Jewish Goals – Numerical Decline Of The White Race

Jewish Goals – Numerical Decline Of The White Race

“The white race is the cancer of humanity” [Jew Susan Sontag]

“The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear … the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy, will become only a memory” [Jew Marcus Eli Ravage]

By increasing the tax load on the White productive citizenry, the White couples have few or no children at all. Under these high taxes and many other types of Jewish robbery, many White wives have to work to make ends meet. Those who do have children start as late as 30 years of age. A career for the woman has a damaging effect on her family life, anyway you look at it. The White Race is further imbued, thanks to Jewish propaganda, with a guilt complex about the “world`s population explosion”. Many White couples decide to have one, or two, or no children, as a result of this unfounded guilt complex.

The decline is assisted by the following :

Medical Drugs
Through rich and powerful foundations such as Rockefeller, Guggenheim and many others, medical schools was founded and huge contributions made to uphold them. Behind most pharmaceutical- and drug companies, money is the driving force, and behind this greed and avarice in large part, are the Jews. As in the legal profession, the number of Jews in the medical profession is disproportionately large. The medical profession`s ethics and thinking are Jewish, because the approach to most problems is fighting the effects instead of going after the cause. The medical schools, where it all begins, permeated and perpetuated this Jewish thinking. These medical schools themselves are heavily weighted with Jews.

These drugs, whether they be the mind destroying drugs, alcohol or tobacco, are all Jew promoted, they`re being promoted to destroy the White Race and at the same time make these scoundrels millions in profits. For this reason they will never be banned. Selling at a high price per milligram these drugs cost little to produce. As in the Jewish approach to solving the problems of “poverty”, the educational crisis, solving inflation, crime and the many other political and economic foibles foisted on us by the Jewish establishment, the more money we spend on solving the “health problem”, the worse it becomes. In a nut-shell, modern medicine is u huge multi-billion dollar fraud.

Did you know that the number of deaths fell sharply in Canada when the doctors went on strike ? Did you know that the same thing happened when the doctors went on strike in Israel ? Did you know that the average person is healthier that never goes near a doctor than doctors themselves ? Did you know that the number of suicides and number of drug addicts among doctors is disproportionately high ? Of course you didn`t, who would`ve told you ?

All “medicines” are drugs, are poisons, are chemicals alien to the human body. All mineral, vitamin and enzyme pills are intensively processed, whether they be labelled organic or synthetic. A study was done in America in on one of these “wonder drugs”, namely Valium. Let`s take a look at its achievements.

  • It sent more addicts to hospital than heroin. After a survey of more than 800 hospital emergency rooms and 94,000 drug abuse incidents, the Drug Enforcement Agency found Valium the no.1 drug of abuse.
  • Valium was found to be the most prescribed drug in the country, wholesale totalling 132 million dollars a year. Many of these abusers and addicts were the result of doctors` prescriptions, many of them middle-class housewives.
  • It is addictive and establishes a dependency.
  • Valium compounds its effects and becomes highly dangerous when taken with a martini, which many a middle-class husband or wife may do.

The programme for members of the White Race should be to boycott the Jew-dominated Medical profession, gradually phasing them out of existence. We should avoid this gang of criminal reprobate Jews and their unwitting toadies, and insist on dealing with practitioners who will be of our own choosing.

Hard Drugs
By corrupting the officers of the law, the Jews constituted a strong support of the international narcotic ring which to this day has defied the law. By pushing and promoting the drug traffic, the Jewish power establishment is making a huge fortune and destroying the White Race irrevocably. Daily drug “busts” occur where tons of marijuana, heroin, speed and a multitude of other drugs flood White civilizations, destroying the White Race. The authorities admit that they are catching less than 5%, the rest goes through ! It is clear that the government is not trying to stop it. There is no doubt that forced integration has contributed tremendously towards the proliferation of hard drugs and the destruction of our youth.

The Jews usually constitute the liquor dealers of countries where they live in numbers. They were the only race exempted from the operations of the Prohibition Law in the United States because their religious ceremonies require them to drink an amount which the law considered equal to 10 gallons a year. It wasn`t difficult for them to get 100 gallons through this 10 gallon loophole. The Jewish bootleggers got millions of gallons of liquor through that 10 gallon loophole. The American people were surprised to find that the liquor business of the world had been in the hands of the Jews. The Jews are the steadiest drinkers of all and are on the side of liquor and always have been.

The United States had a liquor problem with drastic consequences as soon as the Jew gained control of American liquor. The best example is the case of the “nigger gin” episode. The first journal to link the Jews with the liquor debauchery was “Collier`s Weekly”. In this journal, Mr.Irwin shares some of his experiences investigating the gin sold by a number of companies, all bearing Jewish names. The cheap gin`s labels bore lascivious suggestions and were decorated with highly indecent portraiture of White women. These noxious gins, made by and brazenly sold under Jewish names, caused newspaper and police comments upon the peculiar lawlessness among the blacks. It was further found that the date the gin appeared on the United States market coincided with serious black outbursts and lynchings !

In the United States the Jews are the masters of the whisky trade. Members of the National Liquor Dealers` Association consists of 80% Jews. The business of distilling and wholesale trade in whisky are 60% controlled by the tribe of Judah. In California they control the wine product as “middle men”. When the Russian government established a liquor monopoly in 1896, it deprived thousands of Jewish families of a livelihood. Today they control the liquor traffic, the vodka business which undermined Russia. In Romania and Poland the whole “Jewish Question” was the liquor question. And so it goes one. The claim made for the Jews that they are a sober race may be true, but so is the claim that they are using alcohol to destroy the “goyim”. The government is forever complaining about the damage alcohol inflict on humans. If they are so concerned about the damage done, why not simply ban liquor as was the case in America in the 1920`s ? Too much money is at stake !

