Australia First: Our Oldies

Australia First Party is holding a public protest on the open-door ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum seeker’ policies of the major parties and their allies in the Greens.

We are concerned about old Aussies without proper community assistance, homelessness amongst youth and families, open borders and security, treaties we never condoned, cheap labour driving Aussies from many jobs and more – while we observe so-called refugees moving into housing commission homes, jobs, welfare bounties and other public benefits. Since 1995, possibly as much as $100 Billion directly and indirectly, has been spent on these parasites. The massive burdens of ‘processing’, the navy, courts, lawyers, super-generous welfare, psychologists, building detention centres and burnt-down centres, teachers, expensive protests, the waste of parliamentary time, security assessments – it just goes on and on. Angry?

This is our country. We stand up for Australians – only. And most dangerous of all, we see the refugee influx as part of a recolonization of Australia driven from the top end of town. We intend to resist the politicians and the do-gooders of every stripe.

Protest Date/Time: September 17, 1pm

Venue: Rooty Hill School Of Arts, 32 Rooty Hill Road, South Rooty Hill (near train station).

Speakers: Asst. Professor Andrew Fraser, Perry Jewell, Dr. Jim Saleam and others (to be advised shortly).

Enquiries 02 8587 0014 ;

For the ultimate work on a refugee invasion, read the classic novel written in 1973 – long before the invasion of European societies began – The Camp Of The Saints

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