“Kill The Best First”

“Kill The Best First”

In evaluating the horrible slaughter of White people that history has labeled as World War II, we must carefully keep in mind that this murderous and insane tragedy was basically a Jewish war, instigated by world Jewry, planned by them long in advance, orchestrated by the Kehilla from beginning to the end, and there was only one winner – the Jews. It was not just a war against Germany, but another major step in euchring the White Race to turn on itself and destroy its precious and unique Gene Pool. Indeed, it was for the sole benefit and bloodlust of the pernicious parasite that has fastened itself onto all the important nerve centers of power throughout the world. We must also keep in mind that World War II, seemingly targeted on the Germans, was a cunning, but another major step in the Jews’ centuries old program of destroying the best first. It was neither the first such step, nor by any means their last, in their long historic program of warfare and genocide against the White Race. Germany, lying in the heart of Europe, and being revived and unified under the brilliant leadership of Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s, was a major prize, whatever its destiny. It was the most energetic, most advanced and most progressive nation in the world at that time, leading in science, culture and genetic advancement, and under the dynamic leadership of Hitler, could have, and would have, rid the world of its most pervasive and sinister parasite – International Jewry. With it also would have been forever eradicated the Jews’ long standing parasitic debt-based monetary system which now holds the whole world in its clutches.

Germany indeed was a major prize for the White Race, and a prize that had to be smashed if world Jewry was to survive and continue to carry on its long-established plan of undermining the White gene pool, step by step, until ultimately the Jews were in a position of destroying the White Race altogether in one final thunderclap. Let us make no mistake about it – the Jews have worked on their master plan a long time and the destruction of Germany was by no means the first outburst of diabolical hate and destruction against the White Race. If we look down the long corridors of history we find that the Jews were already highly active and organized 3500 years ago in mongrelizing and destroying White Egypt. It was, in fact, Egypt which was the incubation ground of the Jewish racial religion and its ongoing conspiracy. The Jews were instrumental in pulling down the beautiful and creative civilization of Ancient Greece, the finest specimen of humanity in all history. The Jews deliberately set about destroying their unique and irreplaceable gene pool by mongrelization and the Jews brazenly brag about it in their Protocols. The Jews were the degenerative solvent that disintegrated the virile and robust Roman race and its powerful empire. The Jews held a special hatred for the Romans for being everything the Jews were not, a pathological hatred that was matched only by the Jews’ hatred for the Germans in more modern history. They destroyed the great and admirable Roman gene pool with two major devices – by their lucrative slave trade and by infecting the minds of the Romans with the virulent bacillus of Jewish Christianity. Rome, too, came down in ruins, and all of Europe (the White Race) fell into 1300 years of the Dark Ages.

There is one other major maneuver in more recent times in which the outburst of Jewish destruction and hatred for the White Race manifested itself that I want to mention before we get back to Germany. That painful and tragic outrage of wanton destruction, White Men killing White Men, occurred right in the heart of America. History has dubbed it as America’s Civil War. It was, in fact, a brutal, insane mass slaughter of Nature’s Finest, inflamed, instigated and directed by Nature’s most virulent parasite – the despicable and repugnant Jew. In this senseless and horrible war White people killed other White people in a mass orgy on a scale that was unparalleled since the Thirty Years War of 1618-48 in the heart of Europe. Many of the brutal and vicious tactics used on Germany during and after the war were already inflicted on the White people of the South nearly a century earlier in America. The wanton destruction of Sherman’s march through the South, burning Atlanta to the ground, cutting a 60 mile swath eastward to the Atlantic and destroying farms, homes, plantations and cities, and every other basic resource in their path, then turning northward and on into South Carolina, this, too, was an explicit example of Jewish hatred and vengeance against the White Race. In fact, many of the vicious tactics and programmes employed against the Germans during and after the war had already been tried and tested against the White Southerners during and after the Civil War. It was indeed a typical demonstration of a long standing Jewish goal – the murder, mutilation and mongrelization of the best of the White Race, whenever they could seize the opportunity.

