Recognize Your Enemies !

The Jews and the dark races have ganged up in a fierce and deadly racial war designed to exterminate the White Race. Only the victim seems unaware that it is targeted. The second dumbest creature on the face of the earth is one who cannot, or will not, recognize its enemies. There are very few species on this planet that fall into this category. For the dumbest of all, the ultimate booby prize goes to that creature which not only refuses to recognize its natural enemies, but will actively collaborate with those enemies in helping to bring about the destruction of its own kind. The White Race, in its present headlong rush to extinction, has the dubious honor of qualifying for both first and second booby prizes. In fact, it is the only species I know of that gladly and wantonly participates with its enemies in its own destruction. Why is this ? For thousands of years the White Race has been the foremost species on the face of the earth in intelligence, in creativity, in productivity, in imagination; in the fields of art, literature, invention, geographical discovery, colonization, political organization and the military arts. In fact, it has been the unchallenged leader in these and in practically every other worthwhile field of human endeavor.

Today the White Race is shrinking rapidly, while the dark hordes, fed by the largesse, charity and productivity of the White Race, are exploding in numbers all over the face of the earth. Like hordes of prolific rats, they are feeding, breeding and expanding, all at the expense of the Booby Prize Winner No. I, the White Race. I repeat the question : why are we pursuing this insane course ? The answer is both simple and complex and throughout all Ben Klassens` writings he have chronicled both the cause and also the solution. So that no one will miss the point, I will briefly, in one paragraph, recapitulate the cause. The White Man’s brain has been deranged by an alien poison. It is interlaced and interlarded into his religion, called Christianity. It is being administered by the world’s most deadly parasite, the perfidious and treacherous Jew. The essence of that poison is capsulized in the Sermon on the Mount : love your enemies; turn the other cheek; sell all thou hast and give it to the dark peoples; judge not; think not of the morrow; ask and ye shall be given; store up treasures in heaven (but not on earth); pluck out thine eye; cut off thy hand; and a whole plethora of suicidal advice that you would only dispense to your worst enemy if you wanted him to commit suicide without having to bother killing him yourself. (Read again, “The New Testament” page 106 of Nature’s Eternal Religion.)

However, let us not be under any misapprehension that the “perfidious and treacherous Jew” mentioned in the previous paragraph is content in just giving us goyim bad advice and let us do the job of self-destruction unaided and all by ourselves. Far from it. Not only is the Jew the natural Enemy No. I of the White Race, but he is vicious and a virulent creature the likes of which the world has never seen. He is cunning, he is treacherous, he is tenacious, he is patient, he is deadly. He does, however, have one redeeming feature the White Race does not. Whereas all races (except the White Race) practice Racial Loyalty, the Jew does so with a fervent passion that is unequalled by any other race. As a culmination of these characteristics the Jew now sits on top of the world, manipulating its affairs, and plundering the goyim at will. (See Racial Loyalty No 35, “Operation Rip-off.”). But the Jew is not only a master parasite sucking the blood of its victims. The Jew is also a master destroyer, infiltrating, under mining, poisoning and exterminating peoples, nations and civilizations. This he has been doing with an expert (hidden) hand for thousands of years, going back as far as the Ancient Egyptian civilization. This the Jew is doing today with a deadly virulence and accelerating speed as never before in its turbulent Jewish history. And the No.1 target is the total White Race. That means you, Whitey, your family, your relatives, your race, your civilization, and along with it any future progeny that you might have forthcoming.

We, the White Race, are enveloped in a vicious deadly race war, whether we like it or not, whether we realize it or not. Like a boa constrictor wrapped tightly around our body, we are locked in, while poisonous little asps are nibbling at our toes. Let us study our enemy more closely and examine the modus operandi he employs with such deadly skill. Which operation shall we examine ? Should we study the French Revolution and the decapitation of France’s most stalwart leaders ? Or the destruction of the great Roman Civilization ? Or the mongrelization of the great White Egyptian Civilization ? Or the destruction of the great German Reich ? Or the Spanish Civil War ? Or World War I, that sent the White civilization on a downward tailspin ? Or World War II, that killed off 50 million White men, women and children ? Or the War between the States of 1861-65 ? Or the fire-bombing of Dresden in which 335 thousand Germans were incinerated in two nights of concentrated firebombing ? Or the pointless Vietnamese War in which 57 thousand American boys were killed and hundreds of thousands wounded, crippled or maimed ? We have an almost endless list of Jewish atrocities to choose from that if we wanted to cover them all, we could write a 24 volume encyclopedia on the subject and still not exhaust the material evidence.

