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Rev.Dr Joe 2020.10

From Rev.Cambeul: I was talking with PM Joe on the phone this morning. Some mail is being blocked going both ways into and out of the prison. The prison is committing a crime by their own standards, by not notifying PM Joe that mail has been rejected.

* Mail that is Rejected with a Notification is labelled as a Gang Threat – In relation to the World Church of the Creator/Matt Hale

* Disallowed Mail: Photos of known Creators, pictures with Church Logos, use of the name Creativity Alliance
Sometimes the pictures and mail get through – the decisions

Rev.Dr Joe 2020.09

To All Creators,

Listed here are the people that are illegally detaining me in the long term Intensive Management Unit (IMU) – solitary confinement – at Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI).
777 Stanton Blvd., Ontario, Oregon 97914-8335

* Jamie Breyman
Administrator Office Population Management
2575 Center Street, Salem
Oregon 97301

* Greg Jones
Administrator Office Population Management
2575 Center Street, Salem
Oregon 97301

Phone: 503-945-0950
Fax: 503-373-1173

The agents of JOG are persecuting me as a Creator. They are denying me all rights to Freedom of Religion, and no due process by keeping me in long term status, …

History (Page 2)

25AC (1998CE): Due to a personality clash, Reverend Hale expels the leading members of the Florida arm of the Church, (all Klassen era Creators) including the popular Reverend Guy Lombardi and Reverend Fettu. Reverend Lombardi later said in the last days before his death in 39AC from a heart attack, “Hale did not like me because I did my job too damn well and that scared the hell out of him.” Other Klassen era Creators leave in support of Reverend Lombardi.

More Klassen era Creators leave having taken issue with Reverend Hale marrying a sixteen year old girl. Creators whom …

About Rev.Dr Joe

Dear Brothers And Sisters, White Racialist Greetings!

Rev. Dr Joe and FriendsMy name is Reverend Dr Joseph Esposito and I am an original member of the Church of the Creator, friend of our Pontifex Maximus, Ben Klassen, since 1974, when the church was still located at Light House Point, Florida.  I first learned of the Church of the Creator in an ad in the November 1974 issue of Outdoor Life.  The ad said, “Are you proud to be a noble White Man?  If so, contact the Church of the Creator.”

My friend, Bobby Way, and I wrote to the address in the ad.  Well, …