Changing The Future – The Lincoln Assassination

Sequel to the Kennedy Assassination
1] “If you like, we shall divide the United States into two parts, one for you, James, and one for you, Lionel…” Benjamin Disraeli, (Son of Isaac D’Israeli and, secondly, British Prime Minister) toasting and bragging to Nathan Rothschild’s boys at the wedding of their sister, Lenora, to their cousin Alfonso in 1857.
2] “We shall force the Christians into wars by exploiting their pride and stupidity. They shall massacre each other and clear the ground for us.” From the funeral oration of Rabbi Reichhorn (Page 59 of the Rothschild Money Trust).

Let us take up the specific subjects in the title in the reverse of their chronological order and start with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States.

Who Killed “Honest” Abe ?
In a series of events that strangely parallel the assassination of President John Kennedy some 98 years later, Abraham Lincoln was murdered on April 14, 1865 while he was attending a play at the Ford Theater. It was a time when he was at the height of his career, flushed with victory as the Civil War was winding up to a successful conclusion for the Union forces and a catastrophic end for the Confederate South. At this propitious moment at 10:15 PM, that fateful night, he was hit behind his left ear by a half inch lead slug fired from a derringer in the hand of John Wilkes Booth, of the Jewish family of Botha. In a split second, as in the Kennedy assassination, this act dramatically changed the course of history. As also in the Kennedy assassination, that course of history boded ill for the White Race and greatly accrued to the benefit of the Jewish money powers. Let us briefly summarize how the White Race lost and how the Jews gained tremendous advantages in that spilt second when the lead ball penetrated Lincoln’s skull.

As historians are well aware, Abraham Lincoln dared to thwart and challenge the Jewish banking establishment by printing 450 million dollars in U.S. government “greenbacks,” as they were called, and thereby bypassed the Jewish bankers. This was, and continues to be, an unforgivable crime in the eyes of the Jews. The fact that Lincoln had a clear constitutional right to do so, made not the slightest iota of difference to the hard-nosed Jews. They have usurped this powerful weapon – the issuance of money – into their own grubby hands, and will fiercely defend it by all the devious and sinister means at their disposal. Not only did Lincoln have the constitutional right to do so, but as every president before and after him, he had a sworn constitutional duty to do so. (See C.C. No. 40 of The White Man’s Bible “The Federal Reserve.”) Lincoln took this major step during the middle of the war to somewhat belatedly help pay the mounting debts and the terrible price the war between the states was exacting from the nation. Whether Lincoln fully realized the extent and the power of the forces he was bucking is a matter of some conjecture. That he paid the full price with his life, as later did John Kennedy, of that history leaves no doubt.

The second reason the Jews wanted Lincoln dead as soon as the war was over was purely racial. Now that he had done them the stupendous favour of successfully waging a disastrous, so-called “civil war” between two groups of burgeoning White peoples, he was no longer needed. In fact, he was now an obstacle and a liability to their future plans. As I have pointed out repeatedly in many of my previous writings, it has been the ultimate dream of the Jewish cabal to decimate the White Race, to mongrelize the White Race and to finally destroy it utterly and have this Planet Earth populated by only two classes of people – the Jews as masters, and a polyglot brown mixture of dumb mongrels as their slaves. Their motto is and has been for centuries every Jew a king, every goy a slave. In the preceding article on the Kennedy Assassination we mentioned that the bloody gang of Jewish killers known as the Mossad as being of recent vintage, approximately the 1930’s. Whereas the name is recent, and like the Russian KVD and KGB, changes names from time to time, the Jews have always had a well organized, tightly knit intelligence network. The Mossad is replete with super spies and professional killers ready to execute those they deem inimical to their cause. This they have had long before the emergence of the modern Mossad, going as far back as the days of Moses and Joshua. Evidently, this gang of spies and killers was also well established in America before and during the Civil War.

