight that they cannot ever under any circumstances accuse the Jews directly of anything ?

Why, who else but the Jewish establishment and the Jewish powerhouse itself ? It is they who have the power to not only suppress any information they deem deleterious or harmful to their cause, but they can also spread wholesale all over the world any lie or set of lies they deem beneficial to their cause, and this they blatantly have done for centuries. The cover-up of the Kennedy assassination is one major example, but by no means the only one. The Six Million lie, the holohoax, is an even bigger lie they have successfully promoted, and Communism and Judeo-Christianity are two more gigantic Jewish lies. The whole stance and position of The Spotlight is in itself a strange case in point. Whereas it proudly proclaims to print news that other papers (meaning the Jewish establishment papers) do not dare to print, it does in fact present a wealth of news on the many shady shenanigans the government and the Jewish establishment would just as soon the public did not hear. Many of these news items are directly aimed at our cozy relationship with Israel and how Israel is manipulating the United States and ripping off the American taxpayer. It has even run a powerful expose on the 1967 Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, and referred to it repeatedly, something the establishment press does not dare to touch.

But here is the strange paradox in The Spotlight’s position. It will go so far in pointing to the Jewish stranglehold in America and the world, but then it will pull back. It will never say explicitly, loud and clear, the Jews are behind it. Dual loyalists, Zionists, Israelis, yes, but not Jews, per se. The Jews, on the other hand, blatantly accused The Spotlight of being violently anti-Semitic, and The Spotlight vigorously denied it, and so they played the game. The fact is, there were a number of Jews on The Spotlight staff. Their star lawyer, Mark Lane, was a Jew. So were Charles M. Fischbein, the Collier brothers, Alfred Lilienthal and others. Mark Lane’s and The Spotlight’s treatment of the Kennedy assassination is a case in point. Mark Lane has written a major book Rush to Judgment on this heinous crime, and written several subsequent follow-up articles, as have others on the staff. Mark Lane makes it very clear that the Warren Commission lied to the American public, that there was undoubtedly a vast conspiracy behind it, and that the whitewash and cover-up were of unprecedented magnitude. Anyone with an ounce of reasoning would be led to the same conclusion as we have come to – but strangely, he does not. He concludes that it was the CIA, which as we all know is American, don’t we ? So the Jews, Israel, and the Mossad had nothing to do with it, right ? But then, you wouldn’t expect a Jew to blow the whistle on the Jews, now would you ?

This is a last minute diversion that is typical of most of The Spotlight’s reporting – point in that direction then cop out in the finale. All of which raises the question is The Spotlight controlled by the Jews, or isn’t it ? We believe it is. We believe it fits neatly into the class III journal category, the Trap Classification, which is described in Protocol No. 11 of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Whereas The Spotlight is evidently (for obvious reasons) not willing to put the finger on the Jewish network for the assassination and cover-up of the Kennedy crime, we of the Church of Creativity come up with the obvious and only answer : The Jews planned the foul job and their murderous band of bloodthirsty killers, the Mossad pulled the trigger or triggers that killed Kennedy.

Who or what is the Mossad ? Most Americans have never even heard of it, and few even know it exists. It is therefore cogent that we expand here briefly on the nature of the Jewish Mossad. The Mossad is, in a way, the Israeli equivalent of our CIA, but it is much more. It is the Jewish intelligence-gathering arm, whose headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel, but their vast armies are spread into every country of the world. Like the CIA, they not only gather information relentlessly from every corner, nook and cranny of the world, but they also ruthlessly murder people they deem a threat to the Jewish conspiracy. They foment revolutions, hatch political plots, overthrow governments, assassinate key figures, stage commando raids where necessary, or organize revolutionary movements, all in the cause of the Jewish race. The CIA, or the Russian KGB do all these things also, but with this difference. Since the Jews control practically all the nerve centers of power throughout the United States and the world, so do the intelligence agencies of the United States collaborate with the Mossad. In short, the CIA and the KGB are adjuncts of the Mossad, with the Mossad firmly in control of all. The CIA feeds all important information it gathers not only into its own computers in Washington, but also into the huge bank of computers in Tel Aviv. So does the KGB, so does the British Intelligence, the German and the French. The Mossad gathers all, but it does not give any back. It is a one-way street.

In fact, the CIA and FBI are heavily infiltrated by, and staffed with Mossad agents. The Mossad also makes sure that their own agents are in every agency of the government, in the staff of every congressman and senator, and, in fact, every important nerve center of power. In short, the Mossad is purely Jewish – loyal only to Israel and the Jewish race and the worldwide Jewish conspiracy. It is the world’s most powerful, most efficient gang of killers. Although, historically speaking, the name of Mossad is of recent vintage, under other names the roots of these murderous brigades go far back in history. When the Jews describe the killing of 75,000 of their enemies in the Book of Esther, they were describing a typical Mossad operation, and they have been celebrating their Purim every year ever since. Killing their enemies is what they mean by “having a good day.” These killers run rampant throughout every country in the world, including, and especially, the United States. Our congressmen are acutely aware, and also deathly afraid of them, and for good reason, as are most personnel in the government’s employ.

