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Author Topic: Reparations: Upcoming Black History Month

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Reparations: Upcoming Black History Month
« on: 28 January 2019 at 16:28 »

Every so often you'll hear a lot of talk about reparations from all the self entitled niggers. About how we owe them for slavery, oppression and the list goes on. But what's NEVER mentioned is the fact that the niggers of Africa sold their own into slavery and are still doing so to this very day.  There is also no mention that there were WHITE SLAVES; these FACTS are NEVER brought up.

What it comes down to is this: These arrogant NIGGERS are looking for something free from Whitey !! As if welfare, free housing, free college (that's a joke - the niggers can't even speak proper English) weren't enough. They have so many government funded programs JUST FOR THEM: which are all paid for by the race they hate, The White Race.

If anything these stupid arrogant niggers should be thanking the White Man for bringing their miserable black asses here. Niggers NEVER had it so good, but they're to damn dumb to know it.

This country - MY COUNTRY !!! Is still the greatest country on Earth that's exactly why every single third world scum is trying like hell to get into my country. They know that in America their worthless asses will be coddled and catered to. And do they show appreciation ? Hell no!! Niggers don't produce - they reproduce.  Niggers don't create - they procreate... NIGGERS CONSUME like the parasites they are.

The White Race - Our Race really needs to get our priorities straight: which is the survival of OUR RACE !! Our first priority is to do what's in the best interest of our own race PERIOD ! If anyone should be paying reparations it's the niggers and other colored scum that's been living off of the White Race. We owe these black bastards NOTHING !!!

It's not our fault that the niggers are violent, stupid, and repulsive. It's in their genes, nature made them that way, it's hereditary NOT environment.

I can't believe that the United States government gives these cretins a history month THAT'S A DISGRACE! But what do you expect when the Jews are behind the scenes pulling all the strings in government, and our politicians are nothing more than puppets being manipulated by the JEWS. These niggers in no way deserve a black history month. A history of what? Murder, rape, rioting and robbing?

Black History Month is only a few more days away, but I feel absolute disdain with this bullshit Black History Month. If any race deserves a history month it's the WHITE RACE !! The CREATORS of ALL modern technology.



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Re: Reparations: Upcoming Black History Month
« Reply #1 on: 28 January 2019 at 20:30 »
I have a friend who’s also Australian. Some African bitch called him a “cracker” while he lived in America. He told her that he had nothing to do with slavery and that Australia was built with WHITE SLAVES. Convict labour. She didn’t know what to say to that.

You’ll find western Governments try humour the blacks. The damage their chimpouts cause costs big money. Where I live some people are mad cops won’t do stuff to fix blacks who they filmed committing offences. They don’t want a riot.

America is supposed to be about “Justice for all”, isn't it? How come niggers get a free pass?

What should happen is we trade all the Africans back there with South Africa for the Whites they hate.

It’s not like Whites run that place any more and the Chinks are getting their foot in the door.
The Price is Reich!

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Re: Reparations: Upcoming Black History Month
« Reply #2 on: 28 January 2019 at 20:57 »
Hidden to Guests and Hidden to Guests Nice one - both of you. I will add both of yours to the main website later today in a single article which I'll link back here. R!

BTW Additional History: The first slaves in America were White Slaves, otherwise known as Convict Labourers  - EXACTLY the same as in Australia. In 1776 when the American colonists rebelled against British rule, England suddenly had nowhere to ship its Convicts/White Slaves - English thieves, forgers and the generally poor, along with Scots and Irish political dissidents. So the English shipped off Captain James Cook to "Discover" Australia, while the prisoners sat in rotting Convict/Slave Ships in the River Thames.

And there they sat until January 26, 1788, when a massive fleet of Convict/Slave Ships finally arrived in Australia. Hence we have Australia Day as the average White Australian calls it; Invasion Day as Abos and Libtards call it; and South Victory Day, as we Creators call it.

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