Survival, Expansion And Advancement

These three words are the key words we Creators have in mind in our programme for the salvation, resurrection, and redemption of Nature’s Finest, our precious White Race. The more you think about it, these ideas become so obvious, you are led to wonder why no one has spelled it out before. Yet nowhere else but in the programme of the Church of Creativity have I ever before seen this combination set down in print. Because it is so simple, yet it’s implications so comprehensive, it has also been largely misunderstood by some, and deliberately distorted and misrepresented by our enemies, or even those of our friends whose hubris might have been ruffled. In this article we want to answer some of those criticisms and try to explain our program so clearly that even the most misguided fool cannot have any alibi to misunderstand us or have any room to misrepresent us.

In all our comprehensive struggles we are of course talking about the survival of our precious White Race, the very pinnacle of Nature’s bountiful array of creatures and creations. We are not interested in the survival of all the various species of the human race, that are breeding, polluting and proliferating this Planet Earth – expanding in an uncontrolled population explosion. Not only are we not interested in their survival, but we look upon the present scene with horror and revulsion as the dark races crowd us out of our limited living space, and look with fear and grim apprehension as to what the future might hold for our children and grandchildren. Charles Darwin, in studying the species of Nature, has perceptively observed that the greatest rivalry for food, water and living space on this planet is not so much between different species, but between the more closely related sub-species of the same genus, wherever they try to share the same habitat.

Certainly this is true in the history of the human race, and never was that rivalry for survival more explosive and fierce than it is today. Again, looking at it from the viewpoint of the White Race (the one and only point of view we Creators take on all matters) never was our precious race in more danger of mongrelization and extinction than it is today. And who or what is it that most threatens our survival ? Is it some species of lions, or elephants, or whales, or gorillas ? No, it is none of these. It is our more closely related sub-species of humans, the negroes, the Chinese, the Haitians, the Cubans, the Orientals, and in general, the polyglot multitude of dark races that are now exploding all over this planet, invading our own territory by the millions and crowding us out of our rapidly shrinking living space. And even more dangerous to our survival is the international Jew. It is he who leads the dark races into hating us, and misleads and confuses the White Race into subsidizing and paying for the invading hordes that are bent on destroying us. Three major tools or “ideas” the Jew so skillfully utilizes in carrying out the genocide of the White Race are Judeo-Christianity, communism and democracy.

It is passingly strange that the present “culture’ is so frantically concerned about all the multiplicity of species that are now on the endangered list – snail darters, bald eagles, whales, condors, etc. Even among the “human” species, according to the Jewsmedia, our hearts bleed profusely for the starving blacks in Africa and throughout the world. But never is the slightest iota of attention focused on the most flagrant and obvious tragedy in history that is unfolding before our eyes – the rapidly escalating genocide and extinction of  millions of Nature’s Finest – the White Race. We Creators are not only vitally concerned about the survival of the White Race, but we are deeply alarmed and damned mad, and we are going to move heaven and earth to make sure we do survive. We will again review our dynamic programme at the end of this article. In the meantime, our number one priority is to survive. This comes first before we can expand, advance our gene pool, or do anything else. Nature gives each creature the basic urge to procreate and to fight for the survival of its own species, no holds barred. Nature also has given us that supreme right. We need no written laws, no constitution, no declaration. Nature says that we have not only the moral right, but the moral duty to do so. This is a basic tenet in our religion – Nature’s Eternal Religion, and no man, no race, no government is going to change that or take it away from us.

The second basic urge Nature has imbued us with is expansion of our own kind – expansion of our numbers, expansion of our territory. This, too, is a basic natural right and a basic duty. Every animal, bird, fish, insect, plant or weed seeks to expand its numbers and its territory and Nature urges every species to do just that to the limit of its abilities – again, no holds barred. (Read again, “Colonization – a Basic Urge in Every Creature of Nature’s Realm,” C.C. No. 21, W.M.B.) There is no competition for living space on Planet Earth from the lions, elephants or whales as far as the White Race is concerned. There is fierce and deadly competition from the allied sub-species of the human race, namely the dark races, as we have mentioned before. There are now billions of humans on this planet, fiercely competing for food, water and living space. The dark races are rapidly expanding in both numbers and territory, all at the expense of the White Race. For this we can thank the Jewish-Christian creed and programme of subsidization, the major burden of which is being carried on the back of the world’s foremost patsy, the working White taxpayer. (See “Operation Rip-off,” page 172 of Rahowa!) This must not only be stopped, but it must be reversed as quickly as possible, before the White Race is shrunk to the point where it can be physically overwhelmed and massacred – the long cherished goal of the Jews and dark races. This, too, the Church of Creativity is determined to overcome and we will again spell out our unswerving programme at the conclusion of this article.

It is at this juncture that the opposition brings charges of genocide, race war, and mass slaughter against us, and we intend to make our position clear.

1] Yes, we want to reverse the trend of a dying White Race and an exploding horde of dark races as quickly and conclusively as possible. As soon as we have driven the Jews from off our backs and regained control of our own destiny we will devote our total and considerable energies to doing just that. This is our unswerving goal and we have every moral right to do so. This we are told by the highest authority in the Universe – Mother Nature herself. We make no apologies and we will not retreat from this position.

2] Yes, we then are determined to expand our habitat until the White Race inhabits all the benign and benevolent lands of this Planet Earth. Again, we make no apologies and our position is irreversible.

3] Having said this, we categorically deny that this would necessitate an all out racial war of extermination. On the contrary, our policy of uniting the White Race for its own survival and regaining control of its own destiny is undoubtedly the most rational and sagacious course of action we can possibly take to prevent impending anarchy and a wild, uncontrolled war of mass slaughter between the races.