In the second part of this article I want to focus on the multitude of measures the victorious “Allies” (read White stooges manipulated by Jews) took to ensure the slow strangulation of the German people after the war was over. But before I do so, I want to review the ghastly and wanton destruction of the German cities other than Dresden, and particularly, the massive and unrelenting terror inflicted upon the great German seaport and city of Hamburg. At this juncture it is necessary to clarify the civilian bombing of cities during this horrendous war. On May 10, 1940, as soon as Churchill (the drunken Jewish stooge) was ushered in as Prime Minister, he announced that the bombing of Germany’s civilian population would commence. At this time Hitler stood at the threshold of victory over the French and British armies, a brilliant victory that six weeks later culminated in the occupation of France and the debacle of the British forces at Dunkirk. Hitler had no designs of vengeance on the British, nor the British Empire and her colonies. In fact, he repeatedly expressed his admiration for both as a measure of respect for the constructive achievements in the realm of colonization and civilization for which the best of the White Race can point with pride. He extended the hand of friendship to Britain and offered a peaceful settlement. But the Jews behind that drunken lout of a Churchill wanted killing – more White people killing White people, and the British R.A.F. commenced the random and wanton bombing of German cities to inflict a maximum of death and destruction among the civilian population. This sadistic and unnecessary pursuit was promulgated and carried out for no other reason than sheer bloodlust – the Jews wanted the White people to kill and destroy as many of Nature’s Finest as they possibly could, for as long as they could, until Europe lay in ruins and utter exhaustion. This decision on the part of Churchill was to cost Britain dearly. The smoldering, blackened ruins of London, Liverpool, Coventry and many other British cities bore silent testimony to this stupid mistake. Let history record, however, that Hitler did not want any extension of this insane slaughter, and he resisted retaliation on British cities for three months after Churchill launched his bombing raids on German cities.

Be that as it may, with the massive production facilities of the American factories and the military might of the United States joining into the fray of White people killing each other, it was Germany who paid the most horrible price in people killed and cities smashed into rubble. As the war escalated, the hate the Jews managed to inflame increased accordingly, and when the war ended in 1945, for every Briton killed by German bombs, nine Germans were killed by “Allied” bombs – a scenario that the Jews had long planned and their goyim stooges carried out with bloodthirsty efficiency. It is not my purpose here to review the multitude of needless slaughters and massacres of that insane war on behalf of International Jewry. I do, however want to describe, if possible, the horrors of this terrible Jewish Purim as inflicted on the second largest city in Germany, a fate shared not only by Dresden, but practically every city in Germany. Hamburg was a beautiful Hanseatic city of two million souls. The city straddled the romantic Alster River immortalized by the “Moonlight on the Alster” waltz. Its long, 1000-year history was reduced to a rubble of cinder and ashes as the Jews manipulated the “Allied” forces to implement their long planned “Operation Gomorrah.” Does this sound familiar ? It should. The Jews lifted it directly out of their fiendish Old Testament. This magnificent old German city, one of the major seaports of Europe, was targeted to die a fiery rain of death and destruction from the skies. In ten terrible days, from July 24 to August 3, 1943, concentrated and persistent “Allied” bombing reduced to rubble more than 6000 acres of this great city. This consists of an area almost equivalent to ten square miles of densely populated housing. During those ten horrendous days an estimated 100,000 people were murdered to satisfy the Jewish bloodlust. Many more were crippled, maimed and disfigured. The method devised by these fiendish murderers was relatively simple and extremely effective. The first wave of bombers would release thousands of high-explosive bombs on the city. This would keep the population, especially the fire-fighting service, in their shelters. The next wave of bombers coming in rained down a multitude of magnesium bombs setting fire to the city, a large part of which consisted of medieval, half-timbered Elizabethan style houses that had formerly attracted tourists from all over the world. These type of buildings, the destroyers had correctly calculated, would burn readily and offer the most potential victims per square mile.

