“Bikie Laws” Not Draconian Enough for Liberals

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Bikie laws ‘must cover prisons’

By Nigel Hunt
The Adelaide Advertiser (South Australia) | June 22, 2008


THE Opposition [Liberal Party] wants new legislation aimed at stopping bikies from associating to cover their activities in the state’s prisons.

Opposition correctional services spokesman David Wade said revelations in the Sunday Mail last week of gang brawls indicated the Government was not effectively managing gang members inside prison.

“Labor is keen to lock people up – it needs to give more attention to effectively managing prisoners while they are in prison,” he said.

“The situation is unacceptable and it is only going to get worse as the new bikies’ legislation kicks in. Not only does the legislation lead to more prisoners but the Government’s legislation gives a blanket exemption allowing gang members to associate within prison.”

Last week the Sunday Mail revealed police and Correctional Services had met following a number of bikie-related clashes inside Yatala Labour Prison.

Further meetings are planned to facilitate the exchange of information on gang members to enable them to be properly managed when in custody.

Mr Wade said the Government should consider amending the legislation to enable prison management to charge prisoners who associated without reasonable excuse or permission.

“Labor is keen to lock people up.” Labor is only keen to lock White people up. It allows Abo and Lebo gangs to terrorise the state while turning “bikies” into the boogie men of the decade, but then, Liberal is no better – and perhaps worse.

A vote for either party is a vote against the supposedly United Nations guaranteed freedoms of assosiation, thought, conscience, religion, opinion and expression.

This in itself shows that democracy as the will of the people and its fanciful UN task force is nothing but a farce put in place to ensure the world remains under the control of the Internationalist Elite. They don’t care about human rights or the advent totalitarian or despotic governments – providing that said governments are pro multiracial, multicultural, feminist and overall Marxist in their makeup, and are ready to bow down and lick the grotty behind of that shitty little state known as Israel. However, the above stipulations are only for the Europa and her children. When it comes to the non-White nations, their only stipulations are to join the global economy and give Papa Joe Israel’s arse the occasional lick.

So once again I say that democracy is a farce, and there can be only one way up and out of this miasma of political machinations. White Revolution is the only solution.