Islam at War with White Australia

News direct from the ‘Uprising in the Muslim World’ Khilafah Conference in Sydney: Muslims “have an obligation” to target Australian troops in Afghanistan, says Uthman Badar of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a (so-called) radical (but in fact mainstream) Islamic group with a large and constantly growing base of followers in Australia. Amongst their demands are an end to (so-called) moderate Islam, the instigation of Sharia Law along with a caliphate stretching from the Middle East to Indonesia, burqas for women and a rejection of democratic values.

Badar also states that “If you are occupying someone else’s land then those victimised people have the right to resist. … You have no business in interfering with the people of the Muslim world, … occupation should be resisted militarily. People there have a right to resist.”

Well Badar, I have news for you, you are occupying Australian soil and we White Australians are constantly being victimised by your Islamic thugs. By your own account, we have the right to resist, and resist we shall.