During those ten days, it has been conservatively estimated that Hamburg was struck by 1200 landmines, 30,000 high explosive bombs, and 3,000,000 stick incendiary bombs. The phosphorous bomb, perhaps the most macabre weapon designed in this category, was dropped especially on the civilian areas of the city. Of these, 80 thousand 100 pound phosphorous bombs were dropped, plus 500 phosphorous canisters and 500 phosphorous incendiaries. The ensuing firestorm that enveloped the city is impossible to describe as are the scenes of horror in which tens of thousands of people were burned to death. Still the bombers kept coming. The shrieking wind kept feeding the engulfing inferno, a firestorm wind so powerful that huge balks of timber, debris of all kinds, walls of destroyed buildings, trucks and cars, all were hurled by screaming winds along the flaming streets. Burning men, women and children were caught up as helplessly as leaves in a swirling inferno. Underground in the shelters, groups of people, especially families, clung together in semi-darkness. Families embraced. Mothers held their children tightly, trying to murmur comforting words. Thus they died, trapped in the increasing heat of the deadly shelters. None of the flames that raged high above them in the streets ever touched them, but the heat inside continued to rise until it melted glass, kitchen utensils, and even the brick walls glowed red inside these ovens of intense heat. Mixed in with this molten glass and metal were mounds of molten half-human remains. It will be a long time before these shelters will be opened again, and when they are, men will look upon sights that mankind has never before witnessed, and hopefully will never again. Martin Caldin, one of the world’s leading authorities on military science subjects, described the bombing of Hamburg as “Standing out as the worst of the disasters visited upon civilization during the insanity of the Second World War.” High on our list of priorities, along with Dresden, that must be avenged, is the brutal murder of the great city of Hamburg. Rahowa ! By April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler was dead and a week later Germany surrendered. The war in Europe was over, but the war against the German people continued with unabated fury and hatred. Now that the German people were leaderless and defeated, their cities smashed to rubble, the cream of their manhood dead on the battlefields stretching from Africa to the far-flung steppes of Russia, the Jews were in an unfettered position to wreak further death and destruction on what was left of a destitute German nation. In what follows we must remember that whereas originally all of the invective and hatred had seemingly been focused on Hitler, the real aim of the Jews was the destruction, pollution and diminution of the German gene pool, to reduce it to the rubble they had wreaked on the German cities and the total German landscape.

With their goyim stooges completely in their tow and ready to front for them, the Jews now had a free hand in slicing up the German nation and heaping torture, humiliation and misery on the defeated German people. They made the most of it and had a field day. They imposed upon the Germans what even Time Magazine (Jew controlled) called “history’s most terrifying peace” ever inflicted on a defeated nation. Actually, even today, whereas we signed a peace treaty with Japan a long time ago, still no peace treaty as such has been signed with the German people. What is left of Germany today is occupied territory. Whereas American troops were there supposedly as a NATO force to act as a deterrent against Russian Invasion, the real reason for their presence there was to protect the Jews, who now again are in control of Germany, from the German people. The fact is the Jewish war against the German people has never ceased and is being waged with a full fury to this very day. Treaty or no treaty, let us review the Draconian ‘peace” imposed on the German people following their defeat in 1945. The ability of any nation to sustain the life of its people is supported by these main pillars : (a) land, which includes all its natural resources, (b) labour, which encompasses both brawn and brains, and (c) capital, which means not only finances and credits but also plants and equipment. We shall see how the Jews set about in a diabolically planned strategy to destroy all three of these underpinnings to make certain the German people would be left a crippled shadow of their former self. The Jews did to the German people what they had done to the defeated Confederate South years earlier. They were masters of destruction and had learned their lessons well. Germany was another major step in their fiendish program of destroying the White gene pool, of “destroying the best first.” They had done it to the leadership of the French people (the best) during the French Revolution years earlier. They had done it to the White people of the American South earlier. And now, in 1945, they were setting the stage for doing their diabolical number on the German people for the second time. Although they had inflicted tremendous damage on the German people during and after World War I, nevertheless when Hitler came to power their programme backfired on them. This time they wanted to make sure the dynamic German gene pool was crippled and mongrelized forever. Their plans called for several basic strategies.

