Jewish Goals – Upgrading The Dark Races

A] Welfare Programmes

These programmes are designed with the full support and encouragement of government agencies so that the blacks can loaf and ride on the back of the working White People. Today`s welfare programmes are becoming a tax-payer`s nightmare and a free-loader`s paradise. The parasites and freeloaders are further encouraged by a treacherous government to increase and multiply by making it easier, and in some case, more profitable to breed and not to work. Black females aged between 14 and 15, start having children without the benefit of marriage. Reaching the age of 35 they have produced anywhere from 6 to 15 little blacks, all being subsidized by working White taxpayers !

Jewish Goals – Upgrading The Dark Races

Every additional baby is seen as an increased bonus in the welfare check by these mothers, so all restraints are thrown overboard. Tragically, the working White couples have few or no children at all, because their taxes are approaching out-right confiscation. So successful is the “guilt complex” propaganda, that White families worldwide are now adopting black babies. Jewish propaganda is telling them that it is their Christian duty to give these surplus babies a home, and the arrogance doesn`t end there ! Already in the early seventies a Jewess, Mrs. Cohen, told Americans that if this wasn`t pursued with vigour and enthusiasm, there would be laws passed that would force them to adopt blacks  !

B] Increase The Tax Load On White Productive Citizenry

By means of confiscatory taxation, the Jews are looting the White Man of even that little which he has left after years of hard work and scrimping and saving, because of their insatiable avarice and greed. The Internal Revenue Service, in the hands of “our” government, are robbing the White Man through so-called legal taxation, of exorbitant sums of hard earned money to the tune of several hundred billions a year. While the White taxpayer is fighting for survival, dark races from all over the world are deliberately “imported” into White civilizations by the strong arm of the Zionist Occupied Governments, at the expense of, and to the detriment of the White Race. Tragically, these taxes come from the White Man, who still have the decency and the ambition to work and produce, while the parasites on welfare are exempt from taxation !

C] Upgrading The Dark Races

“Affirmative action” is another tricky catchword the Jews have invented. This word simply means favouring black and other dark races over Whites, regardless of qualifications. Why not try affirmative action in Israel ? The only reason why some Whites are still being hired at all is because somebody has to get the work done. No matter how many blacks they hire, the work still would not get done. Every activity, every law, every decision by our so-called colour-blind Jewish Occupied Government is loaded against the White Race and favours the dark races. In the useless, frantic and insane drive to attempt to upgrade the blacks to the White Man`s level, we have degraded ourselves and are pulling ourselves down towards their level. This is exactly what the Jewish conspiracy aims to achieve. Of the multitude of differences between the black and the White Race, one outstanding difference is in the type of family life that exists. While the average White practises a healthy family life, a degenerate, non-existent family life exists in the black community.

The blacks are heavily favoured over Whites in the private sector, especially in sports and entertainment. This should not surprise the student, since the control of movies, radio, television, sports, the record industry, the theatre and other aspects of the entertainment industry are almost totally dominated by Jews. Promoting the blacks, the mongrelization of the Whites are assured, delivering the White civilizations into the hands of the Jews. As a result of this insane programme, thanks to the Jew-tube, a dumb black without talent can become an instant celebrity. These blacks are not hailed as stars, but super-stars, by the Jews. By turning on the Jewish publicity machines they instantly create a black super-star ! As a result we have a passel of Jewish clowns and a number of untalented blacks, male and female, filling our entertainment media.

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This oppressive discrimination is applied against White applicants to universities, law schools and medical schools in general. The brilliant White student with high grades is rejected, while a black that can hardly read and write is admitted. In starting up a new business the Jewish Occupied Government will generously lend money to any dark race, although they know the risk is similar to throwing the money down a rat-hole. If you are White however, it is next to impossible to get any such loan. Jewish carpet-baggers today is pursuing a course of staffing the law enforcement agencies, police departments and the armed forces with more and more blacks. In this way, when race rioting finally break loose, all the arms of physical force will be in the hands of our mortal enemies, the blacks, directed by their Jewish masters. They are fortifying those arms of force that are critical in case of civil insurrection with blacks. When the day of reckoning comes, the Jews want to make sure that the White Man will be in no position to wrest control by force, but hopefully will be shot down like dogs by the blacks.

Who deviously robbed us of our constitutional right  to keep and bear arms ? Is this not another communistic “sign of the times” ? Who is it that protect the blacks when they rob, loot, pillage, rape and burn down our cities ? Again it is “our” Jewish Occupied Government. The time is rapidly approaching when the White man, woman and child is going to be at the mercy of fiendish criminals and the Jewish law enforcement agencies are not going to lift a finger to defend them. At this time we are going to be faced with a breakdown of law and order, facing a dangerous situation where the White Man is going to be dealt with harshly when he tries to defend himself from the beastly savagery of the blacks. The fact that our weapons are now also in the hands of our enemy, is a shameful reflection on the lack of loyalty and purpose on the part of the White Race. What is even more tragic is that it is the White Race that conceived and produced these weapons. Just as the Jews use their money and propaganda machines to appoint and select black policemen, black judges, and staff the army, navy and air force with blacks, so also do they help to elect black mayors, congressmen, senators and other elected officials. Each time a black mayor is elected, city after city, the Jewish press crows in jubilation and loudly applauds the “historic” event. The Jews are applauding the breakdown and dissolution of the White Race.