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Racial tolerance in South Australia ‘too high’

Tory Shepherd: The Advertiser | September 30, 2008,22606,24423463-2682,00.html

The “disappointing” results are from a 10-year survey called Challenging Racism, to be released at the 4Rs (rights, reconciliation, respect and responsibility) International Conference in Sydney this week.

A cultural gap yes,

but we’re not racist

ONE in two South Australians do not like the idea of a close relative marrying a Muslim, while one in three are against marriage to Aborigines or black Africans.

Despite this, only one in 10 actually admits to being racist.

Project leader Professor Kevin Dunn, from the University of Western Sydney, said yesterday the levels …

40pc believe others don’t belong here

The Advertiser | September 28, 2008,22606,24415273-5005962,00.html

FORTY per cent of Australians believe some ethnic groups do not belong in the country with one in 10 having outwardly racist views, a new study shows.

New South Wales tops the list with racist views, but lead researcher on the project Kevin Dunn puts it down to Sydney being the focus of international migration to Australia.

The study, led by human geography and urban studies Professor Dunn and his team from the University of Western Sydney, reveals racism in Australia has waned over the years but the figures remain high.

He will …

Cab drivers targeted by thieves

The Advertiser September 26, 2008,22606,24405882-2682,00.html

TWO taxi drivers were assaulted in separate attacks overnight, with one cab stolen by a man and woman.

Police arrested a Christies Beach man, 26, and a Woodcroft man, 27, after they allegedly assaulted a driver and attempted to run off without paying the fare in Hindley St at about 2.30am.

The driver chased the men and one assaulted him leaving the driver with minor injuries to his face and hand.

The men ran through the railway yards before being arrested in the carpark of the Convention Centre, on North Tce. They were charged …

Life in Aboriginal Australia: Girl sexually abused as she lay dying

Nigel Adlam: The Advertiser | September 26, 2008,22606,24405406-911,00.html

A 14-YEAR-old girl who ran away from hospital was beaten with a lump of wood by a younger girl before being dragged into bushes by boys who tried to rape her as she was dying, a coroner has been told.

Observers sat in stunned silence in an Alice Springs court yesterday as a lawyer detailed the girl’s last hours, the Northern Territory News reported.

The inquest was also told that nursing staff failed to follow Health Department rules when the girl discharged herself from hospital.

Police were not alerted until 23 …

Anti-racism academic cheesed off with Coon

David Barbeler: | September 26, 2008,23599,24405098-421,00.html

AN anti-racism campaigner says Coon cheese is next on his hit-list after the Queensland Government ruled a grandstand being rebuilt in the state’s south would not be renamed after E.S. “Nigger” Brown.

Toowoomba Sports Ground Trust chairman John McDonald said yesterday that while the grandstand bearing Brown’s name was to be demolished in coming days as part of an upgrade, the “N word” would be used on a plaque or statue at the new ground.

But late yesterday, Sports Minister Judy Spence ruled it would be inappropriate to use the racist term …

‘Kick a black’ remark causes uproar in state parliament

Michael Owen, Political Reporter: The Advertiser | September 24, 2008,22606,24390627-5006301,00.html

TREASURER Kevin Foley has accused State Opposition leader Martin Hamilton-Smith of being happy to “kick a black” and engage in “racism politics”.

Mr Foley went on the attack yesterday in State Parlianment after Mr Hamilton-Smith asked a question about the HomeStart Finance “Nunga Loan” scheme – a home loan package designed for Aborigines – and the risks associated with them.

Mr Hamilton-Smith compared the Nunga Loans product to the subprime loans in the U.S. that sparked an economic meltdown.

He said loans above a property’s value were approved to …

Woman stabbed by Aboriginal gang in front of city shoppers

Renato Castello: The Advertiser | September 13, 2008,,24340766-5006301,00.html

A WOMAN has been stabbed in front of shoppers in what is believed to have been an unprovoked attack in the city centre this afternoon.

