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The Holocaust: A Modern Government Propaganda Tool for School

This following letter was copied to the students and faculty at Rhode Island College

To: Kathelin Hurd
News Editor
The Anchor
Rhode Island College
Providence, Rhode Island

From: Heinz Bartesch

Your article would be considerably more truthful if it was entitled “Incorporating the Holocaust propaganda effectively into lesson plans” as I assure you this workshop, or anything promoted by US Holocaust Museum (USHMM) will be anything but true education as there will be only distorted facts presented and there won’t be ANY opportunity for a student scholar to ask questions and present facts that dispute the presenters claims.

Custer’s Last Stand

Custer’s Last Stand

The White Race is being pushed into its last stand. Whether it will end in a feeble whimper or a heroic confrontation remains to be seen. General Phillip H. Sheridan is credited with the observation that “the only good Indian is a dead Indian.” In July of 1874 he sent Lt. Col. George A. Custer on a special mission to wage war against the Plains Indians who had been raising havoc with the White settlers moving West. Gold had been discovered in the Black Hills of South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming. Emigration to the West was on the increase as …

How Much Longer ?

Pretoria. Beeld journalist Hilda Fourie and medical doctor ‘LP’ – A surgeon and other medical personnel – aghast at the horrendous injuries inflicted on an Afrikaner student in Pretoria yesterday – launched a fundraising campaign to pay a reward to the man who captured the girl’s torturer-rapist. Medical personnel also plan to hold a demonstration during the arrested black man’s remand-appearance on Monday between 9:45am and 10:15am outside the Pretoria magistrate’s court to protest against the brutality inflicted on the girl.

The 22-year-old Afrikaner student was ‘virtually disected’, enduring 22 cuts and stabs by a butcher knife according to medical …

Farmer Fights Back

Johannesburg – A farmer shot and killed a man trying to rob him of copper cables in Trichardtsdal in the Maake area, Limpopo police said on Sunday. Five men entered his farm around 13:00 on Saturday and struck him on the head with a panga, lieutenant colonel Mohale Ramatseba said. He managed to draw his gun and fire several shots at the intruders. A 30-year-old died on the scene after he was shot. His accomplices ran away without taking anything. The farmer was admitted to hospital with a minor wound. An inquest docket was opened. The four men were still …

Comrades Dividing ANC – Mantashe

Comrades Dividing ANC – Mantashe

Johannesburg – Some comrades are determined to sow divisions in the ANC, its secretary general Gwede Mantashe has told The Star newspaper. Mantashe was quoted as saying the party would celebrate its centenary next year more divided than it was in 2007. Mantashe’s comments – contained in his report to the national executive committee (NEC) – revealed a picture of infighting and highlighted that the party was failing to achieve its non-racial goals. He said divisions were becoming “more glaring, with comrades locked in “grouping”.

“More worrying is the efforts comrades put into dividing the organisation. Some comrades work for …

White Benoni Woman Shoots Dead Black Male Gunman

One of two black men who broke into a family home in Crystal Park, was shot dead during a gun-fight on July 29. Clyde Meela reports in LookLocal Benoni that the unnamed white home-owner was awakened by the house alarm and her dogs. She was asleep in the bedroom with her two children. She took her gun and went downstairs to investigate. She looked through her living room window and spotted two black men with guns in her yard. When they saw her one pointed his firearm at her, and she raised her gun and a gun-fight ensued, with shots …

Norway: Mass Murderer is anti-Racist, pro-Homosexual and pro-Israel

The mainstream media is going to extremes to paint the Norwegian Zionist murderer, Anders Behring Breivik as a xenophobic Right-Wing, neo-Nazi, Homophobic, Islamaphobic, Christian Fundamentalist White Supremacist fanatic. In doing so, they are using Beivik’s recent internet activity as a weapon of condemnation, while ignoring the bulk of his internet activity on a pro-Israel, pro-Homosexual, anti-Racist forum, run by former left wing journalist and rabid Zionist, Hans Rustad

Why doesn’t the traitorous murderer, Breivik, just declare We must ensure the survival of Homosexuals and a future for Israeli children? It turns out that is basically what he …

