If Militant Jews are OK, What’s Wrong with Militant Whites?


Consider what would happen to any White only group that openly trained for war in this fashion. The government would immediately shut them down while the media screamed “Nazis,” “racists,” and “terrorists.” All participants would be arrested on various bogus charges, and Jewish groups would declare that the world is a little bit safer from anti-Semitism.

The Jewish Defense League is a terrorist organisation based in the United States of America that encourages the harassment and murder of non-Jews, and anybody that takes a public stand against Jewish supremacy.

In December of 2001 Irving David Rubin and Earl Leslie Krugel, members of the terrorist group, Jewish Defense League, were arrested as they were in the final stages of planning attacks against the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, California, and the local office of U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa. Rubin later committed suicide rather than be brought to justice. Despite all of this, the U.S. Department of Justice refuses to consider the group to be racist or terrorist in its makeup or outlook.

Soldiers of Odin = White Terrorists
Jewish Defense League = Govt Authorised Jewish Activists

Pro-White Groups that associate with Jews do not get a free pass from the government. Instead they remain listed as a White Terrorist group, and are treated as Race Traitors by better, harder – the Real Pro-White Patriots.