Jewish Goals – Numerical Increase Of The Dark Races

A] Subsidizing

By dangling catch-words such as help, charity, compassion, humanitarianism, aid to the needy, etc, in front of the gullible White “goyim”, the Jew has the White Man subsidizing not only the dark races all over the world, but the White Man is sending huge quantities of aid to all his other enemies. He is subsidizing the mulattoes of more than 120 countries throughout the world, communist Russia and all her satellites, and the bandit state of Israel. Most of these mailings and “charitable” programs are organized by the Jews. When tracing the money so garnered, it is found that between 70% and 90% stays in the pockets of its fraudulent collectors who “appealed” to your “humanitarian” frailties. The Jews are using two of the oldest tricks in their bag : making you feel guilty, and making a buck. It is time that the White Race realize that these Jewish catch-words were designed to fleece the White Man and to transfer his hard-earned substance to the dark races and free-loaders, and destroy him in the process.

This destructive idea of “compassion” for the “less fortunate” is suicidal for the White Race and the White Race alone; no other Race practises it. In Nature we don`t see any creature stupid enough to subsidize any inferior species at the expense of bleeding and shrinking its own kind. Nowhere in Nature do we find a whole species voluntarily and charitably saying to another species inferior to it : “since you are weaker than we are and unable to cope; since you are stupid and your members diminishing, our hearts bleed for you”. These treacherous ideas are promoted by the liberals, Judeo-Christians and Jews; the inferior at the expense of the superior, and especially at the expense of the White Race. The White Race should never participate in any charity that benefits our enemies.

We have allowed our obvious superiority in an out-and-out contest for survival against the dark races be used against us, to our own detriment, and towards our own ultimate disaster. Our problem has been the weakness of compassion, the stupidity of bending over backwards to be more than fair to the inferior, a muddle-headedness, if not criminal negligence in guarding that which is most precious, and not a lack of strength or ability. What separates us from the Jews, and other dark races is our alarming blindness to realize our unique worth and distinction. Add to this our profligate tendency to deliberately throw away our own tremendous advantage in favour of our enemies, our blind willingness and idiotic zeal to aid and subsidize our enemies, all in the name of c ...

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