Let me again remind our misguided critics that we, the Church of Creativity did not invent the racial issue, nor did we instigate the racial war to exterminate the White Race. The Jews instigated it, planned it, and have promoted it viciously and vehemently for centuries. The White Race is now in imminent danger of total mongrelization and extermination. Unless it soon gets its act together, becomes justifiably aroused and highly organized it will soon, and I mean in the next few generations, be an extinct species. It has every legal, moral and biological right to prevent such a major catastrophe from happening. This is an undeniable fact, and the question is not whether or not we should allow ourselves to be exterminated, but rather how can we best defend ourselves and survive. A secondary question perhaps is how can we do so with the least amount of bloodshed to ourselves and the existing dark races that threaten to overwhelm us and, in the end, destroy us in an orgy of mass slaughter. It is this issue which we will now address.

That the White Race must regain control of its own destiny before it can solve this massive problem (as well as any other problems) of that, too, there is little doubt. Before it can do so, it must become aroused, aware, organized and powerful. Of this, too, there is little doubt. In Creativity we have the creed and the programme to do so, as we have detailed many times before and we will again expound upon this further in the conclusion. Let us now assume that Creativity is triumphant, that the White Race has broken the power of the Jewish tyranny, that it now has control of its own government and its own destiny. How would we go about cleansing our own house, of the dark races, and eventually the world ? There are two more questions. Can this be accomplished at all ? And secondly, can it be done without a wild, uncontrolled slaughter ? Our answer to the last two questions is positive on both counts. Yes, it not only can be done, it must be done, and secondly, only if the White Race is first of all in control of its own destiny and government can it be done with the least amount of bloodshed and violence. After the Jews have been driven from power, there are several large blocks of dark races that we must expunge from our land and our racial body as we would expunge poisonous toxins from our human bodies if we are to remain alive and healthy. So we now come to the crux of the problem that vitally affects not only the expansion of the White Race, but also its future genetic advancement, and most of all, its very survival. Therefore, before we can solve the negroe problem and get them out of our territory and prevent them from further contaminating our gene pool, we must first get the Jews out of our territory, out of our culture, and off our back. This is so obvious, so important, so vital, it is a matter of life and death for the White Race. To accomplish this clean-up, no price is too high, no effort too great, no sacrifice is too dear. Delenda est Judaica ! The question is – can we do it ? The answer is : we can. We have, overwhelmingly, the resources to do so, in fact, we have sufficient resources for an overkill. (See “Self Imposed Handicap,” p. 89, and “We are not Helpless,” p. 148 of Expanding Creativity.)

The biggest problem is not the power of the Jew, formidable though it now seems, but the pathetic and vacillating effort of the White Race itself in waging that battle. Up until now the White Race has never had a clear picture presented to it of the deadly situation it is in. It has never had a specific creed or programme to follow in its fight for survival. It has never really focused on the Jewish problem. Now, with the advent of Creativity, it has it all together. We have drawn in clear and stark terms the deadly situation that is facing the White Race. That ominous danger is genocide by mongrelization and, in the end, total massacre of any White remnants and pockets that may escape mongrelization. We have also clearly stated the solution – getting rid of Jewish Christianity, Jewish democracy and the Jews themselves. We, the Church of Creativity, advocate that we now rally around a racial religion of our own, unite and build a worldwide power structure of our own and militantly claim this Planet Earth as our one and only home, a home exclusively for ourselves and our future generations. Can we do it ? The answer is yes, we can do it, and we goddamn well are determined to do it, come hell or high water. We must do it – we have no other choice. For years, we have tried to reason with our enemies, to try to persuade them that separation is the best course. We have tried every reasonable argument, we have tried to compromise with them, we have tried to placate them. We have bent over backwards to be fair and generous with our enemies. It hasn’t worked. The Jews don’t have the slightest desire to negotiate, to compromise or to settle halfway. They are hellbent for leather to take all, to destroy the White Race at any cost, at any risk. So be it. To hell with compromise ! To hell with being fair and reasonable. When reason fails, force prevails. This is now an all out war for survival and we will treat it as such. As I remember the rules of war as fought in World War II, (and every other war) anything goes – murder, treachery, lying, deceit, mass killing, whatever it takes to win. We will now adopt the same rules. I repeat, this is all out war. This is a matter of life and death. This is a matter of survival.

I again ask the question – can we win ? I repeat the answer – yes, we can, and we are damn well determined to win at any cost. If you are too timid and weak-kneed to believe me, then listen to what some of our enemies have to say. Perhaps they will be more effective in convincing you than I am. Let’s listen to what the Jews themselves have to say, and listen carefully. One of the most militant and outspoken leaders of the Jewish race, in America and in Israel, was Rabbi Meir Kahane (1932-1990). He was fiercely pro-Jewish in his every word, deed and thought, much more so than the average Jew. We can therefore reasonably assume that what Kahane has written and said represents a thoroughly Jewish assessment of the worldwide Jewish situation, its dilemma, its fears and its future evolvement. What Meir Kahane was shouting to the world is startling. It is also highly encouraging from the White Man’s point of view. What he was saying in essence is that the “holocaust” is coming, throughout the world. What every Jew should now do is get out while he can and scurry to the haven of Israel before it is too late, and that time is running out. We couldn’t agree more with the rabbi and it is our objective to add fuel to the fire to scare the hell out of the rest of the Jews who may still be vacillating so that they may take Meir Kahane’s warnings seriously to speed up the “Exodus,” or “Aliya,” return to Israel, as they call it. The Jews are basically and pathologically an insecure, cowardly, jittery and paranoid people. They have good reason to feel jittery. Over the centuries, they have been run out of just about every country they have infested, except the United States. In the worldwide situation today they are sitting on a powder keg that is soon going to explode, as we have pointed out any number of times before. Combining their inherently paranoid nature with the deadly serious threat to their physical survival makes for a situation that will convince every Jew that he or she had better run for cover, and soon. We, the White Race, must give them every reason to exacerbate that paranoidal fear and give them plenty of reason to swell the present movement to Israel into a veritable stampede.

