Come Out Of The Closet, White Man!

In the eleventh Chapter (Part 1) of Nature`s Eternal Religion, we find the story of Esther as taken from the Old Testament of the Jewish Bible. One of the most significant lessons that emerges from this analysis is the quotation of “And the fear of the Jews lay upon the land.” I observe that whether the story of Esther ever did or did not happen, (I contend that it is fabricated, as is mostly everything else in the Jewish bible) that the fear of the Jews, nevertheless, is very real. Not only may it have been very real in ancient Persia, but it is even more so today than it has ever been. It has served as a very useful ploy for the Jews in every country they have taken over, or plan on taking over. The process is called paralysis by intimidation. If you can scare a whole population into non-resistance, then a small minority can take over and destroy a much larger majority. This larger majority, if it had the guts and intelligence, would easily tear their tormentors to pieces. It is similar to a circus ringmaster in a cage with say, 13 Bengal tigers. As he cracks the whip each tiger does his trained act and submissively jumps back on his proper stool when through. Although the individual tigers resent their domination by the ringmaster and may snarl and pointlessly paw the air a bit, they submissively obey their ringmaster.

Now if these 13 tigers had the brains and the guts they would not need to be the nice submissive little pussycats every time the ringmaster cracks the whip. If they got their act together, they could easily, very easily, pounce upon the ringmaster simultaneously and tear him to pieces. The Jews are master-mind manipulators. They are the notorious master-sneaks of all time. They prey upon the foibles, weaknesses, fears and superstitions of the human mind. Unfortunately, the White Race has given them plenty of fertile soil to work with, and the Jew is having a field day. The one fear, as I have already mentioned, that has been especially crucial is the unreasonable, and I contend, highly overrated, “fear of the Jews.” It is this strange and stupid paranoia that has perhaps done more, and is doing so today, than any other, to soften up the White Race for Jewish takeover and enslavement.

Walk into any businessman’s office, or doctor’s office, or lawyer’s office (especially the lawyers) and mention the subject of Jews. Immediately they will freeze. Usually an ashen hue will spread over their face. They will squirm and look over their shoulder. Usually they are scar ...

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