Jewish Communism

Jewish Communism

Is it coincidence that in the biggest communist state, Russia, there have been more Jews than in any other country in the world ? Sadly today there are more communists in America than in Soviet Russia. Signs of things to come ? Does Judaism and communism walk hand in hand ? We should surely find the answer if we look at the “trinity” of communism.

  • Jew Nikolai Lenin was the founder of the Russian Marxist party. He had the following to say : “Peace means quite simply the domination of Communism over the entire world”. Although his reign of terror caused nine million deaths you never see him compared to Hitler. The Jew dominated Russian secret police, the Cheka, published the names of 1.7 million people they murdered in 1918-1919 which included 300.000 priests.
  • Das Kapital was written by Jew Karl Marx [Moses Mordecai Levi, son of a Jewish rabbi] and compiled with a great deal of help from Jew Friederich Engels, his collaborator and financial angel.
  • Jew Leon Trotsky, born Braunstein was one of the 3000 Jewish revolutionaries trained in East Side New York to do the strong arm job for the overthrow of the Russian government in the in the Jewish Russian Revolution. The Kehilla and American Jewish Committee were the forces which fostered what he stood for, both fiercely Jewish. Another Jewish financier from New York, Jacob Schiff contributed 20 million dollars to this cause through Kuhn, Loeb&Co. After killing the Czar, all of Russia was thrown into  revolutionary turmoil killing millions of Gentiles.

We didn`t write history we just scrutinize it. Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were all Jewish Freemasons and dysfunctional losers employed by the Illuminist bankers to hoodwink the masses. The list continues. Another Jewish participant of the Bolshevik revolution was the Jew Bela Kun, born Cohen. The Jewish Jacobin Club [1789] was well known as a political forerunner of today`s communist party.

In America today the alarm bells are ringing. In many branches of trade, communist colleges are maintained, officered and taught by Jews. Art, science, religion, economics and sociology is being sacrificed to the Jewish Chautauqua which works exclusively in colleges and universities together with Bolshevism. Enforce the rule that no mention shall ever be made to indicate that culture or patriotism is in any way connected with the deeper principles of the White race. Prevent students from identifying the Jewish race, first by instilling in them that the study of the Jews is “religious persecution”, and secondly of what Jewish activities in the world consist of. Finally pour contempt on all the landmarks of the White race, at the same time filling the void with Jewish revolutionary ideas.

New York is Jewish. With the exception of Russia the Jews exert more power in New York, and from New York, than they have ever exerted during the Christian era in any place. From the lower East Side of New York the Jewish government of Russia was transported almost as a unit. Today the communist headquarters is situated in New York and is important because from there authority and action radiate to all the other cities of the Union. After the Soviet Ambassador was deported from the United States, he appointed Jew Charles Recht as the representative of communism in America who maintained an office in New York.

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