Hal Turner: Admitted FBI Informant

Hal Turner is, or rather, was a right-wing, US internet radio, talk-show host and blogger. Racialists around the world adore him to such an extent, they practically idolise Turner, hanging on for his every word as if he is their saviour and sending him cash at every request. Having no interest in US domestic politics or use for the rhetoric of right-wing, nationalistic Christians, I never bothered to listen to any of Turner’s programs, so I can’t say whether his supporters were on the ball or just looking to follow anyone with a loud mouth.

Recently, Turner was arrested on charges of threatening to kill three Chicago-based federal judges. True or not, I don’t know him, nor do I care to know him. Especially given some of the evidence that has come out about Turner.

At the hearing, prosecutors acknowledged that for several years Turner was a paid FBI informant, saying in a letter to his lawyers he had supplied information on “right-wing white nationalist and white supremacist groups.

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Update: FBI Trained Hal Turner As An “Agent Provocateur”


[Turner’s lawyer] Orozco said Turner was trained by the FBI as “an agent provocateur.”

“Mr. Turner was trained by the FBI,” Orozco said. “He was told where the line was — what he could say.”

“His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner that would cause their arrest,” Orozco said.

“If you compare anything he said when he was operating, there’s no difference” to what he posted on his blog that led to the criminal charges, Orozco said. [more …]