Festum Album – A Week Long Festival of White Pride

The purpose of this holiday is in line with the principles and the traditions of Creativity. Decades ago, our founder Ben Klassen gave the White Race its own racial religion for the first time in its history. Likewise, Festum Album will add to our creative traditions, providing the White Race its own pan-European ethnocentric festival. In our glorious future to come, we envision Festum Album being celebrated by White families throughout the entire world. It will someday become a world celebration in a White World. Though we as Creators strive to promote the interests of the White Race on a daily basis, it is only fitting that we set aside one week at the year’s end to festively celebrate our Racial Pride and Unity with family and friends.

Extract from Festum Album
Reverend John King
April 10, 29 AC

I. Color Symbolism of the Candles
RED: Symbolizes our holy blood; the Purity candle in the center of the candelabra is red for this reason.
WHITE: Symbolizes the purity and holiness of our Creative virtues.
BLACK: Symbolizes the solemnity of the struggle to retain our culture and virtues.

II. Placement of the Candles in the Candelabra
From Left to Right:

  1. I (black) History/Historia
  2. III (white) Unity/Unitas
  3. V (white) Memorial/Memoria
  4. VII (red) Purity/Puritas
  5. VI (white) Law/Lex
  6. IV (white) Ingenuity/Sollertia
  7. II (black) Destiny/Fatum

III. Nightly Candle Lighting Ceremony

  1. The candle lighting ceremony shall take place after sunset.
  2. The head of the household shall lead the nightly ceremony. With all of the family gathered around the candelabra, he shall establish quiet and then say: ”Quid hoc die discendum est?” ”What is the lesson of the day?”
  3. Children and other family members shall then say: ”Hoc die discendum est ____________” ”The lesson of this day is ____________” On the first day of the celebration, for example, the reply would be, “The lesson of this day is Historia.” The Latin designation shall be used in this capacity.
  4. The child is then allowed to light the candle of the day.
  5. The head of the household shall than recite the text of the lesson of the day first in Latin and than in English. After this recitation, the head of the family shall talk about the importance of this lesson to other family members and children.
  6. After a thorough discussion of the day’s lesson, the candle shall be extinguished.
  7. It is suggested that parents give their children a small gift after the candle(s) is/are extinguished.
  8. On the first night of the celebration, the “History” candle shall be lit. On the second night, a child shall light the “History” candle first before the head of the household asks, “What is the lesson of the day.” On the 7th and last night of the celebration, all six of the black and white candles shall be lit first, in the correct order, before beginning the ceremony in honor of “Purity”.
  9. At the close of the ceremony on the 7th day, the day of purity, the red “Purity” candle shall not be extinguished, whereas the others will. The red “Purity” candle shall be allowed to burn by itself for one hour before being extinguished.

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