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0 AC (1973 CE): Bernhardt "Ben" Klassen, a former Florida state legislator and state chairman of George Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign, announces the formation of a religion he calls Creativity and a church called the Church of the Creator, in Lighthouse Point, Florida. Klassen becomes the first Pontifex Maximus or High Priest of Creativity. The tenets of P.M. Klassen's race-based religion, called "Creativity," are detailed in his book Nature's Eternal Religion. Among its 16 Commandments: "It is our sacred goal to populate the lands of this earth with White people exclusively."

8 AC (1981 CE): P.M. Klassen publishes his second book, The White Man's Bible, which he markets as "A program for the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of the White Race."

9 AC (1982 CE): In March, P.M. Klassen moves Church headquarters from Florida to 22 acres of land he purchased in Otto, N.C., building a personal residence, a three-story church, a small warehouse and the "School For Gifted Boys."

Later in the year, the Church of the Creator is granted an exemption from state taxes based on its status as a church.

10 AC (1983 CE): P.M. Klassen begins publishing a monthly newsletter, Racial Loyalty, in June.

13 AC (1986 CE): Creativity has its first known brush with the duality of criminal law in June, when in defence of church property, security chief Reverend Carl Messick, fires 19 shots at the car of a Georgia couple willfully trespassing on church grounds. Although nobody is killed or wounded, Reverend Messick is later sentenced to seven years in prison.

15 AC (1988 CE): Klassen, now 70, travels to California to ask John Metzger, son of White Aryan Resistance founder Tom Metzger, about taking over Creativity. Metzger, politely declines.

16 AC (1989 CE): A review by Macon County tax officials concludes that the church's North Carolina property does not qualify for religious tax exemptions.

In May of the same year, two Milwaukee Church members are arrested while defending themselves against brawling anti-racist thugs.

17 AC (1990 CE): Declaring that Church leadership would change "at the top of every decade, on the decade," P.M. Klassen announces that Reverend Rudy "Butch" Stanko will take over.

On September 15, eighteen year old Reverend Brian Kozel - White Beret (Church Security), is murdered by Mexicans while destributing Church material in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This tumultuous event is forever commemorated in the Creator Calendar as Martyrs' Day, otherwise known as Kozel Day.

18 AC (1991 CE): In May, Reverend George Loeb shoots and kills in self defense a black man that had attempted to smash Reverend Loeb's head with a house brick he had deliberately picked up for the purpose. Reverend Loeb, whom P.M. Klassen had earlier honored as "Creator of the Month," is ultimately convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of twenty-five years. His wife Barbara Loeb is sentenced to one year in prison on weapons possession charges. Reverend Loeb's conviction ultimately leads to the demise of the premier Church of the Creator.

Also in November, Macon County, N.C., officials revoke the church's tax-exempt status.

19 AC (1992 CE): P.M. Klassen's wife Henrietta Dies of cancer in January. Two months later, P.M. Klassen cancels Reverend Stanko's scheduled inauguration as the church's Pontifex Maximus, and names Baltimore leader, Reverend Charles Altvater as leader of Creativity instead.

In June, P.M. Klassen again changes his mind, naming Milwaukee Church leader Reverend Mark Wilson, 25, as the next leader of Creativity.

The next month, (correctly) anticipating a malicious civil lawsuit in connection with the Mansfield death, P.M. Klassen places most of the Otto property on the market. The price already lowered to a minimum and with no interested buyers, P.M. Klassen agrees to sell the property to Doctor William Pierce of the National Alliance. Reverend Will White Williams, former Hasta Primus for P.M. Klassen and then current assistant to to Doctor Pierce agrees to act as a go-between for the transaction. A meeting is arranged and the sale takes place. Although everything is above board, the Southern Poverty Law Center will later claim otherwise.

In December, shortly after publishing his final, autobiographical book, P.M. Klassen names his successor: Florida psychologist, Doctor Richard "Rick" McCarty.

20 AC (1993 CE): In one of his first acts as Pontifex Maximus, Doctor McCarty moves Church headquarters back to Florida in January.

On August 7, seventy-five year old Benhardt Klassen, Pontifext Maximus Emeritus, in great pain and dying from cancer, takes his own life by swallowing four bottles of sleeping pills.

Later that year, Toronto Church leader and Rahowa band lead singer George Burdi (as Reverend Eric Hawthorne) helps form Resistance Records with Reverend Mark Wilson, based in Detroit, to record and market racial rock music. Creativity for a time becomes a uniquely skinhead based cult. Burdi is later arrested for assault while defending himself in a riot caused by "anti-racist" demonstrators, and eventually denounces all forms of racial loyalty - in particular the skinhead music scene that he helped to form and chose to surround himself with, and which would continue to influence Creativity until the advent of the Creativity Alliance.

21 AC (1994 CE): Representing the family of the black, Harold Mansfield, the Southern Poverty Law Center files suit against the church in March, alleging the group is responsible for his death. The family is wrongfully awarded a $1 million default judgement when Pontifex Maximus, Reverend Doctor Rick McCarty fails to contest the case.

