Jewish Christianity – Mission Impossible

Jewish Christianity – Mission Impossible

Have you ever seen a championship boxer trying for the world title go into the ring with one hand tied behind his back ? Would Jack Dempsey voluntarily have done so ? Max Schmeling ? Jack Sharkey ? No, not even Joe Louis, a dumb mulatto, was ever that stupid. Have you ever seen a 100 meter sprinter enter the Olympic contests voluntarily strapping a 100 pound bag of flour on his back while trying to break new world records ? No, I never have, and neither have you. No sprinter is that dumb, and if he were you can be sure he would be a sorry loser. Have you ever seen a race car driver enter the Indy 500 with a voluntary, self-imposed brake lock on his wheels ? Have you ever seen a championship tennis player vying for the U.S. Open, or the Wimbledon crown, voluntarily cut a big hole in the face of his racquet ? Can you imagine Jimmy Conners, or Chris Evert, or John McEnroe doing such a stupid thing just before the finals ? No, no champion would even consider such an idiotic self-imposed handicap. They did not become winners or champions by throwing obvious self-imposed roadblocks in their path to success As we can see from the foregoing, no winner is so dumb as to even consider such idiotic selfimposed handicaps. If they had such inclinations they would have been relegated to the position of small-time losers far down the line and never come near the winner’s circle. You would think such self-imposed idiocy would be hard to find anywhere, especially in a contest where the stakes are extremely high, namely, a matter of life or death, a matter of survival or extinction.

Well, there are such individuals, believe it or not. In fact, there is not only a group of such people, but a large number of such groups, of such people. Strangely, most of them are White people. Before we go into identifying such groups and why they do what they do, let us reiterate a few basic truths derived from the Eternal Laws of Nature. In this respect it would be productive to again review the 24 points listed at the end of Chapter 1 in Nature`s Eternal Religion; Point No. 22 says, “Eternal struggle is the price of survival.” This being so, let us add to this an obvious corollary, namely : In the fight for survival, the winner takes all. There is no second prize. As I have demonstrated in the first chapter of Nature`s Eternal Religion, nature equips each species with certain weapons and defenses and throws the species, or the individual, into the arena to struggle for its survival. Being adequately equipped. Nature then tells each species they are on their own as to how effectively they use, abuse, or ignore what advantages they have. Nature is completely indifferent as to who survives or which species bites the dust. It is an open contest, a ruthless struggle, no holds barred. Tigers have claws, sharp teeth and are powerful. Rattlesnakes have poisonous fangs. Rabbits have speed of locomotion and a high multiplication factor. Rats are tough, adaptable, and they, too, have a high reproductive capacity.

The tools, weapons and defensive mechanisms Nature has handed out to its millions of species are manifold and varied. The big point is that anything goes, deceit, cunning, trickery, power, flight, reproductive capacity, poisonous venom, or whatever. Nature does not ask what means did you use ? It only has one bottom line : Can you survive in the ongoing struggle ? If not, that species is ruthlessly punished with the ultimate penalty : Extinction. It is relegated to the scrap heap of biological history. As I have pointed out in Chapter I, practically every species has its natural enemy, and some are burdened with several natural enemies. In the latter category, for instance, is the poor rabbit who has hawks, eagles, coyotes, foxes, wolves and a number of other predators on its tail. But nevertheless it survives, because it uses its own natural defenses to its best advantage. Even a dumb bunny is not so dumb as to inflict a self-imposed handicap on its struggle for survival.

As I have also pointed out throughout both Nature`s Eternal Religion and the White Man`s Bible, that in getting closer to home, the White Race has its natural enemies, although few are aware of it. The natural enemies of the White Race are the dark races of the world in general. Of these, there is one above all others that is far more treacherous and dangerous than all the rest put together. That implacable enemy of the White Race is the International Jew, and the main forte, the supreme weapon of the Jews, is cunning and deceit. They have used these weapons well and as a result the Jewish race is the oldest surviving entity among all the races of the world today. They not only have survived, but they now have the overwhelming majority of the human race, including (and especially) the White Race by the throat, pressing on its jugular vein at will, and in a position to commit genocide on any segment of the human race they so choose.

Not only has the Jewish menace survived over the thousands of years but has immensely sharpened its weapons of cunning and deceit. One of the most treacherous and effective weapons they have developed in overcoming enemies (all people are their enemies) is mind manipulation. By manipulating the mind of its enemies that are naturally more numerous and powerful than themselves is to manipulate the minds of such people in a way where they will collaborate voluntarily in their own destruction. Simply stated, it is to effectively persuade their enemies to voluntarily be losers by voluntarily imposing needless, idiotic handicaps so that there is no way to win. The procedure is as idiotic and fantastic as asking Jack Dempsey to fight Jess Willard with one hand tied behind his back, or asking John McEnroe to cut a hole in his tennis racquet while battling Jimmy Connors for the Wimbledon crown. Utterly fantastic isn’t it ? But they have done it successfully, effectively, to millions of our White Racial Comrades and their most effective weapon has been Christianity, a Jewish invention from the word, go !

