More on the Terre`Blanche` Murder

More on the Terre`Blanche` Murder

A few things that have been revealed about Terre`Blanches` murder are the following:

Two blood stains were found on his bed – one where his head was and the other lower down where his stomach was. The Negroes “neutralized” the dogs and came in through a window. His brother revealed that Eugene’s face was so badly hacked that he was unrecognizable – a bloodied tooth has also been recovered from the scene which indicates how badly he was beaten. His pants was pulled down to expose his private parts – an act of humiliating the “enemy”, commonly used by the blacks. The panga was placed upon his chest – another symbolic representation.

The PAC “troops” that are in Northern Natal went there a few days before the murder, which would indicate that this was a planned murder – they were sent there to be ready to respond in case Boer violence broke out. The PAC [Pan Africanist Congress] is a black “liberation” organization believing that Africa belongs to the blacks, and that every White should be driven out. The “military wing” is APLA and have been involved in numerous shooting incidents in the Apartheid-era. They threatened to kill Mudlema [ANC Youth leader] a few days ago. They have also accused the ANC of taking all the glory for the 1976 Sharpeville-uprising were 69 blacks were killed because they stormed a police station.

From the above it becomes clear that a power struggle has ensued between the ruling ANC and the PAC – the SACP (South African Communist Party) are pulling the strings – destroying both so it can fully take control. I am convinced that the Terre`Blanche murder was an SACP job to plunge the country into chaos. I am convinced that another leader will fall in the near future … most likely a black (… but a White cannot be ruled out). In case of a black, the culprit could be some lone nut right-winger, which I strongly doubt, or another SACP killing job like the Terre`Blanche murder. But this time violence will erupt because it will be framed on the far right. The SACP wants this country in chaos, out of which they believe they can conquer once and for all. We are in a catch 22 … we await Rahowa … its only a matter of time …

I have also been informed that the “police” are going to raid homes of prominent right-wingers searching for guns and explosives. It would not surprise me if illegal items get planted at th ...

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