Bashing The Rich – Fangs Of Bolshevism

The basic plank of Karl Marx’s communist creed is that the rich are the incarnation of all the world’s evil, and must be exterminated from the face of the earth. Once these nasty rich, these “Capitalists” have been destroyed, the “proletariat,” supposedly the working class, will take over, and there will be no more exploitation of the workers. Ipso facto, all problems, which are basically a matter of economics anyway (so the theory goes) will have been solved. If we will only get rid of those damn “Capitalists,” we could have a beautiful new world order. Class distinctions will fade away, even government itself will dissolve into a sweet nothingness, and presto, and lo and behold, a new era for mankind ! A veritable heaven on earth, a Worker’s Paradise will appear as if by magic. Just kill those damn Capitalists !

These bait-and-switch ideas encompassed in this con game are as Jewish as Henry Kissinger’s hooked nose and have a long Jewish history. In Protocol No. 1 of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, they say that by shouting the words “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” they have brought into the Jewish ranks whole legions of the goyim, who carried their (Jewish) banners with enthusiasm, while their own Jewish agents did the advance work in surreptitiously spreading these ideas. These same words were canker worms at work, boring into the well-being of the goyim society, putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying the foundations of the goyim states.

Marx’s brutal successors, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, ruthlessly pursued this evil communist dogma, and successfully conspired to engineer one of the most violent and destructive revolutions in history. Backed by the Jewish bankers of the world, especially the Federal Reserve bankers of the United States, they overthrew the three hundred year old Romanov dynasty of Russia, brutally murdered the Czar and his family (Nicholas H, his wife Alexandra and their five children), and the Bolsheviks’ Soviet of Workers Deputies took over Russia, the largest and richest (in natural resources) country in the world. Whereas, the front men in this revolution were Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, the real string-pullers behind the scenes were the Jewish Kehilla, the Jewish bankers and the Jewish network as a whole, the latter having worked toward this goal for many centuries. Jacob Schiff, of the Jewish brokerage house of Kuhn, Loeb and Company in New York bankrolled Trotsky’s band of cutthroats to the tune of 20 million dollars during World War I and had them trained as killers and hatchetmen in Eastside New York for the takeover of the Russian Duma (parliament), and take over they did. This Bolshevik revolution inaugurated the most evil and destructive era in the history of mankind. It is rivaled only by the destructive advent of Jewish Christianity that inaugurated the Dark Ages some fifteen hundred years earlier, and the similarity does not end there. (See “Christianity and Communism: Jewish Twins,” page 363 of Nature’s Eternal Religion.) Not only did Trotsky’s Jewish hatchetmen kill the members of the Duma, but in the bloody era of revolution, anarchy and famine that followed, the Jews had their Purim : they killed between 20 and 30 million White Russians as well. As in the French Revolution they killed off the leadership, Russia’s finest in keeping with the Jewish maxim : Kill the best of the goyim first. Among those killed were several of my Mennonite kinsmen.

So, in destroying the rich (actually only the White leaders) did the poor reap the millennium ? Did they get a Worker’s Paradise ? Hell, no ! The Jewish dictatorship killed their goyim enemies, took over with a vengeance, and then clamped a brutal dictatorship on ‘the masses,” a dictatorship they have maintained by sheer force and terrorism ever since. This they have done with the covert collaboration of the United States and its tremendous wealth and resources. (See “Russia, Israel and the United States,” C.C. No. 38 of the White Man’s Bible.) With the United States ready to bail out the Bolshevik regime of Russia at every turn, the Jews have not only maintained their ironclad grip on the poor Russian victims, but have been able to expand their evil empire over most of the world. The result has been poverty, misery and heavy-handed tyranny over more than three-quarters of the population of the world. So much for the communist revolution, much of which is already well known to most of our readers. What alarms us Creators is that a strange line of bolshevist propaganda is creeping into the White racial movement today. Some of the “leaders” in some of the half-baked, ill-advised White movements are beginning to prominently spout the same sinister Bolshevik line. Instead of pointing the finger at the Jewish network (which certainly encompasses the superrich, the real money power) they are blaming and bashing the White “rich.” Let us halt the program right here and examine this “rich versus the workers” issue once and for all. Let us ask a few cogent questions.

1] Are the rich any more crooked, dishonest, mean, morally depraved and otherwise villainous than, say, the poor or blue-collar class ?

Answer : My (Ben Klassen) observation after seventy years of dealing with every type of people imaginable, is, no they are not. Although White people are the finest and most honorable people in the world, you have good guys and bad guys in all classes, and there are just as many crooks, liars and petty thieves among the poor as there are among the rich, if not more so. In general, the rich are probably more responsible and trustworthy because they have more valuables to protect, including their reputation.

