The White Closet Racist

By Brother B.D.
Junius, 35 AC (June, 2008 CE)

The cowardly type who in the company of his friends, who with a wink and a nod passes around a nigger joke during a quiet game of Wednesday night poker. The weakling, who can only muster the courage to draw the racial line at his daughter’s bedroom door.

The very same mother or father who merely shakes his head when little Johnny or little Janie pops in the latest nigger (c)rap CD. Who looks the other way when that young white boy or young white girl hangs out with the ‘good’ little nigger boy or nigger girl, Maybe only a parental murmur of discretion spilling over the inexcusable incident. The very same closet racists, who turn a blind eye to race perversion and treason on the Jew tube. The very same closet racist who is spooked by the presence of a swastika or mentioning the name Adolf Hitler. The closet racist coward who shys away from support or involvement of a racial activist. The fool closet coward who keeps his pennies to his purse so that he can go rent the latest Jew film from Hollywood for his family to watch instead of sending it to the courageous honest white men and women who lay it all on the line standing up loud and proud for the white race.

We despise and curse you closet racists! Cowards, and excuse peddlers, racial hypocrites and white weaklings, stand up for our race! White man fight! What is it going to take to get you off your haunches and in the meeting halls, in the streets, standing, fighting, marching loud and proud for our White ancestry? Living for the survival, advancement and expansion of our White race! I say “White!” you shout “Race!” don’t sit there and quiver in your shoes! I say “Rally!” you say “When?!” you say “Where?!”

The White race needs Heroes! Not coffee drinkers and chatterers. Our White children need security and a White future. Not trivial trinkets, petty lectures and a wet noodle role model. Get out of the closets racists and get in our ranks. Get out of the “ain’t it awful club” and hand out literature. Stop murmuring quietly to your “yes, yes” friends pathetic panty waist politics and shout from the roof tops the demands of a White future for White children!

Stop hiding behind convenient Jewish barricades like “conservative, traditional and similar pee body party titles… White man fight! You’re a racist, embrace it. There is nothing at all wrong with loving your own people, and excluding the interference of others for the betterment and advancement of your own kind. Get out in the open, show your true colors, and wear your sentiment on your sleeve. How can we unify if we are all hiding underneath rocks, hoping no one notices that we seemed to notice that the non white races are mud peoples and are not like us! We realize that the non whites are a noose around our neck and a weight around our feet, a threat in our midst, a dispossessor of our people. That the Jews look out for the Jews the Blacks for the Blacks, the Asian for the Asian, but no one looks out for us!

All men are not created equal! The White race can not co-exist with the non white races peacefully and harmoniously. The White race is moving rapidly towards extinction and the whole direction is enforced by Jews in the media, Jews in politics, Jews in banks, offices of law. And the whole effort is propounded by willing ignorant and brainwashed whites, traitors, horrible men and women who deserve death. Our destruction is taking place day by day. Year by year our race is shrinking in numbers all around the world. Silence your outrage no more! There is no room for complacency, no room for cowardice, no room for hesitation. White man, think! Our race is 10 times more powerful than all the non white races in the world combined. Awakened and aware, our race can easily topple the hideous Jews who want nothing more than to destroy our great and honorable people. The foul Jew and all his legions of degenerate, animalistic mud peoples. Nothing can stand in the way of our might!

White man get off your knees and fight!

Brother B.D.
Church of Creativity Pennsylvania, U.S.A.