It is a well known axiom of military strategy that one of the most effective ploys is to confuse the hell out of the enemy so that they become their own worst enemy and destroy themselves. In this treatise we want to examine how the Jews realized the effectiveness of this stratagem early in its history and latched on to it with a vengeance. We want to explore further how they used Jewish Christianity to effectively neutralize the White Race into non-resistance, then actively turn such victims into partisan destroyers of their own kind. This Jewish-Christian perversion not only violates all the laws Nature has laid down for the survival of a species, any species, but actually turns such law upside down and manipulates the victim, (the White Race) to help its enemies (the Jew) destroy it (the victim).

How would you go about persuading Jack Dempsey to tie his mighty right hand behind his back in a crucial championship bout ?  How would you persuade John McEnroe to cut a hole in his racquet in the finals at Wimbledon ? How would you persuade a 100 meter sprinter to tie a 100 pound sack of flour on his back in the main event ? I don’t know how you could induce any of the above to do such stupid things and have never heard of them being done. But I can tell you how the Jew has manipulated the minds of our White Racial Comrades to commit even more heinous crimes against their own race and help destroy themselves. How do the Jews use Christianity to accomplish such an astounding feat ? The steps are simple and well enough recorded in history for anyone with eyes to see and a functioning mind to understand. The story goes far back into ancient history. It essentially revolves around the issue of religion.

The following is not theory, but a step-by-step account of how the Jews have accomplished their amazing feat :

1] They started out several thousand years ago with a racial religion. The crux of that religion was : What is good for the Jews is the highest virtue. What is bad for the Jews is the ultimate sin. The fact that they then concocted a fictitious history around the mythical characters of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is incidental, but it is interesting to note that their “heroes” are the basest of all characters, deceitful and cunning. The fact that they are also whoremongers, liars, murderers and thieves adds to the depravity of their story.

2] They then built up a whole superstructure of fictitious concepts as a base for their religion. Some of the basic fictitious concepts had much to do with superstition and the “Jewish god in the sky” approach. Some of these fictitious concepts were heaven and hell, god and the devil, angels, demons, magic, and in general, far fetched lies and tall stories.

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3] Around these sleazy and deceitful concepts they built up the racial solidarity of their own bloodthirsty tribe, the basis of which was Racial Loyalty.

4] Around the first century A.D. the tribe was, nevertheless, falling apart, and disintegrating into decay. The Romans and the Roman Empire, of which the Jews in Palestine were an insignificant part, ruled the world and threatened to wipe Judaism off the face of the earth.

5] It was then that Saul of Tarsus conceived the brilliant idea of feeding the suicidal religion of the Essenes to the Romans. It emerged as Christianity, and what followed was the most catastrophic series of episodes in the history of civilization. The Jews succeeded in perverting the Roman mind (and that of all the White Race) and turning it into those paths by which they would willfully collaborate in destroying themselves. Jewish Christianity triumphed. The Jewish stratagem of war was successful beyond their fondest dreams. A thousand years of the Dark Ages followed. The destruction of the White Race was on its way. (Read again Creative Credo No. 43, in the White Man`s Bible, “Confessions of a Jew — the Devastating Ramifications of Paul of Tarsus and Christianity in Destroying Roman Civilization”.)

To those apologists for Christianity who will still defend this Jewish mind scrambler as a “blessing to mankind”, “the true word of God”, and other fictitious concepts, we will spell it out point-by-point as to how Christianity programs a normal healthy mind to destroy itself and the race of which they are a part.

1] Christianity is a demeaning, self-destructive slave philosophy
It is no coincidence that Christianity first took root among the renegade Jews, the slaves, the mix-breeds and the riff-raff of Rome. Like a sedative or a drug it was designed to appeal to the weak, the desperate and the incompetent as a crutch and an escape mechanism. In so doing, it first demands the acknowledgement of the worthlessness of its members, to debase and demean themselves, to break their spirit and bow before a vengeful, sadistic monster, namely an unseen, unheard, unfelt and unsmelt Jewish god in the sky. In short, to pay humble obeisance to a fictitious concept. In the New Testament Christ keeps pounding away how all people are worthless sinners, how we are all guilty, how we are born in sin. He keeps hammering away that there is nothing we can do about a hopeless situation except repent, ask for forgiveness and hope and pray for mercy from a relentless master. This is a no-win slave philosophy carried to its ultimate degenerate conclusion.