But let us concentrate briefly on the ongoing Jewish war in the Middle East that has been in progress for a century and is still very much in the news today. Let us briefly examine how and why the Jews raped Palestine, stole it from the Arabs and by sheer force, deceit, chicanery and treachery appropriated it unto themselves as their “homeland.” In so doing let us also describe the methods of terrorism they used so effectively and at which they are now the world’s foremost protagonists and experts. We choose the Palestine theatre, because there, in microcosm, is represented the heart of the Jewish struggle to enslave the world under its brutal heel. Palestine, this geographical sump hole of the world, nevertheless also represents the spawning ground of the world’s three most dominant religions : Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedanism. Palestine : it is “holy ground” to three of the world’s major cultures : Jewish, Arab and White Christian. Palestine : the crossroads of the world for three thousand years and an unsettled battleground of races, religions and cultures for an equal period of time.

The Jews developed their tribal cohesiveness while parasitically sponging off the healthy Egyptian civilization while the latter was at its prime. They learned many, if not practically all, of their religious ideas from Egyptians. The idea of soul, spirits, gods, monotheism, etc., all came from the Egyptians. When this parasitical tribe of Judah finally became so obnoxious and detrimental that the Egyptians could no longer tolerate them, they were finally driven out around the 12th century B.C.E. This band of parasites then targeted the nearby domain of the Philistines, who had lived in Palestine from the earliest of historic times, as their next “land of milk and honey.” After prolonged periods of warfare, perhaps two hundred years or more, the Philistines were conquered by the Israelites under King David at about 1000 B.C.E. For the first seven years David’s headquarters were in Hebron, about twenty miles south of a fortified village called Jebus, the capital of the Jebusites. After some further warfare David decided to take Jebus by force and make it his capital. In time it became known as Jerusalem. Since these places later became emotional “holy ground,” it is noteworthy to mention that one of the hills in Jerusalem was known as “Zion.” This, as we all know, later became the rallying point of the “Zionists,” and since the Zionists are now the core of the aggressive Jewish drive for world domination and enslavement, it is well to note its early beginnings.

Without going too deeply into early Jewish history, suffice it to say that the Jews as a “nation” lasted less than a hundred years, when it split into two parts. The northern section, consisting mainly of Samaria assumed the name of “Israel,” although Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon were in the southern section, called Judah, and later Judea (if we can believe the Jews’ concocted story.) Relations between these two Jewish groups remained acrimonious and warlike, as it has always been between Jews and goyim, or if confined to live with each other, between the Jews themselves, to this day. They are a hostile, obnoxious and rebellious people, no matter where they live. In order to get a proper historical view of the Jews’ claim on the Palestine of today it is cogent to point out that the Jews, Judeans or Israelites as such never occupied Palestine as a nation for more than 300 years out of the last 3,000 years. They were neither the first to settle the land, nor did they have the longest tenure. The northern area was conquered by the Assyrians in 722 B.C.E., while the southern sector was conquered by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.E. From that time on the Jews were insignificant in numbers and the area was under the control of many larger nations and empires, such as the Romans, the Ottoman Empire and others.

In any case, the longest tenure of the land called Palestine has been by the Arabs, who have occupied it as theirs for the last 1,300 years. Even as recently as 1948, when the Jews claimed Palestine as their “ancestral land” given to them by Yahweh, they were still a minority, even in the partial territory that was “awarded” by the United Nations. So much for ancient history. Let us now see (a) how these parasites cunningly connived to steal this piece of real estate from an outraged Arab population and (b) why they would want it in the first place, when it is really such a miserable and economically detrimental piece of real estate. The heart of both these questions goes back to religion — Judaism — which has been the mainspring of Jewish cohesiveness and solidarity for the last four, or perhaps five thousand years. The core of their religion is enveloped in the claim that they are “God’s Chosen”, a special people to Yahweh (their own tribal god) who, they claim, has given them “a covenant” saying so, and along with it the unlimited right to claim all the goodies of the world from the goyim (the Jewish term for all non-Jews, meaning cattle or animals.) God has given it to them and they have the moral right, yea, the duty to take it from them by one way or another, be it by force, treachery, swindle, or whatever. They have written all this into their Old Testament and more. For example, in Exodus 19:5 (the Lord speaking), “Now therefore if ye will obey my voice, indeed, and keep my covenants, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people : for all the earth is mine.” The same theme is reiterated again and again, not only in the Old Testament but also in their Talmud, which is even holier unto the Jews, and even more bloodthirsty.