During the progress of the long, cruel war, Lincoln’s prestige and position were both extremely precarious, depending solely on the turn of events. Every battle was a crucial barometer of whether he had been right or wrong. A defeat castigated him as a villain. Every victory glorified him as a hero. When the tide of events in April of 1865 successfully wound up that gruesome war with the Union forces victorious and the Confederate forces shattered, Lincoln emerged as a national hero of historical proportions (in the eyes of the victorious North). As president in the aftermath, his power and prestige would largely have dictated the course of events as Lincoln wished them to be. Just what did Lincoln have in mind for the Union he now had “saved ?” They were largely constructive and beneficial for the White people of the now “United” States. He had a far-reaching programme in mind for moving the negroes out of the territory of the United States and resettling them (a) in the tropical territories of Central America, at that time largely vacant, or (b) In Africa, in which the colony of Liberia, founded in 1821 for that purpose, was the embryo, but by no means the only destination. That such was Lincoln’s plan and intention was no secret at that time in history, although the Jewish propaganda machine has subsequently and largely obliterated that fact from our present history books. For those interested in further pursuing Lincoln’s plans and programme, the details are capably set out by Earnest Sevier Cox (1880-1966) in his booklet Lincoln’s Negro Policy, available from Liberty Bell Publications, Box 21, Reedy, WV 25270.

Had Lincoln lived, his influence and prestige would undoubtedly have set in motion a most urgent and far-reaching solution to the cancerous racial problem, a problem that is now rapidly coming to a climax and threatens to destroy the last bastion of the White Race, the United States of America. When John Wilkes Booth fired that derringer on that fateful night of April 14, 1865, the whole plan of racial “emancipation” died with Lincoln. Although the urgency of that programme has increased with each passing generation, no president, no political party since has had the guts to carry it forward and implement it. This overwhelming issue now ominously staring us in the face, more than anything else, is the reason for the existence of the Church of Creativity. It is now or never, and we cannot afford to fail. We must not fail ! Your support to achieve what Lincoln had in mind a century and a quarter ago is now a matter of life and death for our precious Race.

Lincoln had a constructive and forgiving policy towards the now defeated and shattered states of the Confederacy. In contrast, the Northern stooges and radicals, goaded and led by the Jewish forces, thirsted for revenge. They not only wanted to destroy the property of the White Southerners but they wanted to destroy their traditions, their life-style, and everything the South stood for. Most of all, they wanted to destroy and mongrelize the White Southern gene pool – they were determined to pump the black blood of the former African slaves into the veins of White Americans. This was the most heinous of all their crimes, and, led by their Jewish overlords manipulating the whole operation and pulling the strings, these White traitors went about it with a vengeance. As always, whereas the Jews remained in the background, in the forefront appeared such radical reprobates as Thurlow Weed, New York newspaper publisher and political boss; Benjamin F. Wade, Senator from Ohio and Chairman of the Committee on the conduct of the War; Brothers Jay Cook and Henry Cook, the former being a Philadelphia financier and Lincoln’s Civil War fund raiser, and the latter a Washington, D.C. banker; Thaddeus Stevens, Congressman from Pennsylvania and Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee; Zacharias Chandler, Senator from Michigan and Chairman of the Committee on Commerce; Brig. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, some-time congressman from Massachusetts, and the brutal military governor of New Orleans during part of 1862, a stint that earned him the name of “Beast Butler.”

This by no means completes the list of radicals which were determined to smash and destroy the South and all the White people who dwelt therein. What they had in mind was to make the White Southerners the slaves of their former black slaves. Further, Lincoln was in favour of reimbursing the former Southern slave owners for the slaves that they would now no longer hold; of giving the negroes only a limited vote, i.e., those who were at least somewhat educated and literate. He was in favour of taking the Confederate States back into the Union as full partners, with only partial and limited restrictions. All of this was anathema to the Northern radicals, who not only wanted vindictive revenge but also wanted to physically and financially break the South. This would enable the carpetbaggers from the North (especially Jews like the Seligmans and Lehmans) to march in and buy up the formerly valuable properties and estates for two cents on the dollar. This they now did with a vengeance, as the Jews were to do again later in war-torn Germany after World Wars I and II.

