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Festum Album – A Week Long Festival of White Pride

The purpose of this holiday is in line with the principles and the traditions of Creativity. Decades ago, our founder Ben Klassen gave the White Race its own racial religion for the first time in its history. Likewise, Festum Album will add to our creative traditions, providing the White Race its own pan-European ethnocentric festival. In our glorious future to come, we envision Festum Album being celebrated by White families throughout the entire world. It will someday become a world celebration in a White World. Though we as Creators strive to promote the interests of the White Race on …

SA Government Raid’s Home – 2006

The following blog entry was originally written in October of 2006 for another blog I wrote on from 2006 until October 1, 2008 (yesterday). The Director of Public Prosecutions did not authorise the police to investigate my case. So I was not charged and the confiscated items were eventually returned in late January of 2008 after two years sitting in the storage room at Major Crime.

Thoughtcrime or Thoughtcriminal? Why do I choose to describe myself as such?

The answer to that is, to put it bluntly, the corrupt state (at the present time I live in the state of …