Extermination By Overcrowding
Whereas at Yalta the Big Three Jewish Stooges, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, had piously announced to the world that they reaffirmed their “faith in the principles of the Atlantic Charter” they were lying through their filthy teeth. The Atlantic Charter had hypocritically promised “No aggrandizement of territory;” “no territorial changes that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the peoples concerned;” “the right of the people to choose the form of government under which they live.” It was all nothing more than sucker bait. When Roosevelt and Churchill mouthed the Jewish script at their first meeting, they lied flagrantly and deliberately, as they did again with their Communist cohort, Joseph Stalin, at Yalta. When it came to divvying up the spoils of war, a gruesome harvest was unveiled to the German people. The meeting at Potsdam decided their fate. The German Reich was soon severely amputated. What was left of its former virile body was now a mere basket case. Germany had historically suffered from overcrowding – too many people for too little “Lebensraum” – living space. After World War I their homeland was reduced from 208,830 square miles (the State of Texas has 267,339 square miles) to 181,699 square miles. After WW II this was further slashed to 133,000 square miles (half the size of Texas). This included what is now Communist East Germany. West Germany itself is further reduced to a mere 95,976 square miles. Into this small space are crowded some 61 million people. The Potsdam conference gave tacit permission for driving Germans off of land that had formerly been their homelands for hundreds of years. It said specifically “the transfer to Germany of German populations, or elements thereof, remaining in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, will have to be undertaken.” The countries such as Poland, etc., needed no encouragement in driving the Germans out and possessing their farms and homes. In fact, some 15 million Germans were driven out under the most brutal conditions – half a million from Hungary, nearly three million from Czechoslovakia, and the rest from Poland and Russia. Of these, over 3,000,000 Germans perished of hunger, brutality and other atrocities. About 4,000,000 were deported to Eastern Europe and Russia as slaves. Hungry, desolate, with only the clothes on their backs, those who escaped death or slavery crowded into an already desperate and overcrowded Germany. All this was no accident. While mouthing pious shibboleths at Yalta, the Big Three with Jewish manipulation had planned just such a scenario for “killing the best.”

Destroying The Pillar of Labour
There were three main fronts on which the Jews proceeded in pulling down what was left of German manpower after the devastating ravages of the war itself. Basically, these were (a) enslavement, (b) denazification, and (c) physical incapacitation through undernourishment (starvation). Although at Potsdam it was again piously reiterated that “It is not the intention of the Allies to enslave the German people,” nevertheless when Breslau and Berlin surrendered (in Russian occupation territory) long columns of German prisoners marched eastward towards huge depots near Leningrad, Moscow, Minsk, Stalingrad, Kiev, Kharkov and Sevastopol. All fit men marched 22 miles a day. Those partially handicapped went in handcarts, or carts pulled by spare beasts. Most of these handicapped prisoners died on the way. Those that made it joined the slave labour camps of the Russians, a vast army of some 10 to 20 millions, mainly political prisoners, or designated as “political unreliables.” Few of these Germans have ever returned to German soil again. But Russia was not the only one utilizing German prisoners for slave labour. According to the Red Cross, France had 680,000 former German soldiers slaving for her in August, 1946. Of these 475,000 had been captured by the United States and turned over to France. These performed slave labour under the most abominable conditions. In a camp in the Sarthe district for 20,000 prisoners, inmates received only 900 calories a day – plainly a starvation level. Twelve died in the hospital every day. Similar conditions existed in camps in the Charentes district, in the Orleans camp, and elsewhere. Great Britain, who claims to be the motherlode of democracy, had, according to the Red Cross, some 460,000 German prisoners slaving for her, and as in the case of France, were bringing in a handsome profit for the War Office. The British government netted over $250,000,000 annually from its slaves, and the government frankly called itself the “owner” of these enslaved prisoners. Is slavery dead ? By no means. So much for the cradle of democracy.

Meanwhile the German homeland itself was in shambles, the cities were piles of rubble, the former factories, machinery, electric power plants smashed and the farms neglected and run down. Whereas her manpower, as we have seen from the foregoing, was severely depleted, the Germans are a very resilient and competent people. There was a massive rebuilding job of their country that had to be done and the Germans were desperately trying to get started – clean up the rubble, get some housing, get the farms back into producing food. It was a matter of life and death – a grim matter of survival. But the Occupation Forces, controlled by Jew power, threw a monkey wrench into that vital and urgent programme also. They had to de-nazify the German population first – a purely political and ideological maneuver to satisfy the ego and the sadistic hatred harboured by the Jews. The Nazi party was now outlawed by decree and all former Nazis were declared as criminals per se. Since Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party had been the most popular form of government the Germans had ever enjoyed, and since the overwhelming majority of Germans had been enthusiastically loyal to the Nazi leadership, just about any and every competent and loyal German had either been a member or a supporter of the Nazi party, especially those of leadership quality. These very people, who were now so necessary in getting the nation back on their feet, were now branded as criminals and were either incarcerated in prison, or were relegated to such menial labour as digging ditches. Only former traitors, incompetents, aliens and Jews were now allowed to hold positions of authority, and it is easy to see what a debacle such policy, dictated by the “Allied” high command, would cause. It would, of course, cause chaos in any undertaking, but it was especially deadly in a nation that was desperately struggling to survive.

