White Benoni Woman Shoots Dead Black Male Gunman

One of two black men who broke into a family home in Crystal Park, was shot dead during a gun-fight on July 29. Clyde Meela reports in LookLocal Benoni that the unnamed white home-owner was awakened by the house alarm and her dogs. She was asleep in the bedroom with her two children. She took her gun and went downstairs to investigate. She looked through her living room window and spotted two black men with guns in her yard. When they saw her one pointed his firearm at her, and she raised her gun and a gun-fight ensued, with shots fired through the windows.  She fired off two shots and saw one man fall down. She alerted the Crystal Park police and Community Monitoring Service (CMS) security guards but after a search in the dark they could find neither of the two gunmen.

Later on the same day, at about 7.30am, the gardener arrived and started with his daily duties. He saw suspicious liquid drops on the grass and decided to follow the trail, which led him to the discovery of the body of the shot suspect on the grass. The paramedics were called to the scene and declared the suspect dead. At that point the police were called back to examine the scene with photographers and detectives and a mortuary vehicle arrived to fetch the dead gunman’s body. It was taken to the Germiston Mortuary.  The other suspect is still on the run, and the cases are being investigated by WO Riana Erasmus.



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