2] Are the rich mostly parasites on our society or do they contribute their share to the general welfare ?

Answer : It is my opinion that the average man of means has contributed far more to society than the average poor. Let us take a few examples from history – Cyrus H. McCormick, who invented the first horse-drawn reaper, became wealthy because of his ingenious invention. As a result of this one invention, the then tens of thousands of farmers were able to produce three times as much grain and produce as they were able to do previously by using the hand operated sickle. Can you imagine what this means ? One man’s invention was now equivalent to the work of all the farmers three times over. Certainly any rewards that McCormack reaped were a small pittance compared to the increased benefits he contributed to society in exchange.

The same can be said of Eli Whitney who invented the cotton gin and thereby laid the foundation to a huge and thriving cotton economy in the South of the USA. The same conclusions can be drawn for such illustrious inventors as James Watt, who invented the steam engine; Robert Fulton who built the first successful steam driven boat; Samuel F. B. Morse who invented the first telegraph; or Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first working telephone; or for that matter tens of thousands of others, who like Henry Ford did not invent anything new that was patentable, but built a successful business that put the nation on wheels, or like Bessemer who invented a new steel manufacturing process, thereby enabling engineers to build skyscrapers that were not possible previously. At this point some rich basher will jump up and say, O.K., O.K., you have only been talking about inventors, and they are all right and fully deserve whatever their rewards, but most wealthy people were not inventors. All right, let’s look at some other entrepreneurs. Let’s look at the field of transportation. Some have formed companies that spanned the country with railroads from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Some built steamship lines. Some built stagecoach lines. Some built bus lines. Some, like Howard Hughes, Eddie Rickenbacker and dozens of others, built airlines. Certainly they created tens of thousands of jobs and contributed tremendously to the advancement of travel and transportation.

You want more ? All right, let us look into the automotive business, which probably more than any other industry has created millions of jobs and tremendously expanded man’s ability to get around much faster and more comfortably than he could with a horse and wagon. We have already mentioned Henry Ford, but there were tens of thousands more such as Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz in Germany, or in America such enterprising pioneers as Charles Duryea, Ransom E. Olds, Elwood Haymes, Alexander Winton, Charles B. King, John D. Maxwell, Francis Edgar Stanley (the Stanley Steamer), Walter White and hundreds of others. In fact, there have been as many as 2000 automobile manufacturing companies, most of which are now either defunct or have merged with more successful competitors. Many of these lost their initial savings and went broke, some made a modest fortune and some like Ford made tremendous fortunes. But they produced and they contributed tremendously to the advance of technology and changed the face of America and the world. Shall we continue and go farther afield ? Why not ? The field is unlimited. We can go into the food manufacturing industry and cite entrepreneurs like Post who started with cornflakes; or real estate developers like Del Webb who built whole cities, well planned and well built; or architects like Frank Lloyd Wright; or newspaper moguls like William Randolph Hearst; or movie makers like D. W. Griffith, and cartoonists, movie makers and theme park builders like Walt Disney. As I said, the field is unlimited, and I could go on endlessly. All, or most of these men, made millions of dollars and huge fortunes. But I say that, by and large, they earned every penny and they deserved what they made because they contributed mightily to the advance of our economy, our technology, our welfare and our civilization as a whole.

But even though I could cite endless success stories that would fill volumes, rich-bashing malcontents would still not be satisfied, mostly because of envy that they themselves failed to make millions. What about all the idle rich who inherited their money ? Well, even many of those are not necessarily drones, nor are they lazy and unproductive. We can cite geniuses like Howard Hughes, who inherited a tidy sum of half a million dollars back in 1924 at the age of nineteen. But he did not sit on it and let it rust. He built up a motion picture industry, an airplane manufacturing industry, an airlines company, an electronics plant and had interests in a dozen other enterprises, catapulting his original inheritance of half a million into a multi-billion dollar fortune. Certainly the man produced jobs, he built companies and he produced a myriad of products. What more could a man do ? Besides Howard Hughes there are countless more who took a small inheritance and built huge empires. The one common denominator we will find among these men is that by and large they were highly energetic, they were men of imagination and on the average they were more intelligent than the average yokels. Certainly most of them were neither drones nor parasites, which, let’s face it, we cannot say about many drifters and freeloaders who are penniless and on welfare.