Meir Kahane founded the highly militant Jewish Defense League in 1969. The JDL openly advocates bashing heads, breaking bones and killing people, if they are deemed enemies of the Jewish people. They not only advocate outright violence, murder, dynamiting of buildings, cars and the property of their enemies, but have repeatedly implemented such violence to further Jewish ends. If anybody is a threat to the Jewish cause, such illegal tactics are openly condoned by the JDL. They are aggressively justified as necessary for the survival of their people, therefore anything goes. In this respect, we Creators have no quarrel with them for their philosophy. They are right they are justified in their fight for survival. So are we, the White Race, justified in adopting the same tactics, and we had better understand the ground rules. This is a deadly war for the survival of races – of Natures species, and Nature has said loud and clear – in the fight for survival on Planet Earth the end justifies the means – any means. So let us get the ground rules straight. We are in a racial war for the survival of our precious White Race and we had better wage that war just as fiercely, fanatically and aggressively as the Jewish Defense League.

Here are some quotes from his book :

“If an American Nazi leader poses a clear and present danger to American Jews, then not to assassinate such a person would be the most immoral courses I could imagine.”

“We created a special group of fighters – the ‘Chaya Squad.’ The word ‘chaya’ in Hebrew means ‘beast.’ We want to put out Jewish ‘beasts’ who would frighten the anti-Semite to the roots of his soul.”

To this latter threat we say – very well, two can play that game. We, too, can raise an army of Storm Troopers as did Adolf Hitler and outnumber yours ten to one, or fifty to one. This is in fact, what we, the White Race, must do, are determined to do, and will do, and soon.

The Rabbi says further : “Three million Jews In the Soviet Union are being ripped from us now. And it is our obligation to break any and every law now to save them.” Presumably, to “return” them to Israel. We are all for that. Aliya ! and Rahowa ! Let’s support the rabbi in getting a Jewish stampede going of every Jew heading for a “return” to Israel. The White Russian people, too, would be real happy to get them off their backs and out of their midst. Let us make damn sure, however, that these parasites don’t change course in Vienna and head for the United States. There are many things I admire about the rabbi. He is fanatically loyal to the Jewish race and militantly active in promoting the survival and Jewishness of his race. What if we had a thousand such militant White warriors fighting for the survival, expansion and advancement of our race ? The Church of Creativity has the creed and program to develop such leaders and bring this about, and we must carry on the fight just as fanatically and militantly as does the JDL, only more so.

There are many other issues on which I agree with the rabbi, the foremost of which is to bring home to every Jew that they should head for Israel now and that time is running out for them. On Page 230 of his book Kahane says : “We see it all, and we hear it all, and we watch a growing economic crisis develop which could be the spark to ignite the powder keg and we choose to ignore it. Like little children, we dislike unpleasant truths. We prefer to cut off the unpleasant for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow – until … the next tomorrow is too late.”

There is a cogent message in the above for the Jews. Rabbi Kahane told them loud and clear something that most Jews already realize but would prefer to ignore – they are sitting on a powder keg and the fuse is lit. There is also an ominous message there that applies equally to the White Race – and that is this : that powder keg can blow us up as well, if we continue to sit on our hands too long and fail to take not only adequate, but drastic, militant measures to insure our own survival. Let me hasten to add that the White Race can and will survive only if it gets the Jew off its back, and pronto. I admire not only the militancy of Rabbi Kahane in the interest of his people, but the frankness and outspoken honesty with which he proclaims it. We can learn much from the rabbi and emulate his militant stand in the best interests of our own race.

There are, however, several puzzles and a few pieces missing in the rabbi’s story. There are a few segments that are less than honest.

1] He repeatedly refers to the dreadful “holocaust” that presumably occurred during Hitler’s Nazi regime. The fact is it never occurred. “Six million” Jews were never incinerated. On the contrary, millions of White people today fault Hitler for not having killed those “six million” Jews when he had a chance, rather than for having done so. Kahane, of all people, being highly informed, knew that the whole “holocaust” story is a damnable lie. Along with the rest of the Jews, however, he milked the hoax to the hilt to arouse sympathy for the Jews from the outside world, and to stir up fear and fervor among the Jews themselves.

2] Nowhere in his whole book have I seen him mention that dreadful criminal gang of international murderers and assassins known as the MOSSAD, the Jewish secret police. Whereas Kahane pretended that other than his JDL, the rest of the Jewish organizations, including the Israeli government itself, are a collection of wimps and oppose his group, this story just doesn’t wash. I am convinced that Kahane and the JDL worked hand in glove with the master criminal band, the MOSSAD, which is headquartered in Israel, but whose agents and tentacles spread crime and terror throughout every country of the world. I am convinced, in fact, that the MOSSAD spawned the JDL in the first place as a semi-visible front for terror and intimidation to perform the minor criminal strong-arm tactics, while the MOSSAD supplies the hard core organization, the money and the direction to carry out worldwide revolutions, assassinations and civil wars, all incognito and behind the scenes.

3] Whereas Kahane and millions of other Jews realized that they are sitting on a powder keg that can any minute blow up in their face, I am not sure that either Kahane or the Jewish world establishment really wanted all the Jews to hightail it to Israel. The flaw in the Jewish “aliya” is obvious even to a non-Jew – if the Jews all congregated in Israel it would permanently and totally break their power and influence in the rest of the world, especially the United States. Without the support and subsidization of these Gentile countries they now manipulate, especially the United States, Israel would quickly die in its own stench. Without the yearly billions it now receives from the United States, it would be incapable of feeding itself or financially supporting itself. Even with the subsidy each Israeli family receives, at the expense of the American taxpayers each year, Israel still runs up huge deficits and has one of the highest inflation rates in the world. Without America’s slave-like support, not only would Israel quickly wither on the vine, but its death knell would be rapidly accelerated as the masses of hostile Arabs would converge and massacre these parasites down to the last man, woman and child.

