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Racial Socialism

From Nature’s Eternal Religion, by Ben Klassen

Book II – Chapter 6

In his frantic, unending endeavor to blunt and stifle the healthy, natural instincts of the White Man, the Jew has worked feverishly to confuse us on those prime issues that are vital for our survival. In this category I have already mentioned the havoc he has wrought relative to our ideas about racial loyalty and also our religious orientation. One other basic idea that the White Man is hopelessly confused about is socialism or collectivism, and I use these words interchangeably.

Since this idea has been so …

The Magnificent White Race

From The White Man’s Bible, by Ben Klassen

Creative Credo No. 22

To show how upside down and crazy our thinking has become in this day and age, I observed two different newspaper articles in the same Sunday paper. One related to the frenzy that had ensued in building the Tellico dam on the Little Tennessee River. In building the new dam for which 38,000 acres of farmland had been acquired and 50 million dollars spent, it was suddenly discovered by some ecomaniac that this would “endanger” some little known species of a small fish called the snail darter. …