The question still persists: why, when the Jews were doing so well incognito, and controlled most of the wealth of the world long before the seizure of Palestine in 1948, why would they go public and stir up a hornet’s nest of trouble over Palestine ? On pages 253 and 254 of The White Man’s Bible, I give five reasons and still believe all five are valid. However, the more I study the situation the more overriding becomes Reason No.1 : to Bolster and Unify the sagging ideology of the Jewish rank and file. Through their fanatical practice of racial loyalty and racial teamwork, this small minority had become so wealthy and affluent that their moral (Read “Racial Fanaticism”) fiber was becoming flabby. The younger generations became more and more “assimilated” into their “western” host nations and marrying Gentiles in greater numbers, thereby forsaking their religious racial and historical heritage. The older Jewish hierarchy became much disturbed by this turn of events, and felt that new hostilities, new warfare must be engendered and the Jews must polarize around their ancient “roots,” their religious fairy tales of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, their “nation” of Israel in the time of Saul, David and Solomon and other religious traditions. Hence back to Palestine to their “roots,” no matter what the cost in bloodshed or mayhem. Otherwise, they might vanish as a “nation,” a religion, a race, or an entity.

The idea of a “homeland” for the Jews, a place of refuge they could flee to if things got too rough, had been simmering among a certain segment of the Jews ever since Moses Hess wrote the book “Rome and Jerusalem” in 1862. Hess was an early apostle of European socialism and a collaborator of Karl Marx. Later they went their own separate ways because Hess wanted to mingle his socialism with a bit of spiritual

As anti-Semitism (actually, Gentile awareness of the Jewish menace) was rising in Europe, during the latter half of the nineteenth century, the idea of a Jewish state somewhere in the world (even the Island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa, was considered) was becoming more urgent to a certain segment of the Jewish population. There was the Dreyfus Case in France. There were Georg von Schoencrer and Dr. Karl Lueger in Austria. In Germany, Eugen Duhring wrote his stirring book ‘The Jewish Problem as a Problem of Race, Morals and Culture.” There was the bitter struggle between the Czars of Russia and the Jews confined to the Pale. The Jews had always been at war with their host nations, but now they were getting even more antsy. They were becoming intensely aware of the fact that their conspiracy could blow up in their faces and they might have no place to go.

However it was not until Theodore Herzl wrote his book “Der Judenstaat” (the Jewish State) in 1896, that the idea of Zionism really began to polarize. In it Herzl laid down the first real blueprint for a new Jewish nation. Herzl called together a conference on Zionism in Basic, Switzerland, the following year, and Zionism was off and running. The Jews credit Herzl as being “the Father of Zionism.” Seven years later (1904) Herzl died at the early age of 44, but his “blueprint” marched on with a vengeance. The Zionist idea, however, was not embraced by all the Jews. In fact, at first the majority opposed it. Many of the wealthy, comfortably entrenched Jews, especially in the United States, took the position of “Why rock the boat ? We never had it so good !” But there were a number of fanatics, like the British chemist of sorts. Dr. Chaim Weizman, and a number of other Jewish zealots who began to move mountains. The story of their intrigue, their machinations, conniving and treachery is unmatched in history. It is a story we cannot chronicle here for lack of space, but can only point to a few highlights.

It was through the chicanery of Dr. Weizman that the Jews during the stress of World War I got a member of the British bureaucracy to sign the ambiguous and contradictory “Balfour Declaration.” It had all the binding contractual obligations in it of a “get well” card, no more, no less. All it consisted of was a short letter, written by the Zionists themselves, reluctantly signed by Arthur James Balfour, then a Foreign Secretary in the British cabinet. It was addressed to Baron Edmond de Rothchild, a wealthy Jew of no official standing. All it said in effect was that “His Majesty’s government” viewed “with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.” At the same time “nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities (the Arabs) in Palestine.” (The Jews at this time comprised of only 9.5 percent of the Palestine population.)