Such is its well-earned hatred from its neighbours. Delenda Est Judaica ! and to which we add : good riddance ! So either way, the Jews are in a dilemma. They are sitting on a powder keg and they know it. We know it, too, and we must move heaven and earth to hasten the day when it blows up and blows them to smithereens. That the fear and the paranoia of the Jews is very real is further illustrated by an incident that happened some years ago, an item that was not publicized in the Jewsmedia. Back in 1976, a close administrative aide to the late New York Senator Jacob Javits gave an interview that revealed much about the aims, the arrogance and the paranoia of the Jews. It is my belief that Sen. Javits was an insider and a big wheel in the Jewish Kehilla, and would be privy to most of the secret information and manipulations of the Jewish conspiracy. Undoubtedly, his close aide would also become aware of many of those secrets. In the interview given by that aide, perhaps he revealed more than the Jewish establishment would have liked, for he was one of four who were killed in an alleged sky-jacking attempt on an Israeli airliner in Istanbul, Turkey, but unlike the others, he was not killed by a stray bullet. Evidently the aide, whose name was Harold Wallace Rosenthal, age 29, talked too freely. Although we do not have the space here to give the full details of that interview, here is the gist of what Mr. Rosenthal freely volunteered.

No one in the last three decades has achieved political power without Jewish approval. Roosevelt was their man. “We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse.” “The blood of the masses will flow as we wait for our day of world victory,” Mr. Rosenthal said coldly. “Most Jews throughout the world – I’d say 90 percent, know what is really happening to our people. We have communication unequalled anywhere.” In Russia, there are two distinct governments – one visible and the other invisible – the invisible is composed of all Jews … “the powerful secret police takes its orders from the invisible government.” “The United Nations is nothing but a trapdoor to the Red World’s immense concentration camp. We pretty much control the U.N.” “It (Israel) will eventually be the base for World Government headquarters.”

Mr. Rosenthal arrogantly goes on for hours, and at great length, denouncing the stupidity and the gullibility of the goy, and how the superiority of the super-intelligent Jews has the world of goys locked up in its grasp. However, and for whatever reasons, Mr. R. confesses that the Jews are less than invulnerable, and that their whole programme is based on lies. There’s great fear among the Jews that the people, especially in America, are now waking up. “Our greatest fear is that this falsehood will be discovered, for we will be stamped out the moment the general public comes into possession of the truth and acts upon it.” Great Balls of fire ! Let’s get those 10 million White Man’s Bibles out ! Let’s turn up the heat and get the ball rolling ! Mr. Rosenthal continues his confession. “We are presently making plans for a rapid exodus. We know that when the light begins to dawn, there will be no stopping it. All efforts on our part will only intensify that light and draw focus upon it.” We agree. Turn up the lights ! Let us get those 10 million copies out !

“History confirms the fact that the passions of an aroused minority, no matter how small a group, has exerted enough power to topple the greatest empire.” Mr. Rosenthal must have had visions of the coming of the Church of Creativity. He says, further, “History has been written in blood, not with ink.” We Creators agree. Let us now translate our passions into action. A few more Istanbul’s, (see p. 11 and 12 of Racial Loyalty No. 41) and the Jews, I predict, will panic into a stampede for Israel.

Here is our program for survival :

1] It is imperative that we, the White Race, take charge of our own destiny and take charge of the world. Any other course would spell the death of Nature’s Finest and culminate in a world of anarchy and chaos. It would soon degenerate into a sleazy world of poverty, filth, starvation and misery as now exemplified in dozens of “third world” dark countries such as Haiti, India, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burma, Pakistan and scores of others.

2] In order to survive, we, the White Race, must take a hard, militant and ruthless stand in defense of our own best interests. We must throw overboard the hypocrisy and mealy-mouthed professions of Jewish Christianity which has led us to the brink of suicide. We must again face the realities of the world and adopt the unbending Laws of Nature in the fight for our survival.

3] In the creed and programme of the Church of Creativity we have a clear-cut battle plan. First we build a powerful worldwide movement in the order and procession as spelled out in the eight articles of Creative Credo No. 64 of the White Man’s Bible, which will and must culminate in the White Man wresting control of his own destiny and taking charge of the governments of the United States and other White countries.

4] Once we have done so, we will inaugurate an aggressive and ruthless programme of cleaning up and cleaning out the dark races from our own territories.

5] Once we have cleaned up our own territories and living space we will then proceed to the next progressive stage of colonization and expansion, a programme that the White Race has been aggressively following during the last four centuries and has stupidly halted and reversed only during the last few decades. However, under the creed and programme of Creativity there will be this major difference – instead of conquering the dark races, governing them and exploiting them we will conquer limited targeted territories one step at a time. As we do so, we will clean out the dark peoples and colonize such territories with White families only. This we will do slowly and systematically, planned and deliberately, thoroughly digesting each conquered territory before we take the next step. In each case we would draw a specific line, settle and colonize the targeted territory, then set the next objective and draw a new line and move on, step by step. While we are expanding our territories in the American hemisphere, the White countries of Europe could similarly be expanding in Africa, in Asia, and elsewhere. South Africa could regain and clean up Rhodesia, and keep on expanding northward into Angola, the Congo, and on upward and onward. Why not ? We have successfully conquered and colonized the world for the last four hundred years, even though we lacked a coordinated plan and programme. Only this time we will do it different. We will not race-mix, nor exploit the dark races, nor have them in our geographic midst. We will move them out – out – out !