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When Columbus arrived in what was to become America, Jew Luis De Torres, one of five Jews who accompanied the expedition, was the first to discover the use of tobacco. Settling in Cuba, De Torres may be said to be the father of Jewish control of the tobacco business as it exists today. Today, the Jews buy up nearly all the leaf tobacco from the tobacco-growing States, so that the great tobacco companies have to buy the raw product from them.

There is another narcotic that has done more damage to the White Race over the last three hundred years than all the “hard drugs” combined. That narcotic is sugar – an unnatural substance produced by industrial processes. These processes refine it down to pure sucrose, stripping away all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and other beneficial nutrients. This is why the vitamin-supplements-industry, also connected to the medical industry, is making a killing. Why do we need vitamin and mineral supplements in the first place ? Isn`t the vitamins and minerals in supposed to be in the food we pay such a lot of money for ? The human body is not able to handle the refined product, at least not in the quantities that it is now ingested in today`s “accepted” lifestyle. It is no wonder the Jews have their “Kosher” foods and the Abdullamites their “Halaal” ! Only the White Race indulges in rubbish food !

Together with white flour, these “foods” are extremely detrimental to anyone`s health, and even rats who are more hardy than humans, will die in short order if they are fed on a menu of white flour, white sugar, or both. It was found that the average White Man consumes approximately 115lbs. of sugar per year. The reason sugar does more damage than any other narcotic is because it is considered a “food” and ingested in such massive quantities. From the day a baby is born and is fed sugar in its formula, the damaging effects begin. Sugar contamination is even found in mothers milk. Throughout their lifetime, from cradle to the grave, practically 100% of our civilized White Racial Comrades are addicted to it.

Examining the “foods” in any supermarket more closely, reading the labels, it was found that just about everything contains sugar ! Most foods are loaded with it from cereals, soups, ketchup to hot dogs. Some cereals contain as much as 50% sugar while flue-cured tobacco contains as much as 20% sugar by weight. Sugar has all the right qualities for a destructive poison : you can never get enough of it because it is sweet to the palate, it is an addictive narcotic, and it takes years for the damages to become evident. Let`s take a look at the damage sugar inflicts on the human body.

  • It causes dental deterioration – loss of teeth, failure of bone structure, bleeding gums, cavities in teeth.
  • Sugar causes diabetes, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.
  • It significantly contributes towards cancer, hypertension, senility, depression, mental illness, arteriosclerosis and heart disease.
  • Sugar unbalances the endocrine system and damages the adrenal glands, liver and pancreas, causing the blood sugar level to fluctuate widely.

You may be asking yourself what sugar has to do with the Jews ? The driving force behind sugar is money, all firmly in the hands of the Jewish network. Recall the name of these articles, “Jewish goals – extermination methods”. These powerful financial forces are making the White Man sick at a huge profit to themselves, subverting investigations and propaganda for centuries so that the victim never know the difference. The culprits of this conspiracy include the medical profession, the pharmaceutical and chemical companies, and governmental agencies “regulating” the former. They couldn`t function without each other.

The medical profession are represented by the Medical Association, the Cancer Society and the Cancer Institute. Looking at the leadership of these we find the Jews. Varying from small companies to huge international giants, the pharmaceutical companies are more diversified. They include food manufacturers and processors, industrial chemicals, chemical fertilizers, and huge petroleum and plastic giants. These huge trusts and monopolies are almost without exception owned and controlled by Jews, contributing mightily to the poisoning of our bodies and the debilitating of our health.

Then we have the Zionist Occupied Government that polices the medical profession and the drug industries. The cast of characters are completed by the News Media Act as a protective umbrella, spreading a blanket of respect and protection over this powerful estate. Peddling its poisonous merchandise all in the name of health. Let us look at the cancer racket as a typical example in order to understand how this criminal combination operates. The Cancer Society puts on a heart-rending, tear-jerking, high-sounding campaign to collect funds from a gullible public every year. The funds are used to carry on further “research” and to find a “cure” for cancer. Sounds good doesn`t it ? What a noble cause !

In 1978 it was found that each new cancer sufferer was worth an estimated $35.000 dollars ! Find a “cure” ? Give up such a lucrative racket ? Never ! The truth is that Cancer Society has no desire in the world to find a “cure” for cancer because it knows it doesn`t exist. Is this why no cure has been found for the common cold ? Every winter Jew-tube bombards us with propaganda concerning the latest flu “wonder cure”. Using fear they bend our minds to get vaccinated for the coming “killer flu”. Statistics show that the Cancer Society is losing the battle against cancer. These figures are per hundred thousand population.

  • 1900 : 67.7
  • 1920 : 86.9
  • 1940 : 123.1
  • 1950 : 139.8
  • 1977 : 178.4
  • 1978 : 181.9

Drugs and Food
More and more of our processed supermarket food is contaminated with chemicals and drugs, and is nutritionally empty. On the farm, in the ground, it had more nutrients than in the shop. The farmer may get as little as 5% of what you pay for this rubbish they call “food” ! It is loaded with toxic chemicals and stripped of most of the nutrients by the time you buy the package. Is this why “modern civilization” suffers from stress ? This business of “processing” and “substituting” pure foods, and messing about with natural food-stuffs, has developed into a world wide business, mostly controlled by Jews.

Having been “enriched” with vitamins that are carefully listed, the package will try convince you how nutritious the stripped, adulterated “food” is. This, too, is a fraud and a sham. It is devitalized, robbed of its organic enzymes, minerals and vitamins and has had any number of synthetic chemicals added to give it flavour, colour and shelf life. Over all is the Jewish press acting as a protective umbrella.” >Print Friendly Page