Meanwhile, the German people were starving, homeless, disorganized and being constantly harassed by their Jewish tormentors. They were being taught Democracy with a vengeance. They could choose any kind of government except the kind they most needed and wanted. They were free to choose their leaders except those most competent to do the job. The fact is they were not free to do anything. They were utter slaves being ground into the dirt by their Jewish slave masters. Although today the German people have rebuilt their country despite all the handicaps imposed upon them, they are still slaves in the hands of their Jewish conquerors. There is one lesson we Creators can learn from this episode of de-nazification. If it is morally acceptable to de-nazify the German Nation, then it is equally moral for us to de-Judaize the Jews. Whereas the Jews deemed the Nazi philosophy as harmful to their parasitic way of life, history has proven that Judaism is a thousand times more deadly to our own survival. Let us keep that in mind when we, the White Race, regain control of our own destiny. Delenda est Judaica !

The Looting And Sacking Of Germany
Having cut up the geographic entity of Germany like a carcass of beef hanging from a hook, the ‘Allies” immediately proceeded to loot the individual Germans. Since the High Command had branded all Nazis as criminals, and since all Germans were deemed as Nazis anyway, every man, woman and child was considered fair game, lower than an animal, to be looted, stripped and sacked by any American G.I., nigroe, or Russian soldier at will. The serious looting by the Russians was conducted officially, systematically and thoroughly. Every house and apartment was entered, searched and stripped of everything at once valuable and movable – wrist watches, jewelry, silverware, works of art, clothing, household appliances, and money. Stores, shops and houses were ransacked. Farms were denuded of farm animals, machinery, seed reserves, wine and food stocks. (All this is reminiscent of what happened Ben Klassens` family in Russia during the Communist Revolution, especially during the years between 1918 and 1922.) Telephones were removed from residences and telephone lines and equipment were dismantled. Automobiles, trucks, even fire engines were seized. Everything not nailed down was hauled away. The German standard of living deliberately had to be lowered to where it was worse than that of the poorest peasants in Communist Russia. Outside of the fact that the Russian occupation forces were equal in size to the combined occupation forces of the Western powers, nevertheless the American sectors were equally criminal and flagrant in the business of looting as were the Russians. Although the average G.I. did not suffer from poverty as did the Russians, they somehow made up for it in their arrogant and wanton vandalism with which they destroyed that which they did not steal. Millions of dollars worth of rare items varying from intricate Zeiss lenses to butter and cheese and costly automobiles were destroyed through sheer vandalism. “They seemed to ruin everything, including the simplest personal belongings of the people in whose houses they were billeted,” wrote one correspondent of the Chicago Daily News.

Such was the wholesale looting, practiced by the average soldier, and the higher authorities not only took no steps to curb it, but silently condoned it. However, the official Allied Control Council promulgated a number of decrees that would deliberately make certain German recovery never would exceed the average living standards of other European Countries (which, under Hitler, Germany far outdistanced). Anything they deemed as “excess” (we are talking about an entire nation that was in rubble and starving to death) shall be taken as plunder or destroyed. In short, the prostrate German economy must be quartered and its flesh fed to other economies, a project that has aptly been called “economic cannibalism.” But this was not the end of the looting by the victorious conquerors. The Jews resorted to their oldest and most effective scam of all, one that they have used countless times in history and by means of which they continue to loot all nations throughout the world. The “Allies’ all in their respective occupation zones printed huge amounts of bogus paper, which they called military currency, which the Germans were forced to accept as “payment” for whatever the victors chose to “buy.” It was worthless, of course, merely worthless bogus paper. It is conservatively estimated that altogether between 15 billion and 20 billion occupation marks were printed. This means that the four powers further stole between two and four billion dollars worth of German property for the mere cost of printing worthless money, issued in payment. Meanwhile, the Russians, who occupied 45 percent of what was formerly Germany, dismantled every factory, machine and plant that had escaped the ravages of war and shipped them eastward into Russia. Not only did they ransack their own zone, but the other three powers gratuitously agreed to give them 25 percent of anything and everything they could loot out of their zones as well. Nothing was spared, patents, inventions, scientific laboratories and even the scientists themselves were appropriated by the victors, with the Russians making off with the lion’s share.