2] In contrast, Christianity sells the idea to the Gentiles (mostly White) that the Jews are great, a special people, that they are God`s chosen
The Old Testament extols the virtues of these miserable reprobates in chapter after chapter, page after page, despite all the vulgar and pornographic episodes these pimps, whores, thieves, panderers and criminals engage in. “I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee”, quoth the Jewish Yahweh and millions of gullible Goyim swallow this impossible tripe. How any White man or woman in their right mind can swallow such garbage is beyond me. How in the hell these same people can voluntarily go to church on Sunday to have their brains manipulated to love the Jew and then be expected to go out and fight Jewry and its vicious network the rest of the week is one of the impossibilities I mentioned in the heading of the chapter. In short, a Christian has been programmed to be a Jew lover and can hardly be expected to be worth his salt in combating this worldwide problem.

3] Christianity teaches its followers to love their enemies, to hate their own kind
This is one of the most destructive and idiotic of all its teachings. In the “Sermon on the Mount” Christ extols the virtue of “love your enemies, bless them that curse you and do good to them that hate you”, etc. (Matt 5:44) So much for that suicidal piece of advice. But he goes on to offer just the opposite kind of treatment to your own kind. In Luke 14:26 he purportedly says, “If any man come to me and hate not his father, and mother and wife, and children, and brethren, and sister, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” There you have it. The sickest piece of advice ever compiled in writing. Love your enemies, hate those near and dear to you. And for this kind of lunatic garbage respectable White people will go to church every Sunday and ante into the collection plate ? Wake up White Racial Comrade ! This is a sick, sick, sick Jewish booby-trap. In contrast, Creativity teaches just the opposite — to love your own kind, to practice racial loyalty and to hate and destroy your enemies. That makes one hell of a lot more sense than the Jewish clap-trap offered to the Christians — bad advice the Jews themselves wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

4] Christianity is highly divisive and contradictory
It has been said that with the Christian (Jewish) bible you can play any tune you choose just as you can on a piano. On the latter, by choosing the keys you can play an endless variety of tunes. With the bible and its multitude of contradictions you can support or denounce any idea or any argument you choose, depending on the verse and chapter you choose. As a result of this multitude of contradictions it leaves the individual “believer” in perpetual conflict. Any “believer” who wants to “do the right thing” is perpetually in doubt, torn between conflicting admonitions, impossible demands and continued feelings of guilt. In short, as we said at the beginning, confused as hell, a condition inflicted upon enemies you would want to destroy. This situation of confusion is not limited to the individual but also extends to groups, denominations, countries and nations. Perpetual conflict, perpetual divisiveness, relentless confusion. “I came not to bring peace, but the sword” quoth the lord. No wonder the White Race is in a perpetual daze, in an unending no-win situation.

5] Christianity makes impossible demands and leads to frustration and mental breakdown
Would you seriously consider playing a “flip-the-coin” game for real money if your opponent imposed such impossible rules as “Heads I win — tails you lose” ? Well, you would be pretty silly to engage in such a no-win game for real stakes and even more so if the stakes were high enough to entail the entire future direction of your life. Yet, Christians voluntarily (and stupidly) enmesh themselves in just such a no-win situation. One example out of hundreds : We are continuously brow beaten to try to become more God-like. When God didn’t like Jacob’s sons, he arbitrarily slew them. When he didn’t like mankind as a whole (which he himself had designed and created) he drowned them all like a pack of rats in the Great Flood. Now, if we were to slay someone we didn’t like, we would be accused of a most heinous crime, murder. We would be executed for our crime, and according to the “Word of God”, would burn, burn, burn forever. A no-win situation if there ever was one, don’t you think ?

For more of the same, see Chapter 15, Book I, of Nature`s Eternal Religion, “Getting to Heaven : Project Impossible; or Everybody is going to Hell.” When people are continuously threatened with a no-win situation it produces despair, depression, frustration, schizophrenia and in severe cases, mental breakdown. The number of Christians that have been driven to insanity by the fear of hell has never been recorded, but undoubtedly runs into the millions. The list is endless of how Christianity cripples the mind and reduces its subjects to self-destructive, self-incriminating victims, standing naked and defenseless before the rapacious Jew, who wrote the script, but will have none of that nonsense himself.

I suggest you read again the “Mission Impossible” chapter in Nature`s Eternal Religion, mentioned previously, as well as Creative Credos Numbers 45 to 57 in The White Man`s Bible, the latter namely Number 57, appropriately rounding it off with the heading, “Why we indict Christianity so strongly.” How much better to have a salubrious, optimistic attitude towards life such as Creativity offers. How much better to have done with the fear of hell, fear of the Jew and fear of the Jewish Jehovah in the sky ! How much better to follow a creed that is rooted in reality and the Eternal Laws of Nature. Come White Racial Comrade, and join with us in building Creativity and with it a Whiter and Brighter World.” >Print Friendly Page