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белачки тимски рад

Креативизам: белачки тимски рад

У Креативизму следимо искуства из историје. Вечна борба је цена за опстанак. Победници таквих борби су они који организују, који имају план, који практикују расни тимски рад.

1. У Креативизму наглашавамо одговорност и дужност изнад либералне филозофије.

2. Преферирамо ствараоце у односу на потрошаче.

3. Научили смо из тешких искустава током историје да су либерална друштва завршавала у анархији, а да је анархија најокрутнија и најдеструктивнија од свих тиранија.

4. Верујемо у пуно изражавање слободе унутар контекста организованог друштва и одговорности према том друштву.

5. Верујемо да су најслободнији појединци они који су унутар организованог друштва, …

Rietfontein Homeowner Shoots Down Black Male Robber In Defence Of His Girlfriend

Rietfontein Homeowner Shoots Down Black Male Robber In Defence Of His Girlfriend

Young couple attacked in Rietfontein by two houserobbers, black males – home-owner shoots one man to stop him from assaulting his girlfriend. The second suspect ran away and was arrested shortly thereafter a block away from the crime scene. Emergency services at the scene were photographed stabilising the injured man, who was shot in the head. Rietfontein suspected house-robber shot in head, allegedly was assaulting young woman this afternoon.

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White Farm Laborers Appointed For Less Than Minimum Wage

White Farm Laborers Appointed For Less Than Minimum Wage

Unemployed white men now have the opportunity to be employed as laborers on farms for less than the minimum wage – if they are willing to work. After Mildred Oliphant, minister of agriculture, announced last week that the minimum wage for workers will increase to R105 from 1st of March,  a Limpopo farmer decided to make a plan. The farmer, who wishes to remain anonymous, made contact with a few other farmers from across the country because they can not afford the new wage for farm workers. He placed an ad on Face book, in which he invites white men …

Stop The White Genocide – Spain

Stop The White Genocide – Spain


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About Liberty, Chaos & Organized Society

– By Ben Klassen.

Only in a well-organized White Society, structured for the protection and advancement of the best interests of the White Race, can we hope to survive and prosper – Ben Klassen

In their Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Jews congratulate themselves that they have entrapped and enslaved more unsuspecting goyim with their catchwords of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity than any other concept. They further smirk unto themselves that each one of these words contradicts the others, and that none of these concepts are workable in the real world, yet by throwing them out to the …


If we are to survive in a world gone stark, raving mad, we must sort out our priorities and put them in proper order.

The word triage is of French origin and derives from the word “trier,” meaning to sift, to sort out. It came into prominence during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 when battle casualties were tremendous and the French army medics were hard put in their limited efforts and resources to try to save what they could of the overwhelming number of wounded and dying on the battlefield. Since it was completely impossible to save all the wounded, …

Recognize Your Enemies !

The Jews and the dark races have ganged up in a fierce and deadly racial war designed to exterminate the White Race. Only the victim seems unaware that it is targeted. The second dumbest creature on the face of the earth is one who cannot, or will not, recognize its enemies. There are very few species on this planet that fall into this category. For the dumbest of all, the ultimate booby prize goes to that creature which not only refuses to recognize its natural enemies, but will actively collaborate with those enemies in helping to bring about the destruction …

Afrikaans Youths In Black-Face Protest Against Racist University Policies

Afrikaans Youths In Black-Face Protest Against Racist University Policies

A group of students, accompanied by a delegation of AfriForum Youth, painted themselves black in front of the Department of Higher Education, as a protest against the anti-white “racial targets” the Department is imposing on the Veterinary Science Faculty of the University of Pretoria – the only such faculty in South Africa. AfriForum Youth issued a statement, noting they represented some 30 prospective Afrikaans students who had collectively earned 190 distinctions in Matric, but were turned away by the university’s Veterinary Science Faculty owing to “poor academic performance”.

“AfriForum Youth, students and parents protested against the entry requirements for veterinary …