It is my unswerving conclusion that when the Jews planned to assassinate John Kennedy, it was the Mossad which did the job. They had their professional triggermen carry out the execution and do it right. They had their sharpshooters set up behind a stone wall on the grassy knoll in front of the motorcade and when Kennedy was in close range they let him have it from front and back and blew his brains out. That is why the Warren Commission repeatedly ignored eyewitness reports about the shots from the activities on the grassy knoll. At the same time they placed Oswald in the School Book Depository Building to play the part of the fall guy, but you can be sure they did not leave the real killing job to a third rate bungler like Lee Harvey Oswald. We now come to the question of motive. Why would the Jews want to kill Kennedy ? When it comes to motives, I confess I do not claim to be a mind reader. We can only speculate, look at the ensuing events of history and come up with cogent reasons as to why they did what they did. With that as a basis I can think of several important reasons why they would want to see John Kennedy dead, and I will list them in what I believe to be their order of importance.

1] According to the Canadian Intelligence Service of September, 1988, Kennedy committed the most deadly of all crimes in the eyes of the Jewish bankers. He bypassed the Jewish Federal Reserve and issued government notes. He committed the same unforgivable sin as did President Abraham Lincoln a hundred years earlier and for which he, too, paid the ultimate price. In the complex cover-up of the Kennedy murder, history repeated itself and a strangely similar modus operandi was used as in the cover-up of the Lincoln crime some 98 years earlier. On June 30, 1963, Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110, and further amended E.O. No. 10289 of September 19, 1951, thereby giving the President authority to issue the currency. He thereupon ordered the issue of $4,292,893,815.00. This was almost ten times as much as the $450,000,000.00 printed by Lincoln during the Civil War. He evidently forced then Secretary of the Treasury, C. Douglas Dillon, another name changing Jew (Lapowski ?), to sign the United States Notes. Shortly thereafter, on November 22, 1963, Kennedy paid the ultimate price and was shot, as was Lincoln. The first thing President Johnson did when he flew back to Washington was to reverse this order. For good reasons this operation of printing U.S. notes (as mandated by the Constitution) has been shrouded in secrecy by the Jewish bankers, since, if it became general knowledge, would blow the cover on the whole Federal Reserve scam. Even among racial and ‘conservative’ circles there is much confusion and a general ignorance of this bold and monumental action.

2] The second serious infraction that Kennedy made in opposition to the Jewish conspiracy was his decision to end U.S. participation in the Vietnam fiasco before it had hardly begun, a move that angered the Jews, since they had planned an increasingly heavy, long term involvement in that stupid venture. Present on Air Force One with Kennedy on his fateful trip to Texas was Rep. Henry Gonzales of Texas. On March 21, 1988, Rep. Gonzales revealed a bit of significant history in a speech before the House. Gonzalez told that on said trip, Kennedy, as he rose to leave the (airplane) compartment, turned and said to him (paraphrased), “By the way, I have issued orders to pull all our military and their equipment from Vietnam, beginning this December.” The Jews had different plans as we all know only too well. They planned to bleed the American treasury dry, to kill thousands of young American boys in the jungles of Vietnam and destroy American prestige and honor, what was then left of it. All this they did with a vengeance. Kennedy was killed within hours after he talked to Gonzalez, and Lyndon Johnson, as soon as he became president, reversed that order, and used the Tonkin Gulf “incident” to vastly expand the ill-fated American presence in Vietnam. This insane war helped to put billions of profits into the hands of the Jewish war profiteers, at the expense of the world’s foremost patsy, the White American taxpayer. (See Operation Rip-off, our Booklet No. 103.)