6] One immediate major change we must make in our worldwide policy is to stop subsidizing the dark races, once and for all. For the last four decades this has been a major insanity that has drained the working White people of their means and subsistence and artificially caused an unnatural explosion of the dark races. It has been a catastrophic disaster for the White Race, treacherously imposed upon us by Jewish tyranny. Once we stop feeding and subsidizing the dark races, 80 percent of them will automatically starve to death, relieving this overcrowded and over polluted planet of approximately 3-1/2 billion people. Where would Japan be today if we had not shipped massive quantities of food and raw materials to her ? What if we had boycotted her and refused to buy her unneeded products ? We would be a thousand times better off. Where would India be if we had not sent her massive quantities of food and aid ? Where would Israel be ? Egypt ? Burma ? Pakistan ? The negroe republics of Africa ? Where would the Indians and negroes in the United States be if we stopped subsidizing and feeding them ? The answer is they would shrink and shrivel on the vine, and no longer pose the massive threat to our survival that they do today. I repeat, we do not owe the dark races a thing, and we have been stupid beyond belief to have subsidized Israel and 125 other countries for the last 40 years, much to our own detriment.

7] While we are colonizing the world and expanding our living space, we must also expand our own numbers. This is no major problem for a healthy and fecund White Race. This we must do by encouraging and making it possible for White couples to have earlier marriages and to have larger families. This, too, is no major difficulty, once the White Race is in charge of its own destiny.

8] In any case, we must, and are determined that we inhabit this one and only Planet Earth, and make it all ours. It is the only course we can follow if we are to survive and we owe it to ourselves and our future progeny to do just that. Nature tells us to do so and gives us a clear and unbridled right to expand our numbers and territory to the full extent of our unlimited abilities, which are tremendous. We can do no less. We would be criminally derelict in our obligations to our illustrious ancestors, to ourselves, and especially to our future progeny not to fulfill our manifest destiny.

Cacogenesis (Greek, caco(s) bad, and eugenics) Degeneration of race, esp. as caused by the breeding of members having inferior hereditary qualities.
Eugenics (Greek, eu-, well, and gen, bear, produce) The science of improving the qualities of the human species; the science of bringing about an improved type of offspring of the human species.
(The above two definitions are from New Webster’s Dictionary, 1981, and these two key words are the essence of what this chapter is all about)

We will now explore the limitless and exciting possibilities open to us as we reach that much desired third plateau in our program of survival, expansion and advancement. We have not only survived, but we have now arrived at the stage where we have successfully expunged the Jew from the body of our White society on a worldwide basis and they are no longer a threat or problem to us. We have achieved what the Church of Creativity set out to do in the first place – to wrest control of our own destiny into our own firm hands. We have driven the dark races from out of all basically White territories. Creativity is now firmly established not only as the White Man’s universal religion, but is also being avidly pursued as the creed and program of all the good creative White peoples of this Planet Earth. A New Era has dawned in the history of Natures Finest – the White Race is now free to develop its own great and dazzling potential – a potential that a bountiful Mother Nature herself has benevolently endowed and bestowed on her most favored species.

We now have a multitude of prodigious but exciting tasks to fulfill. The world is before our feet, but much, much remains to be done. The dark peoples, although no longer polluting the original White Man’s territories, still occupy more than half of the land surface of this planet. It is our task to keep crowding them and make more and more territory available for our own people, a programme similar to that pursued by the White Race during the last four centuries, but with a difference. We will conquer these territories piecemeal, in a planned and deliberate progression. As we do so we will settle such conquered territories exclusively with our own kind – there will be neither geographic mixing nor racial mixing of any kind. We have already discussed this programme in the previous chapter on expansion, and will not expound on it further in this dissertation, other than to remind our readers that this will be an ongoing mission until Nature’s Finest inhabits exclusively all the benign and benevolent territory of this lovely Planet Earth. And nobody in Natures Realm is more deserving of this supreme reward than the creative, productive and intelligent White Race.

But the conquest of this planet is not the main subject of this chapter on advancement. What we want to explore in more detail is how we, now that we have conquered the world, can advance the quality of our life, how we can upgrade the quality of our gene pool and produce a finer, healthier and more beautiful species with each passing generation. We want to chart as much as possible the goals and objectives, the programmes and procedures necessary in order to obtain these lofty rewards that are now within our reach. The multitude of problems that beset the present infused and insane world might seem insoluble and hopeless. Mankind seems bent on turning this planet into a hopelessly crowded and intolerably polluted pigsty, and in the process committing wholesale suicide on itself. It is, in fact, at this point in time doing just that. But once we have gotten rid of the Jew and the White Man is in control of his own destiny, we have an altogether different situation, a completely new ball game. There will be no problems the White Man can’t solve and solve them he will, resolutely and in totality. For purposes of clarity, we will divide the problems raised and their solutions into three broad sections.

A] Cleaning Up The Environment
One of the first major problems we will have to tackle will be to clean up this pristine planet from the ever increasing pollution of billions of tons of ordinary garbage and debris, and then the billions of tons of more dangerous substances classified as hazardous wastes, which consist of poisonous chemicals and radioactive wastes. All are a rapidly mounting problem that is not being addressed at present and the problem is compounding itself by geometric proportions as each year goes by. Nor will it be solved as long as the Jew is in control of our world affairs. Year by year these poisonous wastes are increasingly piling up with no place to go. Our land is polluted; our air is polluted; our ground water is polluted; our rivers, lakes and streams are polluted; and even our bountiful oceans, which occupy three-fourths of the surface of this planet and were once deemed as limitless in their capacity, are now also becoming dangerously polluted, especially along our beaches and shorelines, if this process continues much longer, this lovely planet will no longer be fit to live on, in fact, will not be able to sustain human life. Our environment is rapidly becoming a shambles, and as I have stated before, as long as the Jew is in control, it will become increasingly worse.