(Later, the Southern Poverty Law Center will sue Doctor Pierce for participating in P.M. Klassen's efforts to keep Church property free from malicious lawsuit. Ultimately, the SPLC wins a judgement for $85,000 — the profit Doctor Pierce realized after selling Church property.)

22 AC (1995 CE):  Twenty-four year old Reverend Matthew Hale forms a new church group called the "New" Church of the Creator – later renamed the “World” Church of the Creator – based in East Peoria, Illinois, where he lives with his father. Although not a direct follow-on from P.M.E. Klassen's Church of the Creator, Reverend Hale’s group has some success until its demise with his arrest in 30 AC.

23 AC (1996 CE): Reverend Hale convenes a meeting of a newly reconstituted Guardians of the Faith Committee at the Montana ranch of Church Leader Reverend Slim Deardorff (formerly of the premier Church of the Creator) where Reverend Hale is elected Pontifex Maximus of the newly formed group.

24 AC (1997 CE): The Church begins a Web site maintained by Reverend Jules Fettu and Brother Thomas William Jackley (formerly of the premier Church of the Creator) in Florida.

27 AC (2000 CE): Although P.M.E. Klassen's Church of the Creator and its successors are not related to the Oregon based Christian group,`TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation', TE-TA-MA adopts the name Church of the Creator for itself in the 1980's and registers a trademark for the name in the 1990's. In 27 AC, TE-TA-MA files a lawsuit against the World Church of the Creator for breach of trademark.

29 AC (2002 CE): Reverend Deardorff and other Guardians of the Faith vote to remove Reverend Hale from office, citing reckless behavior and cultish tendencies. Reverend Hale in turn expels Reverend Deardorff and the other members of the Guardians of the Faith Committee, who go on to form the Northwest Church of the Creator.

After an initial win by the World Church of the Creator with Judge Joan Lefkow, the decision is appealed by TE-TA-MA, and in November 29 AC, in a reversal of the previous ruling, a panel of three judges in the appeals court overturns the previous decision. On November 19, Judge Lefkow enforces the appeals court injunction in favor of TE-TA-MA. The Church is given thirty days to "deliver (…) for destruction (…) all" printed and other materials bearing the infringing marks, thereby barring the use of the name "Church of the Creator" by adherents of Creativity and forcing another name change. Judge Lefkow also denies The Church's request to stay enforcement of the court's order pending appeal.

30 AC (2003 CE): In January, while entering a Chicago court house to answer for refusal to change the World Church of the Creator’s name, Reverend Hale is arrested by the FBI on charges of conspiracy to murder Judge Lefkow. Reverend Hale is later found guilty and sentenced to forty years in a Federal penitentiary.

Later in the year leading Church Officers resign from their positions in the World Church of the Creator, forming the first of many small independent groups known as the Church of Creativity. Leaderless, the former World Church of the Creator’s formal structure dissolves and many members also go their own way forming their own local churches, social clubs and (White Man's) Bible Reading Groups, (one such group being the White Crusaders of the Church/RaHoWa – the forerunner of the Creativity Alliance) adapting Creativity to their own particular needs and thereby revolutionizing Creativity from a centralized and heavily structured organization to an open and ever evolving religion that belongs not to a single group or entity, but to the entire White Race.

34 AC (2007 CE): In January, Reverend Doctor Thomas William Jackley (now of Utah) founds the Creativity Alliance as an online information resource and focal point for individual Creators and groups throughout the world. Reverend Jackley recruits Reverend Cailen Cambeul of South Australia (formerly of the World Church of the Creator and the White Crusaders) to construct a network of websites and a forum.

36 AC (2009 CE): On February 21, the Creativity Alliance is restructured as an organization with officers representing the many local Churches of Creativity.  A reconstituted Guardians of the Faith Committee elect Reverend Cambeul as Pontifex Maximus.

38 AC (2010 CE): Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and an inoperable brain tumor in July, Reverend Jackley is informed he has less than two months to live. Less than two weeks later and in intense pain, Reverend Jackley takes his own life on July 12 with a pistol shot through the heart.

40 AC (2013 CE): The 40th anniversary of the Founding of the White Man’s Religion – CREATIVITY. With over a thousand Church Members and Supporters, the Creativity Alliance (incorporating the Church of Creativity) continues to thrive in a world hostile to Logic, Common Sense and an Awakened White Race.

"The Racial Holy War Continues ..."

CREATIVITY is unique and in a class by itself.

It is not associated with any other racial or religious movement. It is, in fact, the first and only Racial Religion the White Race has ever had in its long and tumultuous history. Our creed and program is comprehensive and complete, one by which our White people can thrive and prosper for the next million years. In order to understand fully we suggest you read our Two Basic Books:

Nature's Eternal Religion

and the

White Man's Bible

  1. We, the Racial Comrades of the White Race, are determined to regain complete and unconditional control of our own destiny.
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