This was during the heat of World War I when the war was going badly for Britain. The Jews promised to bring the United States into the war if Balfour would sign the letter. This, Balfour reluctantly did, and meanwhile such influential Jews as Justice Brandeis, Bernard Baruch, Col. Edward House (President Wilson’s alter ego) successfully manipulated a befuddled President Wilson to indeed declare war on Germany. On this flimsy pretext, the Balfour letter, which at best said two contradictory things at the same time, and which traded in real estate which was neither the Jews’ nor the British to give, the Jews now shouted to the world they had a “Charter” to rush into Palestine and take over, although this country was then settled by Arabs whose ancestors had been there for 1,300 years. The Jews made the most of their piece of paper. At the ensuing Peace Conference at Versailles in 1919, the Jews swarmed all over the conference, while the Arabs were poorly represented and got short shrift. Their legitimate claims were ignored.

Most Jews are Khazars
There is one further factor that completely demolishes any “ancestral” claims the Jews pretend to have on Palestine. Ninety percent of today’s Jews are Khazars, descendents of a Mongol-Tartar race that once resided in that area of Russia between the Black and Caspian Seas. These scurvy mongrels were converted to Judaism circa 800 C.E. and are even more virulent and bloodthirsty than the once Palestinian (Sephardim) Jews, but never set foot in Palestine. Without going into the intervening details of history, we all know that from these bastardly beginnings the United Nations, with massive pressure from a Jew contaminated United States, did in deed declare the partition of Palestine and grant the Jews the State of Israel in a predominately Arab land, a land that was not theirs to give.

With it was ushered in an era of terrorism, perpetual warfare, chaos and unmitigated turmoil that has redounded badly for both arch co-conspirators of the Jews, Britain and the United States. Britain not only lost all her influence in the Middle East, but consequently lost all her colonies as well. She is now a poor third-rate power, herself being invaded and overrun by the dark races of the world. The United States is now vehemently hated by not only the once friendly Arabs, but by practically every other country in the world as well. Furthermore it is now fighting Israel’s wars, perpetrating unmitigated terrorism on Israel’s enemies and subsidizing its great “ally” Israel to the tune of increasing billions each year.

But let us examine what a vicious beast the State of Israel really is, and the unmitigated terrorism it has carried out, before, during, and after the take over of Israel, and how it has deliberately used terrorism as a most effective weapon to brutally panic and stampede the native population to flee and abandon their lands, and bludgeon its way to power. We also want to examine how “thankful” Israel (and the Jews in general) are to their “allies” who were stupid enough to aid them in their brutal drive for power. In particular, we want to see just how Britain and the United States, their most “dedicated” friends, have fared and how they have received their just rewards.

Britain had served its purpose — then was torpedoed
At the Versailles Treaty negotiations the Jews made sure that Britain was granted a “mandate” over Palestine so that its friendly military powers could be utilized to help protect the minority of Jews then in Palestine, and the flood of immigrants that were now invading that miserable and unfortunate country. In 1920, there were about 500 thousand Arabs, 70 thousand Christians and about 60 thousand Jews in Palestine. In other words, the Jews comprised only about 9.5 percent of the population. As the migration was accelerated by Rothschild money, by Zionists propaganda and by the rising fear of anti-Semitism in Europe by the rise of Hitler, the flood of Jews, especially from Eastern Europe, increased to a torrent. Naturally the Arabs became alarmed, and the British, with a certain sense of duty, tried to stem the illegal tide. By 1940 the population count in Palestine had shifted to the following figures : 947,846 Moslems, 120,587 Christians and 463,535 Jews, the latter still only 30.4 percent of the total population.

By now the Jews regarded the British as enemies and oppressors and covertly began to organize their own terrorist gangs and armies, although openly they were still “allies” against Hitler. By 1943, although still pretending to be “allies”, the Jewish terrorist gangs began full scale operations against the British. After World War II was over, they discarded the hypocritical “ally” stance and viciously turned on the British, openly bringing their terrorist gangs into full play. There were three major gangs : the Stern gang, consisting mostly of Polish-born Jews, the lrgun Zvei Leumi, led by a Polish Jew named Menachem Begin, and the Haganah, which called itself an “official” Jewish army. Of the latter, the Palmach division was the terrorist commando spearhead. The Jews, now fired up by a Messianic complex, would stop at nothing. First, they would drive out the British, then the Arabs. In both cases they largely used the sneaky hit-and-run tactics at which they excel : Terrorism.