The 22-year-old Brompton woman rang police and ambulance to report she had been stabbed in the chest outside the Southern Cross Arcade on King William St.

She was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital just after 1pm with non-life threatening injuries.

A witness to the attack said the woman was sitting outside the Southern Cross Photo store with a male companion when she was approached by …

Abo used Pistol in theft of rare car at Mile End

The Advertiser | September 01, 2008,22606,24273677-5006301,00.html

A RARE American muscle car has been stolen at gunpoint in Mile End this morning.

Police are now hunting for a man of Aboriginal appearance who stole the black 2008 Dodge Nitro station wagon from its owner on Rose St, Mile End, about 8.45am.

It is understood the offender entered a business at Mile End before confronting the victim at gunpoint and demanding his car keys.

He is of medium build and was wearing all black clothing with a balaclava.

No one was injured in the incident.

The vehicle’s registration is XTW-765


Abo Alcohol Prohibition Campaigner is an Oxymoron

Aboriginal campaigner Bernard Singer’s tree fight fine

Andrew Dowdell, Court Reporter: The Advertiser | August 01, 2008,22606,24112298-2682,00.html

APY Lands chairman Bernard Singer has been convicted and fined over an assault at a Far North community earlier this year.

Singer, 41, today admitted to punching another man during an argument over the cutting down of a “sacred tree” on the lands in May.

The alcohol prohibition campaigner had denied the assault but pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and misuse of a motor vehicle midway through his trial in Coober Pedy Magistrates Court.
Abo Alcohol Prohibition Campaigner is an Oxymoron
The court previously heard that Singer had a …

SA White man ‘eaten alive by dogs’ at Abo community

The Advertiser | July 30, 2008,22606,24100430-5006301,00.html

A SOUTH Australian man killed in mysterious circumstances in the Northern Territory was eaten alive by wild dogs, his family said yesterday.

The fatal mauling is believed to have been the work of the same dogs that bit off a woman’s ear two months ago.

Michael Hardy, 26, a visitor from South Australia, had been driving back to Adelaide after coming to the Territory to visit his brother, Peter, in Darwin.

He was found dead near the entrance to the Hidden Valley town camp in Alice Springs last Thursday.

Police are mystified about …

Priest Wants Government to Do More for Aborigines to Prevent Crime

David Cappo blasts government inaction over Gang of 49

Maria Moscaritolo: The Advertiser | July 28, 2008,22606,24087934-5006301,00.html

THE new Families and Communities Minister has conceded her department has more to do in addressing the Gang of 49 crime culture in Adelaide.

Earlier today, the man charged with addressing the social ills behind the Gang of 49 – Monsignor David Cappo – said government departments were not doing enough to help.

Father Cappo, the chairman of the State Government’s Social Inclusion Board, singled out the Family and Communities Department as not doing enough and not working quickly enough.

Jennifer Rankine, …

Abos hit Metro Hotel, Brighton, after attack at Hove

Michael Milnes, Police Reporter: The Advertiser | July 28, 2008,22606,24087745-5006301,00.html

THREE men wielding a baseball bat and iron bar burst into a hotel and assaulted two people after threatening a man in his home in two terrifying attacks last night.

The pub victims were at the Metro Hotel at Brighton about 11.40pm when three men described as aboriginal burst in to the gaming room, threatening staff and customers with their weapons.

Two people who tried to stop the bandits were assaulted but police said they did not sustain any injuries. The robbers then escaped with an amount of money …

Trio of armed Abos rob woman at West Lakes ATM

Michael Milnes, Police Reporter: The Advertiser | July 10, 2008,22606,23997605-2682,00.html

THREE knife-wielding men robbed a woman at an ATM in the western suburbs earlier this morning.

The victim was withdrawing money from the machine on West Lakes Boulevard about 7.30am when the trio approached her and stole an amount of cash.

Police said she was uninjured in the robbery.

The men are described as Aboriginal in appearance.

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