Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics As is typical in this world where White people are continually accused of being the international sadistic beasts from time immemorial to the present day, the hypocrites of the International Elite have continually turned a blind eye to the behaviour of their favourite little Red hen, China. Yet, if a White or “Western” nation as the multiculturalists prefer to call it behaved in a way anywhere near the way Red China behaves, that nation would be ostrasised and have multiple United Nations declarations against it, refused to participate in world sporting events such as cricket and football, the International Olympic Committee would refuse to allow it to host the olympics, and if it was part of the British Commonwealth of Nations, it would have been thrown out by now.

These were the type of restrictions that White ruled South Africa had to live with for the last thirt years of its life. And all because of racially separatist policies known as apartheid. We aren’t talking about invasions of foreign lands, torture, murder, genocide or anything such as that, we are just talking about Blacks and Whites living apart – separate.

When Austria voted a nationalist government into power that had plans to turn back the flood of non-European immigration to Austria, that country too was threatened with similar restrictions until that legally appointed government was removed from power.

In fact, every White nation that even hints at anything to do with restriction of immigration or forced repatriation of refugees back to the third world is threatened in the same way.

So why not China?

China invades peaceful neighbouring nations. China commits attrocities against the people in the nations it has invaded and against its own people. China has no freedom of speech. China imprisons, tortures and murders peacable advocates for change. Chinese enforce their own culture on the non-Chinese inhabitants of China. China has nukes. China engages in political and industrial espionage against other nations. China is one of the worst pollutants of this planet … the list is endless.

So why not China? Because Chinese are not White.

You ask about Iraq and Iran?

The Iraq and Iran situation is all about the security of Israel and the monopolisation of oil. Any fossil fuel reserves China may have is at this point largely unknown and China is not a threat to Israel.

Not being a follower of peer pressure and world trends, this writer is boycotting the Beijing Olympics. It’s the White thing to do.…Boycott Beijing Olympics