First the British
The number of acts of terrorism against the British were so numerous that I can only give a sampling of the smaller acts over a short period of time and then let the reader expand this up until the British threw in the sponge and pulled out on May 15, 1948. Scarcely was the war over in Europe when the Jewish terrorist gangs rapidly took over. May 13, 1945 : telegraph poles blown up by explosives; an attack on the (British) Police Mobile Force at Sarona, using mortars; May 15 : attack repeated; May 22 : Iraqi Petroleum Co. (British) oil pipeline to Haifa punctured at two places; May 25 : police patrol (on pipeline) ambushed; June 12 : mortars aimed at King’s Birthday Parade discovered, and on the following day mortars were found aimed at Lord Gort, the High Commissioner, who would take the salute to the parade; June 17 : substantial quantities of gelignite stolen from quarries by armed Jews; July 13 : a truck loaded with explosives was ambushed and the British constable escort killed; same day, a bridge on the Haifa-Kantara railway line was blown up; August 7 : 3,500 British pounds stolen from a Tel Aviv bank in armed hold-up; August 13 : a large body of armed Jews stole 450 pounds of explosives at Petch Tiquch; August 20 : a Jewish settler who had been of assistance to British police was murdered; September 2 : armed Jews dressed as British police attempted to rob a Tel Aviv bank and shortly thereafter a large quantity of textiles (worth $25 thousand) were stolen there; October 31 : the Palmach Hagana blew up the railway at 153 places.

This is a sampling of terrorist acts committed in less than six months during 1945 alone, but actually the guerrilla warfare against the British had been going on since 1943, and did not cease until the British were driven out in desperation on May 15, 1948. A few more typical incidents : on December 12, 1945, the lrgun Zvei Leumi (Menachem Begin’s outfit) blew up the C.I.D. (British Criminal Investigation Dept.) Headquarters in Jerusalem, killing seven policemen and soldiers, while two more were killed in simultaneous attacks in Jaffa and Tel Aviv. Shortly after 12 noon, on July 22, 1946, the King David Hotel where the British government had set up their headquarters, was blown up by a massive amount of explosives brought in by milk cans and placed in the basement immediately under the wing housing the staff. The job was engineered by Menachem Begin, who later became Prime Minister of Israel, and was wined and dined at the White House in Washington. Eighty-three members of the British staff were killed as well as five members of the public.

The intensity of the Jewish hatred for the British knew no bounds. To quote their official attitude “an Englishman would always be a filthy Goy, who could be killed for that reason alone.” On November 9, 1946, four British members of the Palestine Police Force were killed by a boobytrapped mine in a Jerusalem house which they were searching for arms. This list of atrocities against the British (their “allies,” who gave them the Balfour Declaration) is only a sampling up to the end of 1946 and very incomplete. The terrorism against the British went on full blast until May 15,1948, when the British, defeated, and militarily and economically exhausted, pulled out and dumped their responsibilities on the naive and Jew controlled United Nations. At the same time an even fiercer racial war of annihilation was waged against the native Arabs, who had lived there for the last 1,300 years. Let us briefly review their fate. This war was going on even long before the start of World War II.

Next the Arabs
The multitude of atrocities and acts of terror against the Arabs, like those also against the British are far too numerous to list, and completely beyond the scope of this limited article. Therefore, I will list but two examples to draw a general picture of the fierceness and brutality of the deliberate Jewish campaign to accomplish by murder, terrorism and wanton destruction what they could not accomplish by legal means. They used terror systematically and ruthlessly as an instrument to frighten, stampede and drive the Arabs from off their native lands. In this, they were experts and the results achieved were extremely effective.

Deir Yasin – Under the leadership of Begin, the Irgun Zvei Leumi on the night of April 9/10 occupied the Arab village of Deir Yasin situated on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Of about 700 Arab inhabitants, 254 defenseless men, women and children were murdered in short order and many of their bodies thrown down a well. 300 were wounded. The women and children who survived were rounded up at dawn, loaded on trucks and paraded through the Jewish section of Jerusalem. The Jewish crowds greeted their victims with a hail of stones and curses, spitting on them as they passed by. Later 150 women and children were released near the Arab sector of Jerusalem and sent off with a volley of small arms fire.