South Africa Upgraded To Stage 6 –

Dr Gregory Stanton of wrote me today that his organisation is upgrading South Africa to Stage 6 of genocide – when death lists are drawn up, propaganda targetting the target-groups distributed, groups are formed, attacks are starting to culminate in a full-out Genocide, and target groups forced into camps or marginal land sites . (Helpende Hand can tell you exactly where those camps are) Stage 8 is denial of the genocide. Stanton writes “Julius Malema must be removed as leader of the ANC youth league. He is a violent Marxist-racist. Just like Winnie Mandela. Genocide Watch wll upgrade South …

20 May 1983 – Remembering The Church Street Bomb, Pretoria

The Church Street attack on May 20, 1983 killed 19 and injured more than 200 people when a car with 40kg of explosives was detonated outside the SAAF headquarters. Two MK cadres, who were in the car at the time, were also killed because the bomb exploded two minutes early. A huge pall of smoke rose hundreds of feet into the air as debris and bodies were strewn around the scene of the explosion. It exploded at the height of the city’s rush-hour as hundreds of people were leaving work for the weekend. Glass and metal were catapulted into the …

Farmer Andre vd Merwe Dragged 1,2km Behind Bakkie

André (Brood) vd Merwe, 49, shot 3 times, was dragged 1,2km behind his bakkie before his murderers crashed it, with the Afrikaner still chained to it. And since he left a thick blood-trail to follow, the farmer may still have been alive while being dragged. The amiable, single man, who also worked at Swarico Auctions and was well known in the community, was also shot in the back of the head, in the chest and in the cheek. The black-racist murder occurred on his farm about 10 km outside town on the Lichtenburg road. And because three of the attackers …

Point Of No Return

We have already passed one point of no return. Whether we can survive the second point remains to be seen. The White Race has already passed two points of no return. Whether we will “Arrive Alive” on the distant shore depends on how fast we get our act together. Creativity is the total and only answer. A few decades ago when propeller driven airplanes were still the mode of commercial nights, the wind factor was a critical consideration, especially on a long flight across water. A prop-driven commercial passenger plane had to take into serious consideration both the speed and …

Two Blacks Shot Dead In Farm Attack

Two Blacks Shot Dead In Farm Attack

Walkerville, Vereeniging. The supermarket chain who buys the dairy-products from 26-year-old dairy foreman Eon Viljoen has much to answer for. Their failure to pay the farm for its products has caused a chain of horrific events in which two former farm workers – angered because they did not get their Christmas bonuses in time – beat farm-owner Marie Weilbach, 79 into a braindead-coma with a steel-pipe. The two workers then were killed in turn when they waited for her grandson Villjoen in ambush and tried to kill him with a shotgun and a steelpipe. Two dairy-farm workers – Mkhlushwa …

Kill The Boer

Kill The Boer

Afrikaans singer Sunette Bridges (above-left) and other protestors protested the ruling Communist ANC’s genocidal hatesong Kill/Shoot The Boer outside the Johannesburg High Court while South Africa’s ruling party applied inside for the re-legalisation of their genocidal hatespeech song Shoot The Boer which was banned earlier this year.

The Afrikaans human-rights protestors tore up the SA Constitution and wore T-shirts with the faces of world leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel with the words “Kill the Boer, Germany don’t care’; Obama’s face with the words “Yes we can kill the Afrikaner’, the UK Queen ‘s face with the words “I love …

No Free Speech for White People: Federal Attorney-General

No free speech for racists, says Federal Attorny-General Robert McClelland

Peter Veness: Adelaide Advertiser | April 27, 2010

“FREEDOM of speech only goes so far and it does not stretch to racism,” Attorney-General Robert McClelland says.

“It may well be appropriate to set some limitation to public expression of hateful material,” Mr McClelland said.

He said cyber-racism was a growing area of concern for the Human Rights Commission. Eighteen per cent of racism complaints handed to the Commission in 2008-09 were about racist internet material, up from nine per cent in the previous year. [more …]