Over my seventy years of sojourn on this planet I (Ben Klassen) have lived in four different countries and half a dozen different states of our good old U.S.A. My parents were poor and I, myself, grew up on a wheat farm in Saskatchewan. I have known all kinds of people – farmers, truck drivers, miners, ditch-diggers and millionaires, politicians, governors, senators, artists, writers, inventors, Nazis, Jews, negroes, scoundrels and con-men. On the issue of dividing the rich and the poor, I would have to come to the inevitable conclusion that men of means are, by and large, more intelligent, more interesting, more imaginative and easier people to deal with than are those who have never been able to put their act together and accumulate at least a comfortable nest egg to provide for themselves and their families. I say this without rancor and without prejudice. In summation, I would conclude that these people who have amounted to something financially are usually the movers and the doers and are, by and large, the pillars of our society that have advanced the White Race forward.

We now come to the last refuge of the rich-bashers who will strike their last nasty blow and accuse the rich of not having done enough to help promote the cause of us White racists in our fight against the foul Jewish conspiracy that is now threatening to destroy Natures’ Finest – the White Race. In this charge I can totally concur. The tens of thousands of wealthy White men and women in this country, many of whom are the owners of huge fortunes, have done damn little to aid our cause, a cause which most certainly should also be theirs. But again, in fairness to all the rich, to all the middle class and to the poor, none of these have greatly bestirred themselves to fight back against this monster that is now devouring us, and certainly the average blue-collar worker, who is content watching the boob tube while guzzling his beer, is as criminally negligent as are those well-do-do individuals that like to label as “fat-cats” and would just as soon see hung. Just as there are any number of exceptions among the blue-collar workers, so are there among the affluent. Certainly, Henry Ford, one of the wealthiest billionaires of our century, bestirred himself about the Jewish menace some sixty-five years ago and put out a series of exposes in his Dearborn Independent extirpating the Jewish network. Also, after years of research on “the Jewish problem” he put out a four-volume set of books on The International Jew. Andrew Carnegie, born a Scotsman, but destined to become one of America’s foremost steel magnates, contributed 350 million of his fortune to charity. Of this, a huge sum went to building public libraries in every major city across America, so that boys would not be handicapped in obtaining books to read, a privilege that he himself was denied as a youth. He also instituted a number of other charitable institutions for the advancement of learning, and authored a number of outstanding books.

So much for the benefits bestowed upon society by the rich and affluent, the kind of people that many other envious people would like to hang. Having said all these nice things about wealthy Whites, let me make it clear that I like the blue-collar working man just as well, as long as he is White. The vital point in this whole discussion is : We need all of our White Racial Comrades to build a powerful affluent and well structured White society. We need the rich, the poor, the middle class, the entrepreneurs, the managers, the planners, the promoters, the builders, the businessmen, the storekeepers and the farmers; especially the farmers, and I might add there are some very wealthy farmers, or were, until recently. The real culprits that are destroying our country, our White society, our environment, and the White Race in particular, is the Jewish cabal, that eternal parasite which has destroyed peoples and civilizations for thousands of years. It is Jewish money and Jewish power that has been and is subversive and destructive to the White Man’s society, and is enslaving the world. At the core of this bestial monster is the Federal Reserve Board and the network of Jewish bankers that own and control the parasitic monetary systems throughout the world. They not only control the monetary systems, but because of the tremendous power they thereby wield, and because of racial loyalty practiced by the Jewish race, they also control the governments, the newsmedia and every other nerve center of power. Backing up the Jewish bankers is the whole Jewish network, forming a sinister conspiracy to not only enslave the workers and producers of the world, but to mongrelize and destroy the White Race, the rich and the poor, the middle class in particular.

There is the real culprit – the whole Jewish network, as such, with the financiers manipulating the strings and planning the strategy. It is at this point that we, the Church of Creativity, part company with the “fat-cats” bashing the rich. Whatever their reasons for going off on this kind of destructive tangent, we will not sit idly by. To concentrate on bashing the White rich is not only highly confusing, but it is an outright deception. It is not even a racial issue, but overt class division among our White Racial Comrades, a communist plank and Bolshevik tactic of the first order. Nothing could be more destructive and confusing to the rank and file of the White racial movement, nor could anything be more comforting to our mortal enemy, the parasitic Jew, than blaming the White rich. Taking a closer look at what these white “fat-cats” advocate, we find the following : (a) the progressive income tax (b) confiscation of property (c) no inheritance to the children of a family (d) state owned production facilities (e) hang the rich !