Nasr-ed-Din – World opinion was outraged at the brutal display of savagery at Deir Yasin, and even the Jewish Agency (the quasi-underground government of Jewish operations in Palestine) “condemned” the lrgun Zvei for this unwarranted display of wanton brutality, although they secretly participated in its planning and execution. But the bloodthirsty Jews cared little about world opinion, since their news media controlled most of it anyway. They were accomplishing what they set out to do : to stampede and terrorize the Arabs to flee their lands. This the Arabs did in large numbers. The Zionists, undaunted by outraged world opinion, on the very next day, April 10, attacked the small village of Nasr-ed-Din, near Tiberius, most of whose inhabitants had fled. They killed all 10 of the remaining persons who had stayed. They then burned down, dynamited and leveled every structure and building in the village.

The Murder of Count Folke Bernadotte – Despite all the atrocities carried on by the invading Zionists in to territory occupied by the Arabs for the previous 1,300 years, the newly formed United Nations in New York did what they could to help the Jews steal their real estate, which the Jews claimed Yahweh had given them. By 1948, affairs in Palestine were becoming so confused and violent that no end seemed in sight. On May 20, 1948, the United Nations appointed Count Folke Bernadotte, President of the Swedish Red Cross, as U.N. Mediator on Palestine. Bernadotte and his staff drew up a plan of partition that was more than fair to the Jews in accordance to their numbers and also in respect to the territory they had settled. However, nothing will ever placate the Jews, and they were furious at his proposal. While driving to Jerusalem on September 18, 1948 to present his proposals, his motorcade was ambushed by the Stern gang, and Count Bernadotte and his colleague, French Colonel Serot, were assassinated.

The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty
In chronicling the viciousness, the ferocity, and the arrogance that is part and parcel of the Jewish psyche, there is one more example of Jewish contempt and hatred that we should cite. It also demonstrates the “appreciation” they show for their best “friend,” that has helped them most, the United States. Nineteen years after the formation of the bandit state of Israel, while the Six-day Israeli-Egyptian War was in progress, the USS Liberty, a billion dollar intelligence gathering ship, was quietly riding 12 miles off the Sinai coast in calm waters. Suddenly out of a clear sky in the afternoon of June 8, 1967, three Israeli fighter planes raked the ship’s starboard bow with machine gun and cannon fire, on at least six strafing runs. Following the blitz from the air, three Israeli torpedo boats moved into position, blasting the Liberty with machine gun fire, and loosed two torpedos in a desperate effort to sink the ship. Thirty-four Americans were killed and 75 were wounded. While this was going on, and while the USS Liberty sent out SOS pleas for help, our traitorous President (Johnson) and military staff in Washington sent strict orders for nearby U.S. ships of the Sixth Fleet to turn the other way and ignore all pleas for help sent from the embattled Liberty. The Jewish press at home (U.S.A.) clamped a tight lid on all information regarding this dastardly attack on a U.S. Naval vessel on the high seas. The average American citizen was completely unaware that this major atrocity had even happened.

This, my White Racial Comrades is the kind of thanks any “goy” ally can expect from the Jews, now, or anytime in the future. The brutal acts of wanton atrocities the Jews heaped on the British and the Arabs in Palestine are so numerous that they fill several voluminous books, and a full catalogue of them is outside the scope of this article. Two authoritative books chronicling most of these events can be found in The Palestine Diaries Vol. 1 (1914-45), and Vol. 2 (1945-48). Each of these books is approximately two inches thick, and they do not go much beyond the events of 1948. They therefore do not include the multitude of murders, atrocities and mayhem Israel has committed on its neighbors and nearby neighbors, such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Libya. This would easily fill another three or four such volumes. Perhaps I have spent too much space on these atrocities already and we must move on to the next phase, namely what is in store for the rest of us goyim, and what we can and must do about it.

Next, the United States
If we study the Jewish modus operandi carefully, we find it is planned, deliberate and deadly, not only in their take over of Palestine, but of the world. In Palestine the order of priorities ran in this sequence: First, destroy Nazi Germany. In this they inveigled the help of dozens of nations, including England, the United States (did they ever!) and the Arab Nations. Secondly, turn against England and drive her out of Palestine. Thirdly (and simultaneously) destroy and drive out the Arabs, a still ongoing process. We now come to the destruction of the fourth victim, a process that also has been ongoing at a ferocious rate of speed since World War II.

