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L.A. Times Refutes Covington’s Lies Re. Ben Klassen

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From: devr… (Eric DeVries)
Date: 1998/07/07
Subject: L.A. Times Refutes Covington’s Lies on Klassen
L.A. Times Refutes Covington’s Lies on Klassen

The excerpts in this article were taken from an article which appeared in the Sunday Los Angeles Times magazine on December 12, 1993. The article was called “Marketing Hate”, by Sarah Henry, and its main topic was the short-lived attempt by one Rick McCarty, to take Ben Klassen’s “Church of the Creator” and aggressively market it. It did contain some very interesting background information on Klassen which completely contradicts Covington’s insane portrayal of …

Anatomy of a Hypocrite

By Ben Klassen – Founder of Creativity, and Reverend Will Williams
From Racial Loyalty, Issue No. 48 – March 1989
Also available in On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War

Although I never considered him of any consequence either then or now, for years I have nevertheless been extending the hand of friendship to Harold Covington. Since I assumed that he had a semblance of intelligence, I felt that it should not be wasted In pursuing lost causes, or worse still, pursuits destructive to our White Race. I felt that if his screwed up thinking could be straightened out …