Farmer Andre vd Merwe Dragged 1,2km Behind Bakkie

André (Brood) vd Merwe, 49, shot 3 times, was dragged 1,2km behind his bakkie before his murderers crashed it, with the Afrikaner still chained to it. And since he left a thick blood-trail to follow, the farmer may still have been alive while being dragged. The amiable, single man, who also worked at Swarico Auctions and was well known in the community, was also shot in the back of the head, in the chest and in the cheek. The black-racist murder occurred on his farm about 10 km outside town on the Lichtenburg road. And because three of the attackers were arrested, the SAPF confirmed the ‘incident’. Brig. Thulani Ngubane also confirmed that VanderMerwe was dragged 1,2km behind his bakkie – which he said then overturned with the farmer still chained to it. Rather confusingly he explained that a black man they’d found at the scene had refused to give his name, but claimed that the farmer’s body was found in the fields while the bakkie ‘wasn’t there any more’. Due to the diligence of a neighbour’s son and his friends, who followed Van der Merwe’s blood trail at 21:30, police were able to arrest three black men – one even was still inside the crashed bakkie.

Friend and neighbour Koos Weideman said Vd Merwe had recently conquered bladder-cancer with chemotherapy and had also had ‘a series of heart attacks’ three years ago.His son Louis, 22, and a group of young men searched for and found Vd Merwe’s body on Saturday-night after André ‘s girlfriend Ms Petra Pretorius could not get hold of him and contacted Weideman’s son. The neighbour said he was in Margate at the time and his son kept in touch by phone while the young men were following the blood-trail in the pitch-dark. Louis Weideman and his friends tracked the trail through the fields for about 1,2km before finding the body. “My son phoned me at around 21:30 while they were still following it. They saw a lot of blood and then came across the body,’ he said. His son is terribly shocked said Weideman. Local farmer Robert Nel also knew VdMerwe well, saying he also worked at the Swarico Auctions, was well-known in the community and enjoyed making jokes. He had been targetted for attacks before : last year a safe was robbed from his house, which then was recovered. The three detained suspects were expected for a remand date appearance at Ottosdal magistrate’s court soon. This is ‘blatant racism,’ said Freedom Front MP Pieter Groenewald. “The Police minister is too lax to act against farm-attackers and the so called rural safety plan of theirs only exists on paper but not in practice.’

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