All this was accomplished in the flash of a derringer when Lincoln was assassinated on that fateful night of April 14, 1865. The radicals got their revenge. The properties of the Confederate States were burned and looted. What remained was stolen and confiscated into the hands of the Northern carpetbaggers. The Southern States were occupied and treated to a Carthaginian truce as vicious as had ever been imposed on any foreign enemy. The negroes were allowed to run rampant and rape the Southern women at will, and these filthy, ignorant savages now became the token “governors” of their former White masters, with the Jews pulling all the strings in the background. All this massive change was accomplished by that one fatal shot from a derringer. As in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, we now come to the main question in this whole gruesome episode : Was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln merely an accidental quirk of history, the act of a lone nut, John Wilkes Booth, or was it the culmination of a massive, carefully planned conspiracy by powerful forces behind the scenes ?

Again, as in the Kennedy murder, the stakes were tremendously high in that it would it would change the future course of the nation’s history. Also, if we raise the question – who benefited, and who lost the most, we come up with the same conclusion in both of the two historical events, although they might be 98 years apart in time : the Jews were the overwhelming benefactors and gained their desired objectives; the White Race lost a tremendous amount of ground in both cases. An accidental quirk of history ? Hardly. There are many more strange parallels in these two historic assassinations. Since in the previous article about the Kennedy murder I (Ben Klassen) have already made a cursory review of the many absurdities, lies and impossible conclusions put forth by the Warren Commission and the several concomitant whitewash efforts succeeding it, there is no need to repeat them again. What is strange is that in the Lincoln assassination and its aftermath we find a very similar question, suppressed evidence and a massive cover-up.

Here are some unanswered questions :
1] Why did several invited guests, including Gen. U.S. Grant, refuse to accept Lincoln’s invitation to accompany him and Mrs. Lincoln to Ford’s Theater on the night of April 14 ?
2] Why did the President only have one single bodyguard that night, and how did it happen that even he was absent from his post at the time of the murder ? How did it also happen that he was never punished for his dereliction, nor even questioned ?
3] Why, despite countless threats and known plots did the War Department fail to provide Lincoln with adequate protection ?
4] Did Edwin M. Stanton, Lincoln’s power-obsessed Secretary of War, play a role in the assassination ?
5] Why were all the escape routes out of Washington closed that fateful night, except the one that Booth used ?
6] Who, for hours after the murder, blacked out all the commercial telegraph lines from out of Washington ?
7] Why was the existence of Booth’s diary hidden until long after the famous 1865 conspiracy trial, and when revealed 18 pages had been cut out ?
8] Who removed those 18 pages, when and why ?
9] Were the convicted and hanged Booth conspirators scapegoats for higher figures in a massive cover-up ? (cf. Oswald set up as the patsy in the Kennedy murder.)
10] Was the man shot at Garrett’s farm and identified as Booth, the real Booth, or a substitute ?
11] Did the real Booth escape to freedom and die an old man 40 years later, as has been alleged ? (Probably so. We must remember that he performed an inestimable favour for the Jews, and that Booth was himself of Jewish ancestry.)

It is my inescapable conclusion that once the war was over and the South lay in ruins, it was of tremendous importance to the Jewish cause that Lincoln be put out of the way. They foresaw this long before the war was over, and they meticulously planned both his assassination and the massive cover-up that followed. It is my further conclusion that having successfully accomplished the Lincoln assassination and cover-up, they utilized this experience to follow a similar modus operandi in the murder and cover-up of John F. Kennedy. Also, the reasons for doing so were strikingly similar (the issuance of “greenbacks”; proceeding with their avowed programme of mongrelizing the White Race.) in both cases, the sole benefactor was the worldwide Jewish network.

(Racial Loyalty – Issue No. 47)

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