Segregation of Australian Schools

SA Secondary Principals Association wants police in schools

Michael Owen: The Advertiser | January 20, 2009,22606,24935160-5006301,00.html

PRINCIPALS believe increasing cases of physical and sexual violence in schools warrant community police officers being based on campuses.

The number of reported physical and sexual assaults against students and teachers is skyrocketing as the State Government enforces its “zero tolerance” approach to violence in public schools.

As 170,000 children prepare to return to school next Tuesday, Education Department figures provided to The Advertiser reveal a sharp spike last year in the amount of physical and sexual violence in schoolyards across the state. [more …]

The following comment was left as a response to the original article on the Adelaide Advertiser website (comment #33).

I am in full agreement with those that have already stated that parents are no longer able to sufficiently discipline their own children and maintain boundries, thanks to the idiotic experiments of the Do-Gooders of society. However, I also notice that with the advent of enforced multiculturalism, we have children from cultures vastly different from our own. Children that were child soldiers even, who through no fault of their own do not fit in with the mores of Australian society. Recent examples in most of our capital cities are Sudanese youth gangs which have no fear of the police, nevermind an almost powerless school principle.

In England, the authorities have recognised the problems arising from enforced multiculturalism and are in the process of creating a segregated school system taking into account the cultural and religious requirements of children from African, Caribbean and Asian origins. Unlike Australia, the UK has been dealing with the negative effects of enforced multiculturalism for several decades now, but that does not mean Australia should remain complacent and ignore the issues at hand for a few decades while waiting for matters to worsen before making similar decisions.

Considering recent developments in England, segregation of Australian schools is something that should be immediately addressed in light of the positive aspects of segregation over the negative aspects of enforced multiculturalism.

Cailen Cambeul of Oaklands Park