We Creators feel free to criticize the Jews, the communists, the negroes, or any member of the White Race, for that matter, if we feel that such people are leading the White Race down a dead end street to a major catastrophe. Why can’t these fellows learn the obvious lessons of history that are plainly staring them in the face ?

The first obvious lesson we want to remind them of is that the Marxist planks are Jewish in origin and are highly destructive to a White people and society. Before World War I the Ukraine was the most productive bread basket in the world and could feed all of Europe. Today, not only is the whole Russian economic program in shambles, but land-rich Russia can’t even feed her own people, and has to beg and import millions of tons of wheat and foodstuffs from the United States and other countries. If the Russian economy had not been propped up on numerous critical occasions over the years by the Jew-loving United States, it would have collapsed long ago. (See “Russia, Israel and the United States” in the White Man’s Bible.) The same thing is happening in Communist Poland. The economy is on the verge of collapse. The people are destitute and starving. They are in a perpetual state of rebellion. With the slightest real encouragement from the United States, the Polish people would overthrow and demolish that tyrannical Jewish regime, once and for all. The same thing can be said of Hungary, Rumania and all of eastern Europe now under the Marxist heel. Anyone with even half a brain can readily perceive that the Marxist doctrine destroys private initiative and private enterprise. The result is stagnation, poverty, misery and total breakdown. You can only bash “the rich” once, you can only rob them once, but after the initiative is gone, productivity too, is gone, and there is no one else left to strip and rob. Look fellows, damn it, it just doesn’t work. Marxism is just a Jewish swindle, plain and simple. It doesn’t work.

The second lesson these people should learn is that you can’t overthrow the Jewish powerhouse with a polyglot assortment of divided little “movements,” if such they can be called, even though you might have 10,000 of them, or 20,000 of them, as we have witnessed over the years. What we are witnessing in the so-called White racial movement today is what we call the P.C.I.C., namely a Polyglot Conglomerate of Irreconcilable Contradictions. This leaves us wide open to the Jewish powerhouse for their “Divide and Conquer” technique, because, like the big city whore we mentioned, we can’t seem to polarize around any firm principles of our own. Like Harold Covington says in his book, The March Up Country, most White racial movements not only have no idea as to how to get there, they don’t even know where they want to go. That pretty well sums up the whole mess of the Polyglot Conglomerate of Irreconcilable Contradictions, if you don’t know where you are going, you sure as hell won’t know how to get there. The fact is, we are no closer to destroying the real enemy today than we were 30, or 40, or 50 years ago. And the real enemy, let me point out again, is not the rich White, but the goddamn sinister worldwide Jewish network.

We Creators do have a real, meaningful creed, program and doctrine. It is embodied in a comprehensive doctrine that takes in politics, economics, race, eugenics, religion, the environment, Salubrious Living and just about every other facet of human endeavor that is vital to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race on a worldwide scale. Why do people choose to ignore it and espouse the sordid Marxist principles of bashing the rich (Whites, that is), promoting the progressive income tax, confiscation of private property and other Jewish claptrap ? Not only do these fellows choose to ignore Creativity which has real answers for the White Race but they are openly hostile to it and vociferously attack it. Why do they choose such an insane course when history has proven that not until the Germans united around one polarized creed (under Hitler) did they finally have the clout to destroy the Jewish monster ? I’ll tell you why. The answer is hubris, hubris. They are jealous. Creativity shows up the poverty of their own half-baked, ill-conceived “programmes,” if such they can be called. As stated in Racial Loyalty No. 32, “Hubris, Hubris,” if they don’t have it, if they didn’t think of it first, they would rather torpedo Creativity than embrace it, even if the White Race goes down along with the torpedoed ship.

So be it. To hell with them. With friends like that, who needs enemies ? If they value their own little hubris more than the White Race and want to wet nurse it rather than save the White Race, so be it. Sooner or later they will die or go out of business and their precious little hubris will die along with them. But Creativity will go on regardless. We will ignore their petty jealousies, their goddamn P.C.I.C. and instead keep attracting more and more members and build and build until we have one mighty tidal wave that will overwhelm and crush the foul Jewish network. There is one thing that is a lot worse than a capitalist, and that is a capitulator. To hell with the defeatists and the traitors. We don’t need them. We would rather have them as enemies outside our ranks than inside the fort and burrowing from within. Who needs capitulators ? Who needs defeatists ? Instead, join with the Church of Creativity and build a movement with strength and purpose. Our unswerving and uncompromising goal is the Planet Earth – all of it – and we will never rest until all of it is settled by a regenerated and rejuvenated White Race – Nature’s Finest.

(Racial Loyalty  – Issue No. 45)

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