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Joel Dufresne Case 3


The Emmet County Prosecutor’s Office knows Angela to be mentally ill, prone to fits of violence, and highly deceitful. None of the exculpatory evidence was suppressed by accident; the prosecution’s closing arguments at trial depended on that evidence being hidden, because Angela was presented to the jury as someone much different from the real Angela W. Had the jury seen the Angela known through the suppressed evidence, they wouldn’t have believed her at all.

Her parents did not testify, despite their sympathy for their daughter, because three people couldn’t have sustained the sheer quantity of lies she told at …

Joel Dufresne Case 2


10/24/01: Angela Wiertalla is arrested for driving with open intoxicants in a motor vehicle and violation of restricted driver’s license. Material in the abnormally persistent efforts of Angela to deceive the police.
Attachment A: Emmet County Sheriffs Dept. Incident Report 2001-7116-I

1/24/02: Angela Wiertalla is involved in a serious traffic accident involving injury, in which she was operating under the influence of alcohol. She struck another vehicle, the driver of which was unconscious from injury. Material in Angela’s efforts to deceive the police and blaming the cause of the accident on the injured victim.
Attachment B: Emmet …

Joel Dufresne Case 1

This case consists of criminal sexual allegations by Angela Jean W., of Brutus, MI against her boyfriend Joel Nathan Dufresne. They have one minor child, Hale Dufresne, from their 2 ½ year relationship. Joel was wrongfully convicted of rape in 2006 and is serving a 50 to 75 year sentence in a Michigan Prison.

When it was discovered that kidnapping was not a possible charge it suddenly became a rape case. Was this a custody case that went terribly wrong? Was Emmet county trying to rid their community of someone who had political views that they did not agree with? …

Rev.Dr Joe 2020.10

From Rev.Cambeul: I was talking with PM Joe on the phone this morning. Some mail is being blocked going both ways into and out of the prison. The prison is committing a crime by their own standards, by not notifying PM Joe that mail has been rejected.

* Mail that is Rejected with a Notification is labelled as a Gang Threat – In relation to the World Church of the Creator/Matt Hale

* Disallowed Mail: Photos of known Creators, pictures with Church Logos, use of the name Creativity Alliance
Sometimes the pictures and mail get through – the decisions

Stephen Masten: Skinhead Snitches

Brothers, here is the paperwork on two Aryan Terror Brigade/ATB Members that bought me 40-80 years imprisonment by SNITCHING.

Snitches Wear Stitches!

Thank You.

Yours Racially for a Whiter and Brighter World.

Stephen Masten #MK3933
Benner Township, State Correctional Institution, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania U.S.A. 16823

Send Letters to:
Smart Communications/PADOC
SCI Phoenix
Stephen Masten #MK 3933
P.O. Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL 33733
Email via Connect Network


Stephen Masten’s Profile can be found on Creator Forum – Racial Loyalty News:



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Odinist Request

CREATIVITY ALLIANCE (Whom it may Concern)

I’m writing because I’m a new Odinist and I’m indigent and unable to afford Religious Material.

The Prison Library don’t have any Edas or Sagas or any Heathen Religious Materials for us to study and build knowledge.

I consider myself Odinist and I’m unable to study or worship the gods the way I should. Could you please help me obtain some materials to do so and pass along to my Kinfolk here and build our knowledge? I would be grateful.

Thank you for your time.


Basic Reading Materials Can be Sent to:

About Rev. Dufresne

All about Reverend Joel Dufresne

Joel is legitimately innocent. His case is that of a marriage breakup gone wrong, with a draconian government getting involved in order to bring down a man they saw as a threat to their multi-racial, politically correct universe.

RaHoWa Reverend Joel Dufresne!

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Creativity’s longest serving prisoner at a THOUSAND YEARS.
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