KRudd Continues Keating’s Asianisation of Australia

Rudd’s plan for Asian Australia

Samantha Maiden, Online political editor: The Australian | August 12, 2008,25197,24169710-601,00.html

KEVIN RUDD has unveiled his vision for Australia to become the most “Asia-literate country” in the West.

In a speech in Singapore today, the Prime Minister pledged to boost the investment in the study of Asian languages and culture in schools and universities.

“Australia’s future will also depend on our ability to engage constructively and effectively with the countries of the Asia Pacific,” he said.

“That is why I am committed to making Australia the most Asia-literate country in the collective West.

“By investing in Asian languages and cultural education in Australia’s schools, my vision is for the next generation of Australians – businessmen and women, economists, accountants, lawyers, architects, artists, film-makers and performers – to develop language skills which open their region to them.”

Mr Rudd also said the challenge of China would shape the region’s future.

“The rise of China in particular represents the great unfolding drama of this new century,” he said.

“Will China democratise? How will China respond to climate change?

“And how will Chinese culture adjust to the array of global influences now washing across its shores directly and through the agency of the greater Chinese diaspora?”

Mr Rudd said how China responded to these forces “would radically shape the future course of our country”.

At this rate, within twenty years every major city will be like Sydney, where you can already play the game “Spot the Aussie.” Whites will be treated like second class citizens by shop owners and refused service. The police will choose political correctiveness over policing crimes of violence. And Whites that speak out will be targeted by the state and federal government for special attention.

Wait a moment. Did I say twenty years? That already happens today. The difference in twenty years will be that events such as those the media dubbed “the revenge attacks” by mostly Lebanese after Cronulla will become daily occurances for not only White Australians, but everybody within range that is not of the same racial makeup as the current group of non-White rioters. Life will be hell for all, but for Whites it will be worse because of the fact that non-Whites tend to forget their differences when they get White people in their sites and cooperate in their targeting of Whitey.

The age of footy, Tv and beer is almost over for Australia. Wake up and smell the Kahweh!