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Fear Grips Off-Duty Police

Daniel Knowles | From: The Sunday Mail (Qld) | April 10, 2010


QUEENSLAND police officers are changing out of their uniforms for fear of being targeted while off duty on Brisbane trains.

According to an anonymous letter to the Queensland Police Union Journal, one officer complained that high-ranking officers were concerned uniformed police were hiding under plain shirts and jackets to avoid attention.

“Many of our members travel on public transport and often make use of a cover shirt in order to prevent harassment and possibly being assaulted by some of the undesirable passengers,” the letter says.

“I am …

Aboriginal Gangs Control Town

PORT Augusta is heading for an “explosion” of violence because local police are failing to control rampaging gangs of youths, former policeman and Aboriginal elder Aaron Stuart has warned.

“The policing service here is the worst in the world, it should be a service to the our community but the police here are gutless to do anything,” he said.

“What they do is send one carload to a house, start a fight, then send a text or ring their friends who are in two other cars around the corner and then they also join in,” he said.

“If nothing is …

Aboriginal Racist Attempts Murder – Blames Whitey

Victim was ‘like when you kill a kangaroo’

Andrew Dowdell, Court Reporter: The Advertiser | October 23, 2008


A WHYALLA man bashed another man unconscious with a brick, left him for dead, then returned and assaulted the stricken man again, a court has heard.

Adam Sharpe knocked the man out with two punches then kicked him in the head and attacked him with a brick on Milsom St at Whyalla in January.

Sharpe, 24, told a friend he was unsure if he had killed his victim – then returned to the scene and attacked the prone man again with …

Men can be domestic violence victims too

Amber Petty: The Advertiser | September 25, 2008


VIOLENT relationships, it turns out, are a two-way street.

I recently commented on how unfairly many women are judged after finding themselves in violent relationships with men.

In the days that followed, I received many emails from victims. Surprisingly, many of them were from men, who seemed to be pleading with the world to understand that it’s not always the women who are the victims. Indeed, there are many men suffering in silence at the hands of their violent girlfriends and wives.

The stories I read were from men all suffering …

Man threatened as Abos steal car at Para Hills

Michael Milnes, Police Reporter: The Advertiser | June 13, 2008


A PARA Hills man who went to investigate noises outside his house at 4am today was threatened by two men who stole his car.

A short time later, his blue Holden Commodore sedan was driven through the doors of a tavern on Golden Grove Rd at Surrey Downs.

Police said cleaners at the tavern heard a crash and alarms being set off at 4.15am.

They told police two men of Aboriginal appearance then ransacked some of the poker machines, stealing the cash drawers.

The men are possibly linked to …