Race Hate Case Dropped

The Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) | April 18, 2001

POLICE have dropped a case against members of a race hate group accused of plastering racist stickers on the walls of an Aboriginal building in Rockhampton.

Police said yesterday they were powerless to act against two men from the Ku Klux Klan-aligned group which allegedly hit the Aboriginal offices in February.

Rockhampton Detective Darren Lees said the investigation into the World Church of the Creator [now the Church of Creativity] members ended after police sought legal advice, which found no criminal offence could be substantiated.

Palmtree Wataru Aboriginal chairman Colin Toby said he was considering taking legal action against the men once new Queensland laws on racial vilification were passed next month. [Editor’s Note – “were passed”, they are assuming a lot are they not ??]

The corporation building was plastered with stickers bearing messages such as “White Race Awake – White People Unite” and staff members recieved anonymous calls from people calling them “black scum”.

Under the new laws, individuals will facce maximum $5350 fines or six months’ jail, while corporations face fines of up to $26,000, if caught inciting racial hatred through public statements.

A KKK member is set to appear in Casino Local Court on the NSW North Coast on May 9 on charges of offensive conduct and possesion of an offensive implement.

The 51-year-old man was charged after allegedly dressing in a KKK costume at night, carrying a baton and telling Aborigines he would “take care of the niggers”.

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