Next Victim – Destroy America
Just as they destroyed Germany, England and Palestine, so, too, America is now clearly in the meat grinder, to be minced, mutilated and masticated. America, that is, White America, is marked for destruction, in no uncertain terms, as is Whitey all over the world. The Jews’ objective is to see to it no more White babies are to be born, in as short a period of time as possible, and they have openly bragged about such a goal. And since they have already gobbled up Germany, England, Russia, and the rest of the world just whom, may we ask, are they going to enlist to help them do this number, the biggest job of all, the destruction of the United States of America ?

Meet the White Chicken
Why, you guessed it ! They have not only targeted Whitey for destruction in America, but they have already successfully enlisted his massive productivity and aid with which to do the job, not only in America, but to Whitey, all over the world no matter where he resides ! The White Chicken, too passive to resist, is peacefully allowing himself to be pirated, looted and plucked to provide the Jews with the wherewithal to enslave the world and mongrelize the White Race into oblivion. (Read again “Operation Rip-off, the World’s Ultimate Patsy” in Racial Loyalty No. 35 in this book.). The fact is, whereas the Arabs were not so dumb as to allow the Jews to take over their land, homes and country without putting up the toughest fight of which they were capable, strangely enough, Whitey in America, is either too dumb, or too cowardly, to resist the avaricious Jew. Remember what we said at the beginning of this article about the dumbest creature on the face of the earth ? That fits the average White American to a “T”, who apparently is not only too dumb to recognize his enemies, but actively, morally and physically collaborates with this vicious vampire to help devour our own kind — The White Race — Nature’s Finest. In this respect, I want to remind the White Chicken of what happened to some of our chickens on our farm in Canada. After their head was on the chopping block, they had very little control of their future. (Read again, “Make Hay While the Sun Shines”, in Racial Loyalty No. 13.)

Whether you like it or not, there is no place to hide, says the Jew. As the Jew smirks when he says that, he is not talking about the Arabs, he is really talking about the White Chicken. He is talking about you. What he has in store for the White Race can be pretty well screened as a preview of coming events if we study the happenings in San Domingo (today’s Haiti) starting approximately 200 years ago. If you want to know what the Jewish script writers have in mind for (formerly) White America, read again Chapter 30 of the White Man’s Bible, entitled “The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo—A Forerunner of White America. “You might follow that up by reading again Chapter 35, in the same book, “Unrelenting Warfare Between the Parasitic Jews and Their Unfortunate Victims.” Whether you like it or not, my dear White Comrades, you are locked into a vicious racial war, whether you realize it or not. The Jews have decided for you, they have locked you into it, and you cannot escape it. You are trapped, you are cornered. There is only one way out : fight your way out !

Rahowa !
The Moslems have a word for it and have utilized it effectively for centuries. It is called Jihad, and means a holy war in the name of their religion, Mohammedanism. When they have invoked it, it has worked wonders. Now the White Race has its own term for this phenomena. We coined it. (See Page 5 of Racial Loyalty No. 32.) It is called Rahowa ! and is the official battle cry of both (a) our religion, Creativity and (b) of our race. It means we have identified our enemies, and we are going to nail them to the wall. And who are our enemies ? There is nothing vague about that either. All the dark races are our deadly enemies for space and survival on this Planet Earth. But by far the most voracious, the most ferocious, the most deadly, is that foremost parasite of all, the Jewish network.

Planned and Deliberate
We must be just as determined and as ruthless as the Jews are today, and have been for thousands of years. We, too, must polarize around our own hard-hitting, no holds barred racial religion, (a) We, too, must organize our own defense corps, in every city, town and village. In Creativity we have already suggested such a security army, and want to model it in the format of the racially belligerent esprit de corps of the Texas Rangers during the middle of the 19th century, (b) We, too, must set up an intensive intelligence network, to not only know who our enemies are, what they are doing and/or about to do, but also to ferret out the racial traitors in our own ranks, and let them reap their just desserts, (c) We must get our own Racial Loyalists running for political office and place them in positions of power, either covertly, or by open election, (d) We must build our own conveyor belts of information and mass means of propaganda dissemination.

