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Reparations: Black History Month

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With Contributions by Brother James Lewis & Brother Ian von Turpie

Every so often you’ll hear a lot of talk about reparations from all the self entitled niggers. About how we owe them for slavery, oppression and the list goes on. But what’s NEVER mentioned is the fact that the niggers of Africa sold their own into slavery and are still doing so to this very day. There is also no mention that THERE WERE WHITE SLAVES; these FACTS are NEVER brought up.

What it comes down to is this: These arrogant NIGGERS are looking for …

Survives Attack By Four Black Gunmen

From Farmitracker | South Africa | December 2014

Boer Lives Matter

“The ‘robber’ is fighting for his life in hospital after his victim – who is too terrified to have his name published – shot him to defend his daughter from the gunmen shortly after four blacks attacked the girl, 22, and her boyfriend shortly after 21h00 on Sunday.

The boyfriend had just dropped off the daughter at her house when the four armed black men stopped behind them in a luxury black BMW. “Three of the men went to the driver’s since and plucked my boyfriend from the car, he pleading with …

Recordando a Brian Kozel

Brian Kozel de 18 años, era un activista pro-blanco de la Iglesia de la Creatividad que fue cobardemente asesinado por una pandilla de chicanos el 15 de Septiembre de 1991 en Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Según las informaciones aparecidas en los periódicos, Brian Kozel, junto con otros activistas boinas blancas, repartían propaganda de forma pacífica en forma de volantes mientras caminaban a casa de un amigo en Milwaukee, cuando de pronto un vehículo con chicanos a bordo comenzó a insultarles y bajaron del coche para atacarles e iniciar una pelea.

Brian Kozel Murdered by Wetbacks - 17 Sept 1990Debido a que Brian y sus amigos se defendieron honorablemente, los …