Hardline immigration mandatory detention laws ditched

The Advertsiser | July 29, 2008


MANDATORY detention for asylum-seekers has been eased under changes to immigration policy announced by the Federal Government today.

“A person who poses no danger to the community will be able to remain in the community while their visa status is resolved,” Immigration Minster Chris Evans said.

Mandatory detention would apply only to those arriving by boat for health, identity and security checks, or those considered a risk to national security or health.

Legal assistance would be offered to those arriving by boat and they could have an independent review of unfavourable decisions.

Children would also not be detained in immigration detention centres.

“The department will have to justify why a person should be detained,” Senator Evans said.

“Once in detention a detainee’s case will be reviewed every three months to ensure that the further detention of the individual is justified.

Senator Evans said the Government would still retain its right to deport refugees.

“People who have no right to be here and those who are found not to be owed protection under Australia’s international obligations will be removed.”

What the government has failed to state is that while the illegal aliens are dealing with their legal status in Australian courts, they are allowed to gain fulltime employment and unemployment benefits.

Also, if they do attain fulltime employment and settle into Australian society – albeit within their own racial group – they are almost guaranteed to be granted permanent residency.

That is of course if they don’t just do a runner and simply vanish from government dependency long enough for the Federal Government to enact a new law granting permanent residency to all illegal aliens, as is currently being debated in the US at the moment.

On the other hand, I’d like to see some skilled White people make use of the same rules and actually make a contribution to society. White South Africans are often refused permanent residency in Australia, so they first migrate to the UK and then to Australia. I can’t be sure, but I think the reason for that is because the Australian Consulate in Johanesburg is staffed by the usual anti-White, pro-black internationalists who would rather leave Whites to be raped, murdered and generally discriminated against based on their race, while they import AIDS ridden, uneducated, unskilled, black criminals.

Hardline immigration mandatory detention laws ditched

More on White genocide in South Africa http://monkeytricksinsa.blogspot.com

Or maybe a partially disabled US war veteran should try it? If the veteran receives a military pension, then they have a small but permanent income for life. If they are disabled but capable of working – say, 40% disability – and are just unable to gain employment, and providing they have a college degree, they do not qualify for unemployment benefits in the USA. No unemployment benefits plus a high cost of living means their meagre $500 a month isn’t even enough to pay rent on a cardboard box, let alone buy food. Yet, if they come to Australia on a tourist visa, overstay their visa and fight deportation in court by claiming refugee status due to financial reasons, they would instantly get unemployment benefits, medicare (free medical), reduced rent, qualify for government housing, and have the right to gain fulltime employment. I wouldn’t recommend anyone moving to Australia for a better life, but for White South Africans and partially disabled US war veterans, it has to be better than their current situation.

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