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Christianity Peculiarly Vulnerable

From Nature’s Eternal Religion, by Ben Klassen

Book II – Chapter 16

If we are ever to successfully rescue the White Race from the insane dilemma it now unwittingly finds itself in, there are two basic questions we must properly assess:

(a) What is the average White attitude towards Christianity today? (b) After 2000 years of Christianity, can the White Man’s thinking ever again be brought back to sanity and reason?

Let us explore the initial question first. We all know that Christianity swept the Roman Empire, and in so doing, destroyed it. The downfall of the Roman Empire …

A Real Case Against Christianity – Part 4

By Ben Klassen

Christianity has distanced humanity from nature as people came to perceive God as a singular supremacy detached from the physical world. In Christian eyes, the physical world became the realm of the devil in contrast to a society that had once celebrated nature through seasonal festivals, and were now forced to commemorate biblical events bearing no connection to the earth. Holidays lost much of their celebratory spirit and took on a tone of penance and sorrow, and time, once thought to be cyclical like the seasons, was now perceived to be linear. Because of their rejection of …

A Real Case Against Christianity – Part 3

By Ben Klassen

In an attempt to purge Christianity of pre-Christian and Pagan elements, the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Counter Reformation was born. Can you imagine ? A religion trying to purge itself from Pagan elements while its birth was centered in Mithraism; a religion trying to purge itself from Pagan elements while it celebrated Pagan festivals … a religion trying to purge itself from Pagan elements while a cave-temple was dedicated to Mithra in Rome on Vatican Hill, the seat of the Catholic Church. The irony. Anyway, the Protestant Reformation was ignited by Martin Luther with fear mongering …

A Real Case Against Christianity – Part 2

By Ben Klassen

The Church also had a devastating impact upon artistic expression. According to orthodox Christianity, art should not serve simply as an individual’s creative exploration and expression, but should enhance and promote Christian values. Gregory the Great tore down marble statues of ancient Rome and turned them into lime. It was also common practice to take some of the architectural marbles and mosaics to adorn cathedrals all over Europe and as far away as Westminster Abbey in London. It`s no secret that the Church amassed inordinate wealth during the Dark Ages. Their theft included collecting revenues from imperial …

A Real Case Against Christianity – Part 1

By Ben Klassen

I have read many books on the origins of Christianity and it never ceases to amaze me how this new religion was forced down the throats of White Pagans by brutal force and intimidation until they were duped into believing it to be the religion of the White Race. The question that always comes to mind is why this “religion” had to be enforced on people?

If you`re going to create a new religion at least give people a choice if they want to accept it or not, and at least use your own symbolism, mythology and …

The Curious Relationship Between Father, Son & The Devil

From The White Man’s Bible, by Ben Klassen

Creative Credo No. 53

It should really not be necessary to spend so much time discrediting the “spooks in the sky” swindle, since even a cursory examination of the Jewish (and Christian) bible should convince even the most simple minded that the collection of weird stories contained therein are contradictory, wild, and completely unsubstantiated by the records of authentic history. They are, in short an affront to the intelligence of any thinking individual and shamefully compromise his or her intellectual integrity. Yet so deeply ingrained is this Jewish fungus in the …

The Spooks In The Sky Swindle

From The White Man’s Bible, by Ben Klassen

Creative Credo No. 52

In Nature`s Eternal Religion I have already stated that basically five Jewish books have had widespread effects on the history of the White Race and those effects have been devastating. The five books in their historical order are:
The Old Testament; the New Testament; the Talmud;
Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital;
and lastly The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The opening wedge of this psychological warfare was the Old Testament, a relatively dull book of myths and fairy tales, dealing in the biggest part about …

Observations About The Devil & Hell

From The White Man’s Bible, by Ben Klassen

Creative Credo No. 50

The opening verse of the Jewish bible flatly states, “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.” Not mentioned in this garbled story of creation are two other factors that this lonesome ghost must also have created at the very beginning, two elements that loom disastrously large in the fate of mankind. We must presume that before the first day there was nothing – no “heaven,” no earth, no light, no sun, no universe – just a lonesome spook floating aimlessly in a dark void, as he …

Hell – The Ultimate Horror Concept Of A Depraved Mentality

From The White Man’s Bible, by Ben Klassen

Creative Credo No. 49

If you were given the task of conjuring up a concept that was the ultimate horror, the ultimate concept of hate, and torture, of misery and depravity, could you, in a thousand years, come up with a concept to top that which the Jews came up with two thousand years ago, namely the Christian concept of hell? No, you could not. In that very concept, hell, is gathered together all the hatred, viciousness, brutality, criminality, fiendishness, evil and depravity only an unbalanced Jewish mind could lump together …