Australia to Protect Indian Students from Evil Racists – ROTFLMWAO!

We will protect Indian students: Smith

The Advertiser | May 31, 2009,22606,25564486-5005962,00.html

FOREIGN Minister Stephen Smith says Australia is doing all it can to prevent more attacks on Indian students.

They include two stabbings in Melbourne last week that have left one man fighting for his life in hospital.

Indian authorities believe there’s a racial element at work.

Mr Smith told Network Ten the government is working with the Indian community in Australia and India as well as state authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice and to ensure a safe environment for all international students.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has discussed the problem with Indian Prime Mininster Manmohan Singh.

The discussions come as more than a thousand members of Victoria’s Indian population marched along Melbourne’s main street to protest against the rising number of violent attacks against its community.

The protesters chanted and cheered as they marched down Swanston Street in the city centre.
Commuters had their journeys interrupted as trams were delayed while as the group made its way towards Parliament House.

The Federation of Indian Students of Australia says an increasing number of Indian students are being attacked in what it says are hate crimes.

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