In the previous paragraphs we have already reviewed the horrors of war suffered by the German people; the terrible fire bombing of Dresden; the massive, concentrated bombing and burning of the great city of Hamburg, and in fact, every other major city in Germany. Yet, remarkable as it may seem, food reserves were still ample when the war ended, thanks to the discipline, hard work and efficient planning of the German government and its people. Once the war was over, however, this was quickly and drastically changed to one of famine, chaos and the ultimate in death and misery. Under “Allied” policy, bent on vengeance and the decimation of the German people, these food stores were deliberately destroyed, and in the Russian zones devoured by the Russian troops or loaded up and shipped to Russia. None of this just happened. When the “Big Three,” Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin (sadistic sons of bitches that they were) met at Yalta, they deliberately planned to starve the German people to death, not because food was not available, but because in an orgy of hatred and vengeance they wanted to torture the German people, and, moreover, cripple and decimate the German gene pool into insignificance and oblivion. We all remember the “Morgenthau Plan” to reduce the great German nation into an insignificant goat pasture, devoid of people. Henry Morgenthau, Jr. was U.S. Secretary of the Treasury at the end of the war, and this scurvy Jew was not only privy to the inner circles of the Jewish Kehilla, but also one of Roosevelt’s closest advisers (if not his boss). Be that as it may, on this issue the Jews of the world were in unison : heap a maximum of misery on the German people ! Starve them to death ! Kill the best first !

When I (Ben Klassen) visited Germany in 1955, I had the pleasure and honour to be the guest of a German businessman for more than a week. This fine gentleman by the name of Fred Bieger, who had suffered the pangs of cold, and battle wounds on the very edge of the Russian front, told me that whereas the war years were horrible, the “peace” that followed, during the first year at least, was a thousand times worse. The average American diet is about 3000 calories a day. A working lumberjack needs as much as 7600 calories to maintain his weight and health. Studies by the University of Minnesota showed that when intake (by volunteers) was reduced to about 1650 calories over a period of several months, the volunteers lost a fourth of their weight, experienced fainting spells, dizziness and a feeling of always being cold. They lost three-fourths of their energy and working ability, and their only interest in life seemed to be the next meal. In their deliberate campaign to starve the German people, the caloric intake allowed in the American zone ranged from a high of 1550 calories to a low of 1180 per person per day. This was, in fact, a programme deliberately pursued with the objective of starving the German people to death, and starve them they did. The British, French and Russian zones were even worse. The result was mass starvation. Infant mortality reached a horrifying 90 percent. It was 16 times as high as it had been in 1943. Ed Johnson, correspondent for P.M. Magazine wrote at this time : “Most children under ten and people over 60 cannot survive the coming winter.” Senator Homer E. Capehart of Indiana in an address before the U.S. Senate, February 5, 1946, said in part “… the fact that it has been and continues to be the deliberate policy of a confidential conspiratorial clique within the policy making circles … to draw and quarter a nation now reduced to abject misery … this clique, like a pack of hyenas struggling over the bloody entrails of a corpse and inspired by a sadistic and fanatical hatred, are determined to destroy the German nation and the German people, no matter what the consequences.” Senator Capehart, unfortunately, did not identify the nature of the clique. We can do so without fear of contradiction and point the finger directly at the malevolent, cunning and diabolical hatred of the Jewish Kehilla and International Jewry itself, the same criminals that instigated and orchestrated the internecine and suicidal war against the White Race in the first place.

