Our Greatest Need

Our Greatest Need

For the want of a nail a horseshoe was lost
For want of a shoe, a horse was lost
For want of a horse, the rider was lost
For want of a rider, the battle was lost
Because the battle was lost the Kingdom perished
All for the want of a nail!

When we read the establishment (Jewish) press these days, we are continuously overwhelmed with needs! needs! needs! We need more of everything. We need more and better schools, teachers, roads, bridges, more welfare, more and better police, more money everywhere, and more aid to farmers, more aid to the elderly, more prisons, more! more! more of everything. The list goes on endlessly and seemingly the bottom line always is we need more money to carry out anything and everything. These are the same paper money the Jewish Reserve bank prints by the carload for next to nothing through its government stooges, and with which it is stealing the world.

What we want to explore in this analysis is the needs of the White Race for its own survival, expansion and advancement, and in particular, our own movement, Creativity. We, too, need a few billion to fund our movement and if we had the 30 or 40 billion dollars funding a year that (Jewish) Christianity has, our movement would spread like a prairie wildfire on a hot, dry summer day.

The fact is we don’t have it, and funding for the survival of the White Race is usually at the bottom of the list with most of its members, strange to say. What we want to find out is – why? – and try to get our priorities in order and correct the situation. Is it a lack of money that is our greatest problem? No, it is not. Although the Jews monopolize and control the money of the world, the White Race has any number of millionaires, some of which, could easily finance this movement single-handedly. There are millions of others that, even though not millionaires, could adequately support this movement collectively to the tune of millions a year, as witness all the monies these same White people pour down the rat hole annually supporting electronic mind-scramblers and a host of other electronic spook ped ...

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