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Nature And Religion

From Nature’s Eternal Religion, by Ben Klassen

Book II – Chapter 1

23 Words
What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue;
What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin.

In studying the creatures of Nature, we have observed with increasing clarity that each creature has its own peculiar means of survival, of propagation, of gathering food, of defense, and of ushering in the next generation. Not only does each creature have its particular pattern for survival, but in this pattern are imbedded many peculiarities that are to each creature inherently its own.

For example, a beaver instinctively knows how to build dams and this provides a useful means for its survival. A cat instinctively knows how …

The Laws Of Nature Are Eternal

From Nature’s Eternal Religion, by Ben Klassen

Book I – Chapter 1

When we look at the natural world about us, we are awed at the beauty and the majesty of Nature. We view the delicate rosy sunsets reflected in the wispy clouds, we view the massive splendour of the mountains, gleaming and shining in their white coats of snow in the winter, bursting with greenery and the colour of flowers in the spring and in the summer, painted with endless coats of yellow and red with the changing leaves in the autumn. We can view about us the …

Colonization – A Basic Urge In Every Creature Of Nature’s Realm

From The White Man’s Bible, by Ben Klassen

Creative Credo No. 21

23 Words
What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue

A strange malaise has settled on the White Man’s thinking in the period following World War II. By means of the satanic propaganda impinging on his brain from every direction, the White Man is overwhelmed with a neurotic guilt complex. And what is he ashamed of? Why does he feel guilty?

Evidently, he is supposed to feel guilty for the inferiority of the Negroes and the other dark people. He is supposed to feel ashamed of his own astounding success in culture, in technology, in producing vast …