The result was – as intended – millions of Germans starved to death while ample food supplies from Denmark, Sweden and the United States were deliberately withheld by the vengeance-prone “Allied” victors. Also decided by the “Big Three” at Yalta was the ultimate horror, degradation and damage to be heaped upon the German nation. From the record it is obvious that the criminals who met at Yalta deliberately formulated a diabolical program of bastardizing and contaminating the superior racial strains of the Prussians and the Teutons with the inferior genes of the American nigroes, and French Moroccans and Senegalese, and from the east, the Bolshevized Mongolian and Slavic hordes. When the Russian armies overran Danzig they promptly and systematically set about raping all the women – from small girls and children to elderly women as much as 83 years of age. A 50 year old teacher related that her niece, 15 years of age was raped seven times the day after the Russians arrived, while her other niece, 22, was raped 15 times the same day. When women of the city pleaded for protection, a Russian officer told them to seek shelter in the Catholic Cathedral. Once securely inside, these treacherous Russian barbarians had themselves an all night orgy, raping every woman inside the Cathedral, some more than 30 times. A Catholic priest states : “They even violated eight-year-old girls and shot young boys who tried to shield their mothers.” It was the same in all the regions overrun by the Communist armies. When Berlin fell, the Commander told his Russian soldiers – the women of the city were all theirs and to go to it. This they did with a vengeance and the only escape the women had was to commit suicide. This thousands of women did, and even before the arrival of the oncoming Russian hordes many of the most beautiful and desirable, anticipating a fate worse than death, committed suicide. In the American occupation zone, the High Command saw fit to bring in 42,000 black nigroe troops, a move that was no accident. These blacks, had a higher crime rate, a venereal disease rate several times that of the White soldier, and in general, a propensity for rape and criminal activity. They were deliberately set loose upon the German women, and even a scoundrel such as General Eisenhower loosely dismissed the wholesale raping of the German women by the American G.I.’s as “The boys were just having a little fun.” Some fun ! Where brute force was not employed in the wholesale rampage, later, as starvation set in (as described in the previous chapter) the American G.I.’s traded food, bars of soap, chocolate bars, for cheap and easy sex to the hungry and hopeless German women who were desperately trying to survive.

Without going into detail, the same flagrant programme of rape and violence against the women prevailed in the French and British zones. Without a doubt, the policy had been handed down from on high – rape and desecrate every German female to be found. A whole book could be, and should be, written about this shameful and horrendous episode of atrocities committed by the Allied” conquerors, but we do not have the space here to do so. Suffice it to say, it is one of the blackest and most shameful blots on the history of civilization, and the White Race as a whole. But let us remember – back of it all was the planned and deliberate hate of the Jewish Kehilla – to destroy that which is best, the German gene pool.

As we race into the future, the world are not interested in the story of what happened to the Germans after they were defeated and disarmed. Very few know the real story, a gruesome story that was completely hushed up, and few want to hear about it today. But we had better learn from history and realize that what happened to the disarmed Germans then, is in store for the White people of the world. What the Jews did to the Germans was only one further, albeit major, step in their long-standing programme of mongrelization and destruction of the White Race. No sooner had the Jews vanquished the Germans when they immediately turned their attention to doing the same to the very “Allies” who in their ignorance and stupidity had helped them do the dirty deed. Targeted for mongrelization and destruction now were all the White countries of the world. This they did by shipping in the dark races of all stripes and colours, into Britain, France, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, especially the United States. They further exacerbated the programme by massively subsidizing the dark peoples of the world, by means of the Marshall Plan and foreign aid abroad, and by means of huge welfare programmes to the negroes in America herself, all at the expense of the White American taxpayer. The result over the past years has been a massive population explosion, not of the White Race, but exclusively of the dark races, and the United States (as are Britain, France, the Netherlands, etc.) is being flooded and overrun with the dark scum of the world. The objective is to disarm the White people, and when the time is ripe, to utilize the overwhelming hordes of dark peoples to rape, kill and mongrelize the decimated remnants of the White Race in a pattern very similar to what happened to the vanquished and disarmed people of Germany.

Therefore let us take heed and learn our lesson well. Destroy the enemy before it destroys us ! Destroy Judaism, the scourge of the world, before it destroys us ! If it is morally acceptable to de-Nazify all the Germans, 80 million of them, then it is imperative that we are justified in de-Judaizing the Jews of the world – our No. 1 mortal enemy. Delenda est Judaica ! Let us make sure we avenge Dresden, Hamburg and all the rest of the atrocities the Jews heaped on the great and fine people of Germany. By so doing we will ensure that a similar fate is not perpetrated on us and our own future progeny. To do so we must become informed, aroused and organized. Had the American people in the 1930’s done just that, they would never have gone to war against Germany. Instead they would have joined with the Germans and turned their wrath on the mortal enemies inside our own borders – the sinister and treacherous Jew. Let’s not lose any more time. Join the Church of Creativity. Help get the White Man’s Bibles out and into the hands of our White Racial Comrades.

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