Ban Muslim Headdress

Recently a Queensland radio announcer, a Mr Michael Smith of 4BC, raised the issue of banning Muslim female headdress. We know that he meant the full facial covering only practiced by a minority of Muslims. However, the mainstream media (MSM), Islamic Council of Australia and lefties everywhere have chosen to deliberately confuse the issue by zeroing in on Mr Smith’s poor choice of Muslim terms for headdress.Ban Muslim Headdress

The actual word he used in his description was “hijab.” Not knowing exactly what a hijab is, I readily agreed until I discovered that Muslims have several different styles of headdress with a different name for each. The hijab being not dissimilar to the head-scarves at one time highly fashionable in our once almost completely White society. (See Right: Audrey Hepburn 1960’s.)

This is an error of terminology only, and Mr Smith should not be castigated in the MSM and neither should the Queensland-based Retailers Association, who backed his call for banning the hijab on the grounds that banning the hijab would prevent thieves concealing their identity.

What most people have failed to realise is that the deliberate obfuscation of the facts by the MSM hides the fact that there are Muslim women in Australia who do hide their faces when out in public. The items of clothing they wear are the niqab and the burqe (also spelled as burkha), both of which should be banned in Australia.

Ban Muslim HeaddressBan Muslim Headdress
The Niqab and the Burqu
“Thank Allah for air-conditioning in banks”

When entering a bank, post office, service station, shop and many other places of business, it is a requirement that if you happen to be wearing a motorcycle helmet, you remove it prior to entering the premises. This is done for the purposes of security. So what gives Muslims the right to ignore laws and standards that we set for ourselves? Although nobody in their right mind does, many White people have so little respect for themselves that they overlook requirements and standards we set for ourselves in favour of accommodating the alien customs of primitive cultures.

The niqab and the burqe are not only a problem for security in banks and other businesses, they are also a hindrance to the safe and proper operation of any motor vehicle, and violate numerous laws preventing persons from appearing disguised in public. Even if I’m wrong and Australia does not have any laws preventing people from wearing disguises while going about their lawful business in public, you should try walking down the street on a cold winter’s night wearing a balaclava, or maybe wear a bandanna to help you avoid some of the smog and stench of a typical city street and see how far you get before the state police have you on the ground with your hands cuffed behind your back and a gun pointed at your head.

Also consider that the South Australian Government recently allowed a Muslim woman to have the photograph for her drivers licence taken while wearing either a niqab or a burqe. An action that invalidates the necessity for photographic identification on drivers licences. As preposterous as it is, that same government is not going to allow you or I to have our motorcycle licence pictures taken while wearing a full face motorcycle helmet. Is it?

If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for them. Ban the burqe!


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