The Mossad
The Jews have had the foresight to provide for all these measures in order to expand their powers for centuries. Since the creation of the (bandit) state of Israel, they have greatly amplified and expanded these means. One of the most deadly organizations they have put together is the Mossad in the tradition of the murderous terrorists gangs of the Stern gang, the Palmach and the lrgun Zvei. It is an organization that is not only the world’s largest and most effective intelligence gathering network, but also the most massive collection of the world’s most ruthless and bloodthirsty killers. They now have the run of the world, especially running rampant in the United States, to ruthlessly commit terrorism, mayhem, and murder. A great deal of publicity around the world today is being devoted to terrorism to the point where Americans are afraid to even travel to Europe.

They are best equipped to do the job secretly, expertly and devastatingly. Most of these acts accrue to the benefit of the Jewish cause and the detriment of the Arabs or the White Race. After such terrorist act has been committed, of course any idiot can call in anonymously and say we the PLO, or the IRA claim credit, and the news media will then cooperate profusely to spread the word, but the American public is never shown any real evidence. Of course, the Mossad, the real culprit, is never mentioned. But it is the Mossad that does the job in the majority of cases, and the Jews are made to seem the innocent victims.

Racial Warfare unto Death
We must meet fire with fire, and protect our own. We must build up our own forces and, as Hitler said, meet force with force. Not only meet it, but do what we are fully capable of doing, meet it with Superior Force, and smash the monster to smithereens. We must build a security force, an elite commando force, that will far outnumber the Mossad, and be just as ruthless in liquidating it. The day might soon come when legal and peaceful means, as we have committed ourselves to in the past, may well no longer be available to us. We must then pursue the only course open to us, and do what any proud, honorable and resourceful race is duty bound to pursue, namely use any means, legal or otherwise, available to us for our own survival. This will mean ruthlessly hunting down our tormentors, and wiping them out, collectively and wholesale, or individually and one by one. When and if this stage arrives, (and we can well expect that our Jewish tyrants will push us to the limit,) then we must again plan our actions accordingly — and deliberately, carefully and ruthlessly. One thing we must make sure of, and that is that we use our resources of manpower effectively. Instead of blundering into one botched up debacle after another, where one of the enemy costs us 20 or 30 of our most militant fighters, we must make damn sure from here on in that for every one White warrior that is sacrificed, we destroy 20, or 50, or 100, or 500 of the enemy.

Let us play White Chicken no more. No matter what you do in this chaotic world, you can’t play it safe. No one gets out of this world alive. We all have to go sometime. What is at stake is our future progeny — our gene pool — our race. It, too, is perishable, if we are cowardly or careless, or it can endure for millions of years (as did the dinosaurs.) We must proceed in a planned and deliberate program of blueprinted warfare to get this deadly parasite off our backs and take charge of our own destiny. Like the Jews, we must select our priorities, then proceed in a well-structured battle plan to demolish our enemies, one by one, step by step. When engaged in warfare, no half-baked measures will do. Victory, as soon as possible, is the only solution. In Creativity, we already have such a program. It is clearly and specifically spelled out, program by program, priority by priority, step by step.

Let me briefly recapitulate these steps :

1) First we must straighten out the confused, suicidal and scrambled thinking of the White Race itself.

2) This must be done by replacing the suicidal religion the Jew has foisted on the White Man’s brain, namely Christianity, by a militant, yet logical religion, dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of our precious race.

3) We must then arouse and unite all our White Racial Comrades on a worldwide basis, polarizing them into one mighty battering ram and first of all. Priority No. 1, smash the Jewish behemoth.

4) From thereon out, the rest is easy. We will then be able to control our own affairs, our own destiny, our own government, our own finances, our own education, and all the rest of the accoutrements that go to make up a brilliant, prosperous White society.

The rest of the dark races will then be of no particular problem, though they outnumber us. All we will then have to do is have the good sense to stop feeding and subsidizing these hungry freeloaders and they will wither on the vine and quietly shrink back into oblivion (Read again. Racial Loyalty No. 30, “A Planet Devoid of Mud Races.”). We now have the means, we have the intelligence, we have the numbers. We now also have the religion, the program (See Page 401 of the White Man’s Bible, “Our Unswerving Program”) and the fighting word to do the job. We are determined to meet Fire with Fire. ‘”Rahowa” !

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