After we have broken the Jewish control , what can we do to turn back the clock on pollution ? Can we ever again have a safe and clean environment ? Yes, we can. There is much that can be done and must be done. One of the major problems (but by no means the only problem) is overpopulation. No matter how you look at it, there is a limit to the number of people this planet can feed and the amount of waste it can dispose of in a safe and stable manner. This runaway population explosion is wild and insane, completely out of control. It is a disaster of the first magnitude for all of mankind, especially for the White Race. We Creators believe in a bountiful and qualitative life style, every man a king, every family being prosperous and living in abundance. We have no desire to live in a filthy, diseased, poverty-stricken and overcrowded world as now do most of the dark peoples of the world, such as Africa, India, Haiti, Mexico and dozens of others. The answer is to reverse the population explosion and bring the figure back down again to a reasonable and stable level. I am not sure what that figure might be in the future but I would speculate that somewhere around one billion is a sane and comfortable limit. Since that number has to be kept stable and since there is only a fixed amount of land and space available on this planet, we want to make damn sure that this limited space is utilized exclusively by our own kind – Nature’s Finest – people who are productive and intelligent, capable of providing for themselves a life style of which we can be proud.

So the first major step in bringing the environment back into good order is to reduce the population level of this overcrowded planet by about 80 percent, and to make sure that the future one billion that this planet can comfortably support is productive, responsible, and is capable of feeding and supporting itself. But besides cleaning up the racial pollution there is much more we must then do in properly managing the housekeeping affairs of this chaotic, but unique and most extraordinary Planet Earth.

1] We must stop poisoning our farmlands with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals not only poison our soil and our food, but wash down into our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans and poison them as well. Every one of these poisonous chemicals is toxic to plant and animal life. We must drastically change our methods of farming and food production and revert to Organic Farming as I have outlined in Creative Credo No. 13 and 14 of the White Man’s Bible. This will produce three major constructive benefits for us : (a) it will revitalize and save our precious topsoil, (b) it will increase the nutritious qualities of our foods, and (c) it will greatly decrease pollution of our environment.

2] Concomitant with the above approach, we must for our own benefit and well-being also modify our dietary habits. Instead of producing feed and grains for fowl, cattle, hogs and other animals, we must gradually shift towards eating a larger proportion of fruits, vegetables and nuts in their raw state, and gradually eliminate meat products altogether. Not only will this greatly reduce the waste of converting produce into meat, but it will be much more salubrious for our own health and well-being.

3] Along with the Salubrious Living and Organic Farming programme also goes a massive programme of planting more trees, especially fruit trees. Trees are the most beneficial plant in Nature’s domain. They act as the lungs of our atmosphere, they produce nutritious fruits and nuts for our dietary needs and they are an excellent insurance against the now ongoing desertification of our planet. (See Creative Credo No. 15, “On a Worldwide Scale : the Encroaching Desert” in W.M.B.)

4] We must improve the treatment of sewage by improving the systems, and make sure that no raw sewage is being dumped into our lakes, rivers or oceans. We now have the technology to treat sewage so that it is almost harmless to the environment. However, in many cities the plants are overloaded and outdated. There are also a number of breakdowns, As a result, much raw sewage is dumped into our lakes, rivers and especially our oceans. In fact, until recently a number of seashore cities regarded the oceans as unlimited sewage disposal receptacles, and if they only ran their outfall lines a mile or two offshore, what difference would it make ? Well, the oceans are not unlimited garbage cans. The most flagrant violators of polluting the oceans and the beaches on a worldwide basis are those Third World Countries inhabited by the dark races. Being highly irresponsible in the first place, secondly lacking finances (perpetually) they are in an endless dither about keeping their garbage disposal under control. Add to this their burgeoning population explosion, their situation is one of those mounting crises with no solution. How does this affect us ? It affects us significantly, since we have to live on the same planet, share the same oceans and breathe the same air.

5] One constructive action we could employ with much of our ordinary garbage is the process of recycling that which can be salvaged. This includes a major portion of our ordinary garbage, such as aluminum cans, tin cans, glass bottles, newspapers, and a variety of paper products as a whole. Not only would this greatly reduce the size of our garbage dumps, but would save the cutting down of trees (for pulp) and a variety of other dwindling resources.

6] Making any and all throw away products biodegradable. About 40 years ago non-degradable detergents were being manufactured and sold by the millions of tons. Since they did not decompose, they lingered for years in our environment and were becoming evident as foam on the surface of many of our lakes and rivers. When a law was passed making it mandatory for manufacturers to make only biodegradable detergents, the problem soon abated. Today billions of non-degradable plastic containers of all shapes and sizes clutter our roadsides, or lakes, rivers and beaches, and our garbage dumps. This and many other similar problems will also need to be addressed.

B] Upgrading Our Gene Pool
I have put a lot of stress on cleaning up the already existing toxic, radioactive pollution and mountains of other garbage that are now overwhelming and choking this planet. It is a must, and as soon as we regain control of our own destiny we had better get busy, because no matter how we tackle it, the accumulated mess will take years, perhaps generations to clean up. In the meantime, and simultaneously, we must also begin to inaugurate such planned and deliberate programmes as will set us on a course of improving our badly eroded White gene pool. In short, we must begin practicing Eugenics. There is nothing more important in the creed and programme of the Church of Creativity than improving the genetic qualities of our unique and prestigious race. Contrary to what the Jews and the liberal press have led us to believe, there is nothing very complex or ominous about this idea. Basically, it means that families endowed with superior physical, mental and moral characteristics should strive to have larger families. Those who are sickly, mentally inferior, and have inherent genetic defects should have smaller families, or if these defects are serious enough, should have no offspring at all. The White Race has known the basic principles of eugenics for more than a hundred years and has been practicing these principles in the breeding of better horses, cattle, dogs and cats for generations.

