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Globe Trotting Reporter for Racial Loyalty News
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South Australia
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White European
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05 August 2012 at 10:43
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07 June 2023 at 18:36
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04 June 2023 at 13:02

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The Price is Reich!

Find me on Stormfront as QueJumpingAfghan where I have been banned!

Formerly Based in the Northern Territory
Now in Adelaide, South Australia - The Whitest City in Australia
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| 19 June 2020 at 16:07
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. . . The Shotcaller . . . Church Administrator, Creativity Alliance
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The Church of Creativity South Australia

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Hello Brother
Who is that dapper looking man in your Profile pic???

It's Ian Turpie. The greatest entertainer that ever died.
Check out his recommended links and the singer in Media.
| 01 January 1970 at 00:00
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The Church of Creativity England

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Hello Brother
Who is that dapper looking man in your Profile pic???
| 01 January 1970 at 00:00
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Irish Twat

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Pleased to see you're a church supporter and everything. Looking forward to meeting you in the white future as a bonafide Klassenite. ;)
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