3] The third reason the Jews had for seeing Kennedy dead was inherent in the whole Kennedy clan. They had all the characteristics necessary to build a powerful goy dynasty, and this the Jews feared from the time old Joe Kennedy began building his powerful empire. The Kennedys were extremely wealthy, they were numerous, they were clannish, and they were politically ambitious and aggressive. Joe Kennedy already had ambitions in the thirties of grooming his oldest son Joe, Jr., to become a future president of the United States, and Joe, Jr. was shaping up to become an ideal candidate, being considerably more articulate and charismatic than was his younger brother John. Unfortunately, Joe was killed while on a bombing mission during WW II. Routine casualty of war, or did the Jew plan it that way ? We will never know, but Joe Jr. was out of the way, accidentally or deliberately. Joe Sr. still had three more sons, and he next groomed son John, who, as we all know, by hook or by crook did become president in 1960. We also know that Bobby became Attorney General, and later Senator. Teddy as we all know also became Senator, and is still in the Senate today. There was one other thing that the Jews feared about the Kennedys. Although we have been told about their extreme liberal orientation in the Democratic Party, essentially old Joe and his four boys were extremely well versed in the existence of the worldwide Jewish network and their string pulling. Although John feigned to go along with Israel and the Jews, it was not sincere, paying only lip service for political gain. The Jews, being well trained in detecting the innermost sentiments of their enemies since before the days of Esther, did not trust John Kennedy and feared the rise of a Kennedy dynasty that might turn on them at the earliest opportunity. In his decisions on Vietnam, on issuing U.S. notes without the benefit of the Federal Reserve and in his lukewarm support of Israel, John Kennedy was already beginning to display his rebellion against the Jewish powerhouse. Consequently he had to go, as five years later in 1968, did his brother Bobby, and Teddy, being of even more dubious moral fibre, is now thoroughly locked in their embrace.

4] Shortly before he was assassinated Kennedy made a speech to a group of Cuban patriots in Miami. In this speech he revealed that he had been betrayed and double-crossed during the Bay of Pigs invasion, that whereas he had ordered air cover, someone in the chain of command reversed the order at the last moment and left the Cuban freedom fighters to the mercy of Castro’s militia. “We will have our revenge !” he is quoted as saying. The Jews, who put Castro in power in the first place, saw it otherwise, and were determined that Cuba remain in the Communist camp.

5] Back in 1963, before he was shot, John himself did not have the public image of being the great “hero” that the glitz and hoopla of Jewish propaganda has now, 25 years later, built him up to be. In fact, he was thoroughly hated and despised by many. After his Bay of Pigs debacle in Cuba, he was regarded as a wimp by many. After he used 20,000 army troops in strong-arm tactics to force one miserable nigger into the university at Oxford, Mississippi, he enraged most of the White electorate and many people began to ask “Whose side is this damn fellow on, anyway?” His many extramarital affairs with prostitutes and other sleazy characters earned him nothing but disgust. Nor did his associations with the Frank Sinatra “rat pack” and Mafia characters win him any popularity ratings. The fact is while he was alive, he was becoming the laughing stock of the American electorate. A phonograph record put out by nightclub comic Vaughn Meader parodying the Kennedy family was rapidly becoming a runaway best seller, and the nightclub comedians, too, in general, were having a field day in which the Kennedys were the butt of their jokes. What did all this have to do with the Jews ? Well, a great deal. It was at this time, in the early sixties, that the Jews were getting their major onslaught into high gear to ram their plethora of “civil rights” legislation through congress, but with the unpopular image with which the Kennedy administration was now saddled, they were getting nowhere. All this changed overnight after he was shot. He now suddenly became a legendary hero, and the American nation not only was in shock, but somehow felt terribly guilty about his death. President Johnson (actually the Jews) wasted no time capitalizing on this ridiculous guilt feeling, and “in the name of our martyred President,” he and congress rushed through one civil rights bill after another, all designed to mongrelize and pump the black blood of Africa into the unwilling veins of White America.

6] There was one other extra dividend the Jews reaped from this murderous affair. Whereas old Joe Kennedy (and the family) had a major grip on the liquor industry, especially the importation of Scotch whiskey, this now rapidly slipped out of their hands and to the benefit of the rival (Jewish) Bronfman family. Although it was not really a significant factor in causing Kennedy’s execution, nevertheless, the Jews never miss a bet in cashing in financially. So John Kennedy was murdered by a brigade of professional killers, the Jewish Mossad. Both the execution and the cover-up were planned months in advance by the only force in the world that had the pervasive power to draw on all its resources in the newsmedia, the government and the judicial agencies, namely the worldwide Jewish network. Nobody else could have done it and made it stick, and that, my White Racial Comrades, is an obvious fact.

Such is the nature of our treacherous enemy. Unless we smash this rapacious beast it will certainly devour us all. The only way we can stop the Jews from destroying the White Race is to smash this sinister behemoth to smithereens, once and for all, and the only way it can be done is with a superior and more powerful force than theirs. Let us remember that the Jews built their power network solely through the aegis of their racial religion. With millions of White people on this planet we certainly still have the wherewithal to destroy this plague upon mankind, and with Creativity as the rallying point we have the vehicle and the means with which to do the job. Do your part in building that power structure. Become a militant partisan, an activist Creator in the fight for survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. Become involved, heavily involved ! Time is of the essence.

(Racial Loyalty)

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