The John Birch Society Award

These days, most who know about the John Birch Society know that it was a false front to keep those against Marxism safely corralled from effectual anti-Communist activities. Another of their methods to keep the true activists corralled was to use the same old trigger words, “racist” and “anti-Semite,” against anyone who made the rather obvious connection between Jewish and African-American financial and grass-roots activism, and the various Communist groups active within the United States in the 1960’s. As a consequence, it is now more convenient for the new right-wing patriots and Neo-Cons to take their orders from the very same people who financed, led and petitioned for law changes supporting the enemies of their grandfathers.

The Creativity Alliance being well aware of this part of history, how it effects us today, and with tongue firmly placed in cheek, we would like to present a mock award to current false front groups who continue the work of the John Birch Society. We call it “The John Birch Society Award.”

Do not get us wrong, the John Birch Society Award is meant to be an insult to the group nominated to receive it. If you or your group are nominated to receive the John Birch Society Award and feel insulted in any way, then do tell us so that we may have a good laugh at your expense.

My nominee for the Downunder John Birch Society Award is the Australian League of Rights (ALOR). ALOR have been around since the days of the John Birch Society and they still (although barely) exist today. They have been around so long that they have left a dirty imprint on White Australian patriotism. All rivals are denounced as government agents or at least as neo-Nazis. That has been their rule from day one and it is their rule to this day. Hence, all Australian “White Nationalist” political groups work by the same rule.

These days they are more or less a cross between an old age pensioner’s club with failed political aspirations, and a book club. They take their lead from the MSM and parrot JOG policy about (for example) Creativity and Creators at a moment’s notice. However, their influence is so pervasive that despite being in their dotage, they are still considered the foremost Christian “White Nationalist” group in Australia today.

Why? Because they sell books. And the suckers who are impressed by the books ALOR sell, mostly credit the salesman with the message intended by the author.

ALOR on Protecting Jewish Supremacists:



The thesis of Jewish intellectual supremacy does not withstand critical examination. This is not to say that apart from the contributions of the Jewish Left the mainstream Jewish community has had little positive impact as real anti-Semitists and race haters propose. On the contrary, many hard-working Jews with no interest in criticizing or undermining Gentile culture have made important contributions to science and polity.

ALOR on Creativity:


by James Reed
It must have been a slow news/day in Adelaide on 31 January, 2006. The Advertiser, the Murdoch press paper that solely “serves” that city had as its headline “Race Hate Base”. The story is about a group of “White supremacist “crusaders” who have “gained a foothold in Adelaide”. Now don’t expect goose-steps down Rundle Mall by blonde Aryan storm-troopers. The “crusaders” of the Creativity religion (The White Crusaders of the RaHowa (racial holy war) have a website and a post office box. Page 6 of The Advertiser even has a photograph of the Oaklands Park PO Boxes!

The Advertiser as a piece of investigative journalism found the site then alerted the Justice Minister Chris Allison, who in turn asked the Australian Federal police to investigate whether Australia’s race/thought crime laws had been breached. All this for – what?
A small group of individuals pushing a nutty creed who would have never been heard of by most people without the exposure given by The Advertiser. The exercise is one of “racists under the bed” where the establishment sabre rattles to keep the little white mice in a state of control: don’t even think about it.Thus the page 6 photos of a smiling blonde child and the slogan “Our race is royal” (a claim which all races believe to be true of themselves) are equated with other quotations from the site which are genuinely offensive and objectionable.

Once again, extremists are used to tar all who care about their race, with the same brush. When will the establishment media lament about the sale of black American rap music containing racist lyrics about killing whites and raping white women?

It has been associated with the now-defunct New Zealand League of Rights, the Canadian League of Rights and through the British League of Rights also the John Birch Society in the United States.


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