Racist Aboriginal ‘White Revenge’ Rapist to be Released

The Advertiser | June 20, 2008


AN Aboriginal man who committed a series of racially motivated rapes is set to be released into the community.

The Court of Appeal today ruled Travice Allan Edwards be released from jail under a 10-year, 28-point community-based supervision order.

Edwards was 23 in 1994 when he was sentenced to 14 years’ jail for the rape of three females – the youngest aged just 12 – a year earlier.

The court was told he would persuade them to travel with him in his car before taking a detour into a forest, where he would rape them.

Edwards, who spent much of his life at Cherbourg, west of Brisbane, later explained to police that he selected the victims – who were all of Caucasian appearance – as a means of expressing his anger towards white people.

The court was told his mother was beaten to death by her white partner when he was a child.

At Edwards’ full-time release date in December last year, Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine applied to have him further detained on the grounds he was a serious danger to the community.

However, Edwards took this decision to the Court of Appeal in Brisbane, where today it was overturned.

The Court of Appeal upheld his lawyer’s argument that the judge had erred in making a continuing order because he misunderstood evidence tendered by psychiatrists on how a supervision order would affect his risk of re-offending.

In a written judgment, the Court of Appeal judges said they accepted Edwards had made good progress towards rehabilitation, which would continue with further treatment and counselling.

If this animal was White, he’d no doubt be doing an extra ten years because his rapes were “racially motivated.” What’s more he’d deserve it – but not for the reasons a politically correct multicultural society would ever give.

Then again, if I’m wrong about that and my hypothetical White rockspider/rapist/bestial sexual deviant was released early – just as this wonderful indigenous person was, there would still be an outcry from Aboriginal rights and anti-racist groups demanding he be locked up again simply because he’s a White racist and an example needs to be made.

It would have been preferable if they had just cut his balls off and strung it up upside down inside a cage in Queen Street Mall – unto death.