Right at this point the Jew will rise up on his hind legs and scream bloody murder. Racist ! Shades of Hitler ! Human beings are not animals ! To which we Creators answer loud and clear : to hell with you. We have been listening to your suicidal advice for too long. Now that we have finally managed to get you off our backs and out of our society, we mean to practice eugenics and upgrade our own kind to where it will be a marvel to behold, and thereby attain that lofty goal of mankind that Nature in her superior wisdom deliberately implanted in the Divine Seed of the White Race, and the White Race alone. The idea of embarking on a constructive programme of upgrading the future generations of our race is one of the most sensible, the most productive, and most obvious courses we could pursue. What is more delightful than to see a beautiful, healthy family of bright and intelligent children ? What is more tragic than to see a defective child, a child who is crippled or mentally retarded, or physically deformed ? Are these contrasts completely a matter of chance, or is there something meaningful we can deliberately do to see to it that the percentage of beautiful, healthy, bright and intelligent children is significantly increased, and that the percentage of physically deformed, idiots and morons is decreased to where it becomes close to zero ? Is it completely a matter of indifference to today’s White parents as to whether future generations of our progeny degenerate into a stupid mass of starving, clawing dark races as exemplified by such countries as Haiti, Burundi, or India, to name just a few ?

From the reactions of some of today’s confused and Jew-programmed White parents it would seem that there are too many parents who are completely indifferent about the abysmal fate into which they are willing to cast their future progeny. Be that as it may, we Creators sure as hell are neither indifferent, nor are we so criminally irresponsible as to ignore this most important matter. What future legacy we leave our children and their future progeny is not a matter of indifference but one of vital concern for the health of their genetic gene pool, and also the viability of a clean and healthy environment on this unique, this one and only Planet Earth. As I have said before, there is nothing very complicated about improving the health and happiness of our future generations. We have known all about eugenics, but have stupidly ignored this vital subject for the last hundred years. For this we can thank the assiduous brain pollution dumped upon us by the Jew whose goal it has been for many centuries to mongrelize the White Race, to destroy the White Race and enslave the brown mongrelized product forever and a day. We can also thank Jewish Christianity, which has lain like a cancer on the White Man’s brain for nearly two thousand years. Jew concocted Christianity also heavily promotes cacogenesis. This it does when it blatantly emphasizes such suicidal advice as blessed are the meek, the halt, the lame, the morons and the idiots on the one hand, and viciously denounces the rich (the capable and the competent) on the other. Well, we Creators have had enough of this Jewish and Christian treachery. If the White Race is to ever save itself and its future progeny from the hell of mongrelization, degeneration and slavery, that time has come. It is now or never.

At the beginning of this chapter I have emphasized two special words as defined by Webster’s dictionary, both of which are derived from the Greek. It is interesting that the Greeks 2500 years ago were already aware of racial improvement or its opposite, racial degeneration. In fact, the Spartans assiduously practiced eugenics and by any standard the Greeks, both in Athens and in Sparta, were far superior to any group of people that have evolved since, in either physical or mental excellence. Unfortunately, eugenics was not part of their religion, and mongrelization crept in as the centuries passed. When I (Ben Klassen) last visited Greece in 1973 I found the present indigenous population had sadly degenerated from their zenith of 2500 years ago to the extent that it could now barely be included among Nature’s Finest. The fact is that the whole White Race has been on a downhill path of genetic degeneration for several centuries, and with the Jews promoting a force-fed programme of mongrelization and race-mixing, this has especially been accelerated in the last 40 years. So we have our choice, either cacogenesis or eugenics. Either improvement of our genetic fabric, or degeneration. We Creators are firmly committed to a positive programme of eugenics. Once we are in control of our own destiny we intend to promote a planned and deliberate program of eugenics, as spelled out in Creative Credo No. 28 of the White Man’s Bible. This basically consists of (a) a Genetic Grading system, as described in the White Man’s Bible, and (b) through religious indoctrination, encouraging those parents endowed with superior genetic qualities to have larger families, and those of inferior endowment to have fewer children or none, and (c) the sterilization of the incurable misfits, idiots and genetically diseased.

Again, we will have the Jews, the bleeding hearts and the liberals screaming to high heaven. What ? Enforce birth control ? Have the government meddle in family planning ? The answer is yes, to both questions. We are not “meddling” when we encourage and take meaningful measures in improving the quality of our future generations. We are taking a much needed positive step towards improving the future welfare of humanity, and eliminating one of the most serious causes of misery. The difference between the welfare of the United States and Haiti, for example, is not a matter of natural resources (200 years ago San Domingo was more prosperous than all the Thirteen Colonies combined) nor is it a matter of their respective forms of government, contrary to what the liberals would have us believe. The difference between their sick, miserable and unhappy state of affairs and ours is due to the difference in the quality of two respective peoples, namely the competent White Race who built that country, and their degenerate mob of mongrels. However, let us not be too complacent. The way the United States is (a) being force-fed race-mixing, and (b) allowing itself to be flooded and overrun by all the scum and dark races of the world, it will only be a matter of time before we too will be as sick, degenerate and miserable as is Haiti today. (See Creative Credo No. 30 of the White Man’s Bible, “The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo – a Forerunner for White America.”)

We now examine the moral question – does society have a right to prevent children from being born to parents – any parents ? Our answer is an overwhelming and resounding Yes ! The right to breed irresponsibly and indiscriminately is not an absolute right by any means. For irresponsible married or unmarried parents to push babies into the world whom they can neither support nor intend to support, as many of the negroes women are now doing, and foist them on the productive taxpayers for future support, that, my friend, is a heinous crime in our book. For the idiots and morons to thoughtlessly breed and let society take the consequences of their moronic reproductions, that, too, is a crime of heinous proportions. To throw such defectives into our gene pool to have disastrous consequences for centuries to come is a hellish crime that we Creators will not tolerate. To infuse the black blood of Africa into our White gene pool, that, too, is a crime of monstrous proportions which we will not tolerate either. The greatest blessing we can bestow upon future mankind is to up-breed our race to where we approach the Superman – healthy, beautiful, intelligent White people, competent in not only responsibly providing for themselves and their families, but each family capable of living a high quality of life such as history has never before enjoyed. Surely, if a government can “legally” conscript young sons in the prime of their life and forcefully put them into a uniform and send them to war to be maimed and killed, then surely it is more reasonable and morally justified to prevent misfits, morons and mongrels from being indiscriminately pushed into this world by delinquent parents, only to have society take the rap and reap the disastrous consequences for their depravity and irresponsible crime.

There is one more compelling reason why society must finally come to grips with the world population explosion and take a positive stand on birth control. Eventually, even after we, the White Race, have colonized all the good lands of this Planet Earth, and the dark races are only a distant mad memory, the time will come when we will reach an optimum population that this planet can comfortably support. We speculate that such level will have been reached at the figure of approximately one billion. It will not take very long for the White population to reach that level, probably not more than two or three generations. Should we then go on indefinitely expanding that number wantonly and recklessly ? The answer is a resounding No ! What would be the point ? It is much better to stabilize it at a comfortable one billion than overcrowd this planet with starving, clawing five billion, or ten billion, as we are in the process of now doing. Even if all the people on this planet were White, such numbers would hopelessly overcrowd, overstrain and overpollute this limited planet, and cause nothing but poverty and misery. So why do it ? Whether we like it or not, positive birth control is the only answer. Since birth control is an absolute necessity, isn’t it also logical that we would have a controlled favouritism for the genetically superior, and discourage the reproduction of the inferior ? It absolutely is, and this idea is firmly and permanently ingrained in our creed and programme.

C] Improving Our Society And Quality Of Life
We now come to the third stage. We assume that we have now replaced the dark races and our programme of eugenics is progressing nicely. Having accomplished that much, we Creators are also keenly interested in upgrading the quality of our society and our lifestyle. We want every family, every man, woman and child to be able to lead a healthy, happy and prosperous life. We want them to have a feeling of belonging in their society, of being a proud member of their race, a feeling of accomplishment and that their life is very much worthwhile. Much of this we will already have accomplished by (a) the genetic upbreeding of each individual, the culling out of the misfits and the genetically diseased, and by (b) bringing the population figure down to a comfortable level where there is plenty of room and living space for all. But we want to further upgrade the health, happiness and well-being of our future generations by improving the societal structure as well. This we can do through Creativity whereby we give our White Racial Comrades a sense of fellowship and camaraderie centered around their church. We want to see each community have a Creativity Center which will consist of not only a church, but which will be a major social center as well, one that will be family-oriented. It will encompass many social and recreational activities. Among them will be sports; cultural activities (theaters, libraries, public meeting halls for lectures, etc.); artists groups, musical activities and festivals, picnic grounds, etc. We also plan to have financial agencies that help finance and advise budding new business enterprises. We hope to have such Creativity Centers for the enjoyment of every small community throughout the White world.

Our schools and colleges will be revised to reflect more interest in racial pride and racial integrity, and be focused more towards training our young people in the practical realities of planning for vocation, business, marriage and family life. Let me add one more feature to the list, and that is a computerized dating and mating system in order to help young people find the best mates for their future family formation. Not that we want to abolish the traditional casual meetings that have culminated in mating and marriage in the past – by no means. But it would be an additional augmentation to help matched family formations. It would be a real boon for our young people to find proper mates of like mind. I just want to add one footnote, namely that we Creators are much more interested in making real progress in our programme of eugenics than we are in advancing our scientific technology. The fact is that with atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, radar, laser beams, rocketry, computers and all the rest of an ever accelerating scientific explosion, we are reaching a point of no return, a point where technology has become our master, where scientific technology has far outstripped our social apparatus to control that dangerous and runaway monster. We are now in the precarious position where a few madmen can blow this world to smithereens and kill all human life with their lethal chemical, atomic and other insane weapons.

Nor am I convinced that the human population for all its astounding advancement in scientific technology is any happier, or better off today than they were a hundred years ago. We, the White Race, can amply feed, clothe and house ourselves and produce all the amenities for an affluent life with the technology we already have at hand. It is time we turn our attention to more important things – our own advancement. Don’t get me wrong. I have no desire to roll back technology to the horse and buggy days, and it cannot be done even if we wanted to. What I am now saying, though, is that we should drastically shift our emphasis. We don’t need anymore complex and sophisticated machinery or gadgets than we already have. What we, the White Race, need to do is concentrate on a programme of racial cleansing and advancement and a restructuring of our society and our social life. It will pay us much greater dividends in health and happiness than our obsession with runaway scientific advancement. The length and expense to which our scientists and technicians have gone in order to produce huge sophisticated rockets, rocket engines, extremely complex electronic guidance systems, electronic computers, electronic communication systems and a thousand other extremely complex, complicated, sophisticated (and tremendously expensive) paraphernalia is just simply mind boggling. What in the hell do we need all this mess of tremendously complicated and outrageously expensive hardware for ? There is nothing out there for us in space. If instead we would only have spent the same hundreds of billions of dollars in getting the negroes out of White countries, and expended the same amount of zeal and ingenuity in improving our societal structure and upgrading our White gene pool, undoubtedly the benefits accruing to us would have been a thousand-fold greater in terms of our own best interests.

(Racial Loyalty Issue No. 44)

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