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 Summary - Rev.Billy (R.I.P.)

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Rev.Billy (R.I.P.)
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Died July 12, 37 AC
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Church of Creativity Utah
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20 February 2008 at 14:30
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11 July 2010 at 23:53
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Interned at Graceville Florida
White American
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Salubrious Living - Arnold de Vries with an introduction by Ben Klassen
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Communicating on Amateur Radio and CW (Morse Code)

Rev. Billy’s Chilli Soup

1 Lb Ground Beef
1 Can of whole tomatoes
1 Can of Corn
1 Packet of Taco Seasoning
1 Can of Dark Red Kidney beans
1 Jalapeño pepper

Brown 1 lb of ground beef then add 1 packet of taco seasoning add 1 cup of water and 1 diced Jalapeño Pepper cover and let simmer for 10 minute .Next add 1 can of whole tomatoes (Hand Squeeze each Tomato and add juices from the can) next add 1 can of Dark Red Kidney Beans (Juices and all) next add 1 can of corn (Juices and all) cover and bring to a boil then turn it down to a low and let simmer for 20 mins. Salt and Pepper to Taste.
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Creativity Alliance Founder
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My Awakening:
My name is Thomas -Billy- Jackley, and I was first introduced to Creativity and what was then known as the Church of the Creator, back in 1978. The first I heard about it was when I was reading a Florida based newspaper and noticed an article about The Church. I quickly located the address in order to obtain a copy of the book Natures Eternal Religion, by the Pontifex Maximus or high priest of that religion, Ben Klassen. I patiently waited for the book to arrive in the mail and the moment I received it, I began reading. From that day on I considered myself a Creator (the name given to followers of Creativity). Before that, I had always considered myself an Atheist.

Later in the 1980's I ordered P.M. Klassen's second book The White Man's Bible.

I continued to follow the religion until P.M. Klassen's death in 1993. Later, I joined up with the World Church of the Creator under Matthew Hale, where in 1999 I was proud to assist in the creation of the first Church website. However, with Hale's arrest in 2003, The Church dissolved and I retired from it.

Refusing to watch Creativity die, I later searched and discovered that surviving members had gathered together and formed independent groups of their own based on Creativity. Seeing a whole new future for Creativity, I joined one of those successor groups. Soon after I started the Creativity Alliance as central axis for the different Church groups, as well as a way to inform our people about the religion of Creativity, and that Creativity's not all that the media and the government make it out to be.

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 About Me

Rev. Dr Billy Jackley Desktop Photo Plaques from Creativity Storefront

Founder of the Creativity Alliance, Reverend Doctor Thomas William Jackley Jr (Reverend Billy to Creators), served 12 years in the U.S. Army Rangers, serving in Iraq and Central America, until he was injured in a training incident where a parachute failed to open. Billy was estimated to have hit the ground at 50-60 miles per hour. A long time sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.), for which he received a VA partial disability pension. Billy was then diagnosed with a brain tumour and given approximately two months left to live. Like a true Creator, he refused medical quackery and only accepted morphine to ease the pain. When the hospital stopped the morphine injections and the pain became unbearable, he shot himself through the heart, bringing his life to an end.

His final good deed was to renew our domain name until 40 AC.

He was a brave man and a Creator right to the end.


Obituary: Thomas "Billy" Jackley, Jr.
(Died July 12, 2010)

Thomas “Billy” Jackley Jr. passed away July 12, 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Served in the US Army for 12 years. Ham Radio Operator. Enjoyed Morse code and doing CW on his HF Radios and talking to others on the local repeaters. Survived by his parents, Thomas and Cynthia Jackley; sister, Tammy; nephews, Sean, Seth.

Funeral services were held on Thursday evening July 15, 2010, 7:00pm at the Olympus 2nd Ward, 3070 East Nila Way (4140 South) where friends visited from 6:00pm until 6:45pm prior to services.

Interment:  Marvin Chapel Cemetery, Graceville Florida.

From Reverend Billy's father:

Hi Cailen,

Thank you so much for the very uplifting letter....yes, he spoke very highly of you, as well....the funeral here in Florida was very well attended, as was Salt Lake City....the Patriot Guard Riders (who also acted as pallbearers) and F.A.I.T.H. Riders, of which I am a member of both, did an outstanding job, as usual....Tom Jr's outlaw club friends were there and some of his Creativity friends too....there were around 50 motorcycles there and they escorted his body from the funeral home to the cemetary....the DAV did the honor ceremony and 3 volley was a sight to son in law took videos of the whole service, so when I get some copies, I'll send u one....thanks again for writing.....


You can add your thoughts and condolences at the bottom of this profile here.

To those who were able to leave messages prior to his death, Reverend Billy was touched by your words and thanked you all.  Your thoughts and brotherhood along with the assured continuance of The Alliance, were a comfort to him until the very end. He died proud to know you all and happy knowing that he was leaving Creativity in good hands.


Updated Link:

Thomas Jackley, Jr. Thomas Jackley, Jr. passed away Monday July 12, 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He served in the U.S. Army for 12 years, was a Ham Radio Operator, enjoyed Morse Code and doing CW on his HF Radios. He was a veteran of Desert Storm, a member of D.A.V. and V.F.W., attended Gra-ceville High School and was a graduate of SLC Community College. Preceded in death by his brother, Matthew. Survived by his parents, Tom and Cynthia Jackley; sister, Tammy nephews, Sean and Seth and Ham operators around the globe. Funeral services will be held on 11 a.m., Monday July 19, 2010 at James & Lipford Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Raymond O'Quinn officiating. Burial will follow in Marvin Chapel Cemetery with Military Honors by American Legion Post #241 Sneads, Florida, James & Lipford Funeral Home in Graceville directing. Family will receive friends at the funeral home one hour prior to service. Members of the Patriot Guard Riders will serve as pallbearers and escort. James and Lipford Funeral Home, (850) 263-3238, is in charge of arrangements.

Please sign the guest book at the above link.

Guest Book paid to keep public for all time by the Church of Creativity (Creativity Alliance).

PME Cambeul: Dedication to Rev. Dr Billy
Australian Gathering: 12 May 39AC

 My Interests

Parachuting, weight lifting, ham radio, helping White people and avoiding mud driven taxis.

 My Media

NOTE: Finish and convert funeral video from FLV to MP4 and post here.

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Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour & given 2 months to live, already suffering from MS and in intense pain, Reverend Billy took his own life on July 12, 37 AC.

His funerals in Utah & Florida were well attended. The Patriot Guard Riders & the F.A.I.T.H. Riders did an outstanding job. Around 50 motorcycles escorted his body to the cemetery. The DAV did the honour ceremony with a 3 volley salute.

For more information or to leave condolences, click on the link to his profile here.

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