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Polarization And Confrontation

From Racial Loyalty – Issue 29, by Ben Klassen

The Jew contrives to delay it until the White Race is too weak and degenerate to fight back before closing in on the kill. From the earliest dawn of history, it has been the White Race that has written it, and achieved all the major accomplishments that were worth writing about.

For thousands of years, the White Race and the White Race alone has built civilizations, built empires and reigned supreme. Not until as recently as 69 years ago, after WWII, has the White Race seriously been threatened of being …

The Jews And War

When we look at the great wars all over the world one things catches the eye of the student studying the Jewish question. The international financiers of the wars are mostly Jewish. The most notorious of these are the Rothschilds [Anslem, Solomon, Charles James and Nathan Meyer], Schiffs and the Speyers. In the House of Rothschild we have the five war-lords of Europe who financed wars for more than a generation while their dynasty was continued by their successors. Let us closely examine these crimes again humanity which has had no court-hearing.

Thirty